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Highlands Lookout
Highlands Lookout (Ragnarok).jpg
A tower on the edge of the sea.
Ragnarok Topographic Map.jpg
22.5° Lat,  85.6° Lon

Highlands Lookout or Abandoned Lighthouse is a withered tower on the northeast corner of The Highlands on the Ragnarok map in ARK: Survival Evolved near the ocean.


This abandoned Lighthouse stands in the north east corner of the Highlands, below it lies the entry to a water-accessible Hidden Cavern which is perfect for docking rafts and sea creatures. The lighthouse over looks an incredible basalt formation, named Causeway of the Ancients that resembles the real life Giant's Causeway in Ireland. From the lighthouse it is only a short walk to the Boreal forest to the south.


  • There are farms dotted around the highlands nearby, these will provide a stream of rockarrot and savroot to anyone establishing themselves here.
  • This is a good starting location if you are not confident in your own base building.
  • You cannot build in the tower unless you build your own foundations.
  • If you spawn Highlands, you can rush up here quickly and immediately have a suitable base however it is not recommended to use this as a permanent base unless you don't intend to have many large structures such as industrial furnaces.
  • Gigas can spawn very near to the tower so be warned.
  • Ovis, spawn close by and are an excellent source of Mutton
  • This area is near the wyvern canyon allowing easy access and easy leveling
  • This is a resource rich area and is always a great place to start.