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Genesis: Part 2
Genesis Part 2 DLC
DLC about the colony ship of ARK.
Content Type
Price (USD)
$34.99 USD
Release Dates
June 3rd, 2021
Xbox One
June 3rd, 2021
June 3rd, 2021
Nintendo Switch
July 22ed 2024
Epic Games
June 3rd, 2021
September 1st, 2021

Genesis: Part 2 is the fifth and final paid DLC Expansion Pack for ARK: Survival Evolved and is available for purchase through the Genesis Season Pass.

The Colony Ship Map[]

Genesis Part 2 Map
Regions of Genesis: Part 2

Genesis: Part 2 has survivors exploring a vast world filled with strange new biomes, story missions, and exotic creatures. The map is set aboard the massive Genesis-Ship with two rings: on the right side is a regular ring with green terrain as well as normal creatures and the left side is a corrupted ring full of purple terrain and horrifying creatures. The ship is traveling through deep space looking for a habitable planet.

New Features
  • Asteroids in between the two rings that change after hyperspace.
  • Unique missions that grant graded loots, including Tek items.
New Creatures

The map contains various new creatures, from a unusual but helpful Maewing Maewing down to a small but horrifying Noglin Noglin, the smart and curious Astrodelphis Astrodelphis that wanders space, the robotic and ever-searching Tek Stryder Stryder to be tamed, the sneaky Shadowmane Shadowmane that can turn invisible at will, the flying robotic sentries known as Voidwyrm Voidwyrms, and the horrifying Summoner Summoner that can spawn other creatures to aid themselves.

Moreover a brand new variant of creatures called R-Creatures R-Creatures can be found across the ship, each possessing boosted stats from their original counterpart.

Unique Environmental Features[]

  • Hyperspace, an event that appears during the night, this makes the sky go purple with millions of stars passing by and the ship will eventually arrive at another planet. This event causes the asteroids in the -Space- area to change afterwards.
  • Eden Zone, a starter area for survivors, filled with plateaus, mountains, rivers, and waterfalls, providing all necessary Resources needed for survival.
  • Tek Trenches (Rock Tunnel) that act as technological bridges between biomes, and the two Rings.
  • Corrupted Gardens, an aberrant and twisted region created by Rockwell filled with his eerie creations.
  • Rockwell's Proliferation, an area fused with the insides of Sir Edmund Rockwell, affectionately known as the Rockwell's Innards biome.
  • The S.U.M.P, an underground ocean located underneath the Eden Zone, which contains ocean-based creatures and resources.
  • An area in between the two rings known as -Space-, while low in biodiversity it does have asteroids that transform after a hyperspace event has occured.


  • Afflicted Clearing (Genesis Part 2)
    Afflicted Clearing
  • Aries Sector (Genesis Part 2)
    Aries Sector
  • Ashburn River (Genesis Part 2)
    Ashburn River
  • Barebone Creek (Genesis Part 2)
    Barebone Creek
  • Barebone Falls (Genesis Part 2)
    Barebone Falls
  • Barren Wetlands (Genesis Part 2)
    Barren Wetlands
  • Bleak Hills (Genesis Part 2)
    Bleak Hills
  • Bleaksight Mire (Genesis Part 2)
    Bleaksight Mire
  • Bloodhorn Mountains (Genesis Part 2)
    Bloodhorn Mountains
  • Bloodhorne Vale (Genesis Part 2)
    Bloodhorne Vale
  • Boros Sector (Genesis Part 2)
    Boros Sector
  • Brightfell Pond (Genesis Part 2)
    Brightfell Pond
  • Charnel Spring (Genesis Part 2)
    Charnel Spring
  • Corrupted Gardens (Genesis Part 2)
    Corrupted Gardens
  • Creeping Leaf Bog (Genesis Part 2)
    Creeping Leaf Bog
  • Desolate Mound (Genesis Part 2)
    Desolate Mound
  • Dreaded Pass (Genesis Part 2)
    Dreaded Pass
  • Fallen Cliffs (Genesis Part 2)
    Fallen Cliffs
  • Foulcreek Marsh (Genesis Part 2)
    Foulcreek Marsh
  • Fractured Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Fractured Lake
  • Gorevale Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Gorevale Lake
  • Gravemere Reservoir (Genesis Part 2)
    Gravemere Reservoir
  • Harrowing Dam (Genesis Part 2)
    Harrowing Dam
  • Hungering Heights (Genesis Part 2)
    Hungering Heights
  • Hungering Slopes (Genesis Part 2)
    Hungering Slopes
  • Ironbeak (Genesis Part 2)
  • Ironbeak River (Genesis Part 2)
    Ironbeak River
  • Ironbeak Rock (Genesis Part 2)
    Ironbeak Rock
  • Isolation Peak (Genesis Part 2)
    Isolation Peak
  • Isolation Valley (Genesis Part 2)
    Isolation Valley
  • Lake Shivermore (Genesis Part 2)
    Lake Shivermore
  • Lifeless Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Lifeless Lake
  • Noxiousdew River (Genesis Part 2)
    Noxiousdew River
  • Placidview (Genesis Part 2)
  • Placidview Canyon (Genesis Part 2)
    Placidview Canyon
  • Placidview Heights (Genesis Part 2)
    Placidview Heights
  • Placidview Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Placidview Lake
  • Plains of Desolation (Genesis Part 2)
    Plains of Desolation
  • River of the Fallen (Genesis Part 2)
    River of the Fallen
  • Rockwell's Proliferation (Genesis Part 2)
    Rockwell's Proliferation
  • Rugged Bluff (Genesis Part 2)
    Rugged Bluff
  • Shattered Loch (Genesis Part 2)
    Shattered Loch
  • Stillwater Expanse (Genesis Part 2)
    Stillwater Expanse
  • Stillwater Fen (Genesis Part 2)
    Stillwater Fen
  • Stillwater Peaks (Genesis Part 2)
    Stillwater Peaks
  • Sunless Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Sunless Lake
  • Tempest Crag (Genesis Part 2)
    Tempest Crag
  • The Afflicted Swamp (Genesis Part 2)
    The Afflicted Swamp
  • The Cracking Cliffs (Genesis Part 2)
    The Cracking Cliffs
  • The Elusive Peaks (Genesis Part 2)
    The Elusive Peaks
  • The Fallen Mount (Genesis Part 2)
    The Fallen Mount
  • The Murkey Pond (Genesis Part 2)
    The Murkey Pond
  • Traitor Rock (Genesis Part 2)
    Traitor Rock
  • Uncanny Hollow (Genesis Part 2)
    Uncanny Hollow
  • Velvet Shores (Genesis Part 2)
    Velvet Shores
  • Vile Creek Glen (Genesis Part 2)
    Vile Creek Glen
  • Vile Creek Loch (Genesis Part 2)
    Vile Creek Loch
  • Vile Creek River (Genesis Part 2)
    Vile Creek River

  • Alderwood Spring (Genesis Part 2)
    Alderwood Spring
  • Aquatic R&D Center (Genesis Part 2)
    Aquatic R&D Center
  • Arnia's Bowl (Genesis Part 2)
    Arnia's Bowl
  • Baleview River (Genesis Part 2)
    Baleview River
  • Barefoot Plains (Genesis Part 2)
    Barefoot Plains
  • BerkBrook Height (Genesis Part 2)
    BerkBrook Height
  • Calamity Vale (Genesis Part 2)
    Calamity Vale
  • Castle Sector (Genesis Part 2)
    Castle Sector
  • Cold Point Drop (Genesis Part 2)
    Cold Point Drop
  • Coldwater Hollow (Genesis Part 2)
    Coldwater Hollow
  • Credence Falls (Genesis Part 2)
    Credence Falls
  • Crimson Peak (Genesis Part 2)
    Crimson Peak
  • Crown Ridge (Genesis Part 2)
    Crown Ridge
  • Crown Ridge Highlands (Genesis Part 2)
    Crown Ridge Highlands
  • Crown Ridge Lowland (Genesis Part 2)
    Crown Ridge Lowland
  • Daydream River (Genesis Part 2)
    Daydream River
  • Driftwood Beck (Genesis Part 2)
    Driftwood Beck
  • Echo Pond (Genesis Part 2)
    Echo pond
  • Echo Sector (Genesis Part 2)
    Echo Sector
  • Eden Trench (Genesis Part 2)
    Eden Trench
  • Edgeriver Mountains (Genesis Part 2)
    Edgeriver Mountains
  • Evergreen Approach (Genesis Part 2)
    Evergreen Approach
  • Evergreen Peaks (Genesis Part 2)
    Evergreen Peaks
  • Evergreen Valley (Genesis Part 2)
    Evergreen Valley
  • Fallen Oak Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Fallen Oak Lake
  • Fallen Oak River (Genesis Part 2)
    Fallen Oak River
  • Grimfall River (Genesis Part 2)
    Grimfall River
  • Hammerfalls Creek (Genesis Part 2)
    Hammerfalls Creek
  • Hideaway Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Hideaway Lake
  • Holson Creek (Genesis Part 2)
    Holson Creek
  • Jubilee Creek (Genesis Part 2)
    Jubilee Creek
  • Lookout Ridge (Genesis Part 2)
    Lookout Ridge
  • Mistwood Creek (Genesis Part 2)
    Mistwood Creek
  • Mistwood Loch (Genesis Part 2)
    Mistwood Loch
  • Moonshade Falls (Genesis Part 2)
    Moonshade Falls
  • Moonshade Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Moonshade lake
  • Mount Greyhill (Genesis Part 2)
    Mount Greyhill
  • Mystic Spring (Genesis Part 2)
    Mystic Spring
  • Nightwell lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Nightwell lake
  • Norfall Cliffs (Genesis Part 2)
    Norfall Cliffs
  • Norfall Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Norfall Lake
  • Norfall River (Genesis Part 2)
    Norfall River
  • Norfall River East (Genesis Part 2)
    Norfall River East
  • Norfall River West (Genesis Part 2)
    Norfall River West
  • Norfall Shores (Genesis Part 2)
    Norfall Shores
  • Norfall Spring (Genesis Part 2)
    Norfall Spring
  • Norfalls (Genesis Part 2)
  • Pale Peak (Genesis Part 2)
    Pale Peak
  • Paradise Sector (Genesis Part 2)
    Paradise Sector
  • Peaks of Solitude (Genesis Part 2)
    Peaks of Solitude
  • Pink Lotus Rill (Genesis Part 2)
    Pink Lotus Rill
  • Remembrance River (Genesis Part 2)
    Remembrance River
  • Restless Geyser (Genesis Part 2)
    Restless Geyser
  • Rimrock Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Rimrock Lake
  • Riverrock Expanse (Genesis Part 2)
    Riverrock Expanse
  • Roaring Rock (Genesis Part 2)
    Roaring Rock
  • Rolling River (Genesis Part 2)
    Rolling River
  • Rolling River Falls (Genesis Part 2)
    Rolling River Falls
  • Sandfoot Plains (Genesis Part 2)
    Sandfoot Plains
  • Silentbloom Brook (Genesis Part 2)
    Silentbloom Brook
  • Silentbloom Mere (Genesis Part 2)
    Silentbloom Mere
  • Silky Peak (Genesis Part 2)
    Silky Peak
  • Silverrock Tarn (Genesis Part 2)
    Silverrock Tarn
  • Skyreach Cliffs (Genesis Part 2)
    Skyreach Cliffs
  • Skyreach Summit (Genesis Part 2)
    Skyreach Summit
  • Sleeping Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Sleeping Lake
  • Slopes of Solitude (Genesis Part 2)
    Slopes of Solitude
  • Soot Peak (Genesis Part 2)
    Soot Peak
  • South Peak Mountain (Genesis Part 2)
    South Peak Mountain
  • Spireblade Ridge (Genesis Part 2)
    Spireblade Ridge
  • Spout Island (Genesis Part 2)
    Spout Island
  • Stonefist Mountain (Genesis Part 2)
    Stonefist Mountain
  • Stonefist Spring (Genesis Part 2)
    Stonefist Spring
  • Stonefist Valley (Genesis Part 2)
    Stonefist Valley
  • Stormgrove Aqueduct (Genesis Part 2)
    Stormgrove Aqueduct
  • Stormgrove Mountain (Genesis Part 2)
    Stormgrove Mountain
  • Stormgrove Slopes (Genesis Part 2)
    Stormgrove Slopes
  • Summerworth Bay (Genesis Part 2)
    Summerworth Bay
  • Summerworth Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Summerworth Lake
  • S.U.M.P (Genesis Part 2)
  • Sweetwater Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Sweetwater Lake
  • Talking Trees Forest (Genesis Part 2)
    Talking Trees Forest
  • Tally's Lookout (Genesis Part 2)
    Tally's Lookout
  • Talon Geyser (Genesis Part 2)
    Talon Geyser
  • The Cold Point (Genesis Part 2)
    The Cold Point
  • The Last Ridge (Genesis Part 2)
    The Last Ridge
  • Tranquil Gorge (Genesis Part 2)
    Tranquil Gorge
  • Twin Tears Drop (Genesis Part 2)
    Twin Tears Drop
  • Twin Tears Woodlands (Genesis Part 2)
    Twin Tears Woodlands
  • Unscaled Mountain (Genesis Part 2)
    Unscaled Mountain
  • Westwell Geyser (Genesis Part 2)
    Westwell Geyser
  • Whaletale Lake (Genesis Part 2)
    Whaletale Lake
  • Whitemarsh (Genesis Part 2)
  • Whitemarsh Moor (Genesis Part 2)
    Whitemarsh Moor
  • Whitewater Marsh (Genesis Part 2)
    Whitewater Marsh
  • Windless Canyon (Genesis Part 2)
    Windless Canyon
  • Windshire Loch (Genesis Part 2)
    Windshire Loch

  • Space Bridge (Genesis Part 2)
    Space Bridge
  • VR (Genesis Part 2)
  • -Space- (Genesis Part 2)

Approximate Spawn Locations[]

Genesis Part 2 Map

Spawn Locations

Twin Tears
White Water
Creeping Leaf

Data Maps[]

  • Preview Resources Map (Scorched Earth)
    Strategic Resources
  • Level 55
    Exploring the map
  • SpawnMapIcon
    Creature Spawns



Like Genesis: Part 1, Genesis: Part 2 includes missions. These missions include hunt missions, races, gauntlet missions, and more. These missions give hexagons and non-grindable loot upon completion, as well as certain effects, such as taming speed increase & more. Missions can take place in the Genesis Simulation (where you will not lose your items if you die), and some outside of it. Each mission has a gamma, beta, and alpha difficulty, with each higher difficulty providing better rewards.

All missions of a respective difficulty level must be completed before the Rockwell Prime boss fight can be started on that difficulty.


Unique Creatures[]


Genesis: Part 2 introduces new biome variants of 19 creatures, called R-Creatures R-Creatures, similar to the X-Creatures X-Creatures. Unlike the X-Creatures, these biome-specific variants spawn alongside their normal variants. This means that you can find both the R-Dino as well as the basic dino variant on the Genesis ship.

Other Spawns[]

Mission-only Encounters[]

Some creatures within the spacecraft can only be encountered via missions.

Event Creatures[]


All items from the base game, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction and Genesis: Part 1 are available on Genesis: Part 2, in addition to the items below.



Trophies and Tributes[]

Weapons, Armor, and Tools[]




Explorer Notes[]


As Genesis: Part 2 is part of the story of the ARKs, NoteHelena Explorer Notes can be found across the map. These Explorer Notes document the ARK lore. For more in-depth information, see Explorer Notes.



  • This is the first DLC to:
    • Have a living biome.
    • Allow all DLC engrams to be learned.
    • Be extremely focused on Sir Edmund Rockwell.
    • Not have a new Alpha Creatures Alpha Creature.
    • Include a main menu that changes, depending on if you have defeated the final boss or not.
    • Not have a new Specimen implant rewarded for defeating the final boss on that map.
  • This is the last canon map to be added before moving onto ARK 2.
  • Survivors come pre-equipped with a Federation Tek Suit upon entering the Genesis-Ship, and it does not need fuel to use its abilities, although slightly weakened.
  • Just like Genesis: Part 1, Genesis: Part 2 has HLN-A HLN-A alongside the Player, providing access to the Hexagon Exchange.
  • Unlike Genesis: Part 1, Genesis: Part 2 allows the use of flying creatures.
  • Unlike in Genesis: Part 1, missions can be started from anywhere on the map.
    • You can spawn a Mission Dispatcher for Genesis: Part 2 with console command: cheat summon missiondispatcher_gen2_c
  • At midnight in game time (00:00) the ship moves throughout the galaxy, giving the sky across the map a interesting effect. This is known as Hyperspace.
  • This is the second map that allows players to tame Reaper Reapers without cheating, the first being Aberration.
  • This is the second map to include an underground ocean, the first being Valguero.
  • Along with first big reveals of the expansion, Genesis 2 Chronicles had begun, adding several new Explorer Notes every few weeks to story maps in chronological order.
  • Unlike Genesis: Part 1, this map has traditional Explorer Notes alongside proximity-activated HLN-A / Rockwell notes.
  • Asteroids found in the center space ring only spawn when the Genesis-Ship is out of hyperspace. You can tell what these asteroids will be by the color of the drops around the area. For more details please visit the -Space- page.
  • This map is the largest in the game.
  • The setting of Genesis: Part 2 has similar settings to various media as well as texts:
    • Halo
      • The biome-laden rings connected to the Genesis-Ship have a similar appearance to that of the Halo Array from the Halo Series.
      • The Eden Zone has a similar appearance to a normal Halo Array from the Halo Series
      • Additionally, Rockwell's Proliferation is similar to areas of the Halo Array that is infected by the Flood from the Halo Series.
    • Elder Scrolls
      • Rockwell's Garden resembles Sheogorath's Daedric realm: The Shivering Isles with strange looking plant life, and a root system that is connected to the entire ecosystem.
        • Both creators of Rockwell's Garden and Shivering Isles, Rockwell and Sheogorath respectively, have many similarities.
          • The biomes they live in and made as mentioned above.
          • Their biomes have highly dangerous inhabitants that are of their own creation, and have loyal servants.
          • Have a personality that revolves around madness and insanity. Before their personality change, both were orderly and logical as Rockwell used to be a normal human who was thinking clearly and Sheogorath was formerly Jyggalag, the Daedric prince of order and logic.
          • Ramble on to the player, yet they effectively make some good points about the player's motives.
          • The corrupted survivors resemble giants or lurkers from Skyrim
      • The barrier of space between the Eden biome and Rockwell's Garden and its presence of Voidwyrms is akin to the Elder Scrolls universe Dragonfires, a ward that keeps the Elder scrolls realms of Nirn and Oblivion separate.
    • Terraria
      • Rockwell's Proliferation slightly resembles the Terraria Crimson biome, and that of the Wall of Flesh boss.
    • The Bible
      • The biome in the Eden ring is a nod to the Garden of Eden in the Bible where the land is a peaceful paradise.
      • The entire Genesis Colony Ship is like a literal ARK, where it acts like a lifeboat for all life and the surviving humans.
      • DLC of Genesis itself is a nod to the Bible's first book: Genesis.
  • As of current Voidwyrm spawns are bugged and Fire Wyvern (normal and Zombie) spawns instead.
    • In previous Fear Evolved all Aberrant, Corrupted, X, Ice Wyverns and Tek Creatures (Lunar-only) were bugged and regular creatures, including normal Megalania on Aberration, Deathworm on Extinction, Giga on Genesis 1 and even the super-bugged Nameless Queen.
  • While Surface Reaper Kings don't spawn on this map, Surface Reaper King Ghosts do.
  • Throughout the gameplay of Genesis: Part 2, the rings are constantly rotating around the ship's center. This is seen when you see a part of the ship moving over the playable section of the ring and later see it in the scenery of the non playable sections of the rings.
  • Griffins were seen in the teaser image for Hoverboard in the Eden zone but they are not found there
  • There was originally a conctete structure tier planned, however it was never released. The models are similar to the concrete tier in Prim+. Now there is a mod map called "Titan" that uses every scrapped asset from Genesis


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