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The Frozen Dungeon
Ragnarok Frozen Dungeon.jpg
The kingdom of the Iceworm Queen.
Ragnarok Topographic Map.jpg
31.3° Lat,  33.7° Lon
30.9° Lat,  37.8° Lon
Artifact of the Pack.png
Artifact of the Pack
33.5° Lat, 43.4° Lon

The Frozen Dungeon or the Ice Dungeon is a dungeon on the top of Blizzard Peak. It is a cave system carved by Iceworms into a glacier.


This cave contains the  Artifact of the Pack.

The  Iceworm Queen is the final boss of this dungeon.

There are two entrances:

  • 31.3, 33.7: waterfall entrance (tool or arrow/bullet needed to break the ice waterfall)
  • 30.9, 37.8: flyer entrance

The entrance to the Iceworm Queen Arena is located here.


  • Extreme Cold
  • Lots of  Iceworms
  •  Dire Bears in the cave will do lots of damage, and can easily overwhelm a player


  • Bring high level mounts to handle the  Dire Bears in the first part of the cave, though they have a low aggro range, so can be bypassed fairly easily.
  •  Riot Armor or  Fur Armor with fabricated weapons
  •  Metal or  Riot Shields: See below.
  •  Fria Curry to help against the extreme cold.
  • Wearing an  Otter, with a high melee damage stat, will help a lot against the cold.




  • On unofficial servers that allow cave fliers, the first part of the cave is trivial and scattered with blue and yellow Loot Crates. You can easily maneuver around the  Dire Bears and obtain the loot quickly while on the back of a  Pteranodon,  Argentavis,  Griffin, or even the  Wyvern. However, be warned that  Dire Bears up to about level 500 can be found in this cave and can deal tremendous damage if angered.
  • Once past the  Dire Bear, you will have to trek the rest of the way on foot or bring an army of very small creatures.
  • The easiest way to run this cave would be by using cryopods and powerful tames such as Megatherium or Thylacoleo.
  •  Grappling Hooks can not be used in this cave. However,  grappling hooks from mods (such as Reusable Grappling Hook) do not suffer this restriction.
  • At first glance one would be expected to think that this cave would be extremely difficult due to  Deathworm with 20,000  Health. However, the  Iceworm Male only have 1700  Health. The best method of approach to the second part of the cave is to have someone carry high-quality  Metal or  Riot shields, aggro the worms with the shield up, then have someone move in with a  shotgun or other high-dps weapon to deal the damage.  Iceworms can't damage someone holding up a shield against them. Watch the shield durability though!
    • While a primitive  Wooden Shield is not recommended to use due to its low durability, a high quality one with 1000+ durability is invaluably useful here, as it is the only shield that can be repaired via player's inventory. Bring enough resource to repair it if you want to reuse it.
  • Red loot crates exist deep within the cave, making them harder to get to than the others.
  • The exit to the cave appears to be a one-way path that leads out of a waterfall into a pond down beneath. While not required, it may be preferred to bring a  parachute.
  • It is advisable to set a flier at the mouth of the pond you fall into, as otherwise leaving the massive basin will be tedious and require going all the way to the beach
  • This cave is an excellent place to bring a  thylacoleo if fliers are unavailable, as they are capable of entering through either entrance and their combination of climbing and high melee damage enables them to fight or evade the  Dire Bears
  • The entrances have an incredible amount of wind noise
  • Creepily, there are, scattered throughout the tunnels, the frozen bodies of past adventurers. In the chamber of the Iceworm Queen, frozen corpses of many dinosaurs are piled everywhere.
  • There is an invisible barrier preventing flyers go further before the first prone-checkpoint.