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Greenhouse Wall
Greenhouse Wall.png
A metal-framed, glass wall that insulates the inside from the outside and separates rooms. Excellent for growing crops indoors.
Decay time
Stack size
Spawn Command
cheat giveitemnum 433 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Greenhouse/PrimalItemStructure_GreenhouseWall.PrimalItemStructure_GreenhouseWall'" 1 0 0
Required level
Engram Points
30 EP
Crafting XP
36.4 XP
Crafting time
Required stations


The Greenhouse Wall is a wall for a Greenhouse and gives advantages for Farming.


The Greenhouse Wall itself along with the other Greenhouse pieces save for the Ceiling tiles and Slanted Roofs does not in itself provide any bonuses. Only when attached to the Ceiling tile do they count towards a greenhouse effect.

As a helpful hint build the walls of the building with a simple placeholder and make the ceiling out of Greenhouse to at least be functional, then later build the walls around to keep a nice aesthetic view.

Greenhouse walls cannot be placed on any fence Foundations.

The   Greenhouse Wall,   Greenhouse Doorframe,   Greenhouse Ceiling,   Sloped Greenhouse Roof,   Sloped Greenhouse Wall Left, and   Sloped Greenhouse Wall Right all share the same paint regions.


For more information on Paint Regions and how to use them, please view the Blue Coloring.png Dye,   Paintbrush, or   Spray Painter pages.

X mark.svg

Region 1 is not used
for this Object.

Core Greenhouse Structure Set PaintRegion2.jpg

Region 2:
Metal Frame

X mark.svg

Region 3 is not used
for this Object.

Core Greenhouse Structure Set PaintRegion4.jpg

Region 4:

X mark.svg

Region 5 is not used
for this Object.

X mark.svg

Region 6 is not used
for this Object.

Video Tutorial[]

Quick Tutorial on how to make a greenhouse with 300% effectiveness, with or without a water supply.