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Iron Skillet
Iron Skillet (Mobile).png
Knock out small creatures in a single shot. Does a surprisingly good job on larger brains regardless of defense!
Melee damage
Stack size
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Resources breakdown [Expand]
100 × Obsidian
Total Base Ingredients
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The Iron Skillet is an ARKetype in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.


The Iron Skillet acts in a similar manner to the  Wooden Club. The difference is that it will automatically knock out small creatures.

The Iron Skillet can be purchased as an Engram for $9.99 from the In-Game Store and cannot be repaired.

Creatures Affected[]



  • The Iron Skillet does effect tamed creatures. However it only effects the tames of others. It does not knock out a survivor's own tames.
  • It can be used to instantly refill the  Torpor of an unconscious Creature.
    • On PVX servers, when taming in the PVE zone, it will only refill the torpor before the first feeding. Due to this, starving is recommended if you intend to use the Iron Skillet in this manner.
  • Though the Iron Skillet does work to instantly knock out a Pachy, in real life a Pachycephalosaurus had a large and thick top skull known as the Crown. It was used to ram others in self defense or fighting over mates. This means that if the game were true to life, it would be almost impossible to knock out a Pachy using blunt force to the head.
  • The iron skillet cant insta knock a Troodon even though it had one of the largest brains of any dinosaur and it is smaller than a Dilophosaur.
  • The iron skillet can't knock a Pegomastax same thing applies to Troodon except for their brain size.