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Grand Glacier
Grand Glacier (Valguero).jpg
A lair hidden in the ices of Valguero.
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The Grand Glacier is a region in the Valguero DLC where you find a hidden area in which you can settle or gather rare resources quietly.


It's belonging to the Snow Mountains of which it's the most northern west corner.

This region has two different zones.

The first is the outer part, at east and south, that isn't different from the Snow Mountains. You can access either by the east, from the plateaus above the blue Obelisk, or by the south, from the Tundra then heading north. There are giant Sequoias on which you can built  Tree Platforms and lay  Tree Sap Taps.

The most interesting zone is hidden in a cirque made by ice spires. You find entrances both in northern east and south, under the spires. It's very rich in rare resources (see below) an offers a highly defendable, enclosed area with enough room to construct a small city inside. It also seems to have no creature spawns there.

Being surrounded by ice, it is obviously quite cold, but not terribly so, the maximum temperature recorded being 41 °F (5 °C), so pick-up a Fur suit.


Very Common[]



Very Uncommon[]


Very Rare[]


You find Oil in Oil Rocks and Oil Veins in the hidden zone, but infortunately no Water Vein.

From Local Creatures[]


The "Grand Glacier" means Big SnowCap in French, or more simply "Big Glacier".