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I don't think Doc would recognize me now. I'm not the "Apache nephew" he taught to read and shoot. Matter of fact, if he were here, I'd probably have to shoot him

~ John thinking about how he has changed from living a life of crime to living a life of justice and security.

John Dahkeya is a rogue Apache outlaw. Waking up on the Desert ARK, he decides to leave his life of crime for a life of maintaining order and justice at the city of Nosti.


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Being an Apache during the United States expansion in the late 19th century, John has experience of American occupation of areas of Texas and what will be Arizona. When his people suffered, John abandoned them to have a life of thrills with an unheard "Russo Gang". He had a teacher-student relationship with Doc Russo. Ever since, he was a wanted man. In one of his heists, he died and woke up on the Desert ARK with no survivor knowing who he really was. This leaves Dahkeya open in choosing what he wants to do but he is still haunted with his past.


In his two lives, John was a ruthless outlaw and merciless guard against any opposition he faces. Even if a survivor begs for mercy, he doesn't let anyone, including Raia, stop him from executing someone who was about to kidnap the priestess. He doesn't care about what others say about him. All he wants is defending people who can't defend themselves. When he looked back at his previous life, he knows that he committed crimes that aren't forgivable and that the life he chose had its thrills, but he knows he has to kill people like Doc Russo from terrorizing Nosti.

John shows a degree of patience when he teaches the city guards and Raia how to shoot, relating how his father had to be patient when teaching him how to hunt bison. He writes about his memories of stories he was told when he was a child and that they correlate with certain situations such as the story of the owl and coyote applying to how the cunning Mantis lure survivors outside the city by breaking their water pipes. He also is willing to save a teammate when he pushed a Russian survivor named Sasha out of the way of a mantis. Even when situations are dire and someone has to be sacrificed, John threw his life away so Raia can live to fight another day.

Relationships with Other Survivors[]


  • During the first few months at Nosti, John always talked with Raia about maintaining the settlement from the outside ARK. When both of them had a break from their duties, they began to talk about other things, drawing them close together.
  • The priestess and tribe leader of Nosti, Raia is the exact opposite of John where she would take a tender approach. After the raid on the Mantis lair, Raia took it personally to make sure John gets extreme care. In that period, John began to have feelings for her both physically and emotionally. John notes that he never had a deep connection with any beautiful woman he met as a child and outlaw. When Nosti is destroyed and the threat of death nearby, John decided to sacrifice himself to save Raia.


Very few explorer notes have an accurate picture of how John Dahkeya looks like as John drew in stick figures and Raia was drawing in Egyptian style.

Survival Skills[]

" I am still not accustomed to the loud fiery weapons that our new captain is training his men to use. Their power is so destructive that it seems almost too much for any mortal man to possess. Yet captain Dahkeya strolls up and down his line of trainees like they are wielding wooden swords, and twirls his own weapon almost absentmindedly. It is somewhat unnerving to find someone so calm around such potent instruments of death. But I suppose that is why he has had such success in securing our borders. I can only hope that we need but one Captain Dahkeya and that I never have to use those weapons myself."

-Raia remarking about Dahkeya's skill in using guns

John is an outlaw survivor that has won the respect of Nosti's people with his marksmanship with guns. His skill is so good that one can portray him as a bounty hunter with a pistol on hand, ready for a quick draw. He is even able to lead a patrol to secure a massive area for the city to thrive on. He has pistols as equipment.

ARK story[]

Refer to the explorer notes


When John Dahkeya sacrificed himself to save Raia from the horde of wyverns on Scorched Earth, he was unaware that he was saving Earth as well. Saving Raia allowed her to survive for many years on Scorched Earth until Helena Walker and Edmund Rockwell arrived. This in turn allowed Raia to warn the duo that the ARKs won't allow anyone to master it and it would go so far as to destroy an entire settlement or city, most notably Nosti. The warning later made the Futuristic/Tek tribe put the Gateway project on hold to check on Aberration's obelisks which have become unstable. As a result, John Dahkeya made a way for players to leave the ARKs, defeat the Titans, participate in the Genesis Simulation, and whatever will happen in Genesis: Part 2.


  • John is in an intimate, romantic relationship with Raia
  • Their relationship is a very vague nod to the main Star Wars prequel series' main romantic relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala with some similarities and differences.
    • Similarities
      • The surviving partner are filled with consumed with hatred and grief once their loved one has passed away.
      • The surviving partner begins to wear black clothing after the love of their life tragically died.
      • The surviving partner soon end up falling under a different name that makes them well known throughout the ARK/galaxy (Anakin Skywalker= Darth Vader; Raia= Wali Al Aswad).
      • The surviving partner softened up a little bit when an idealistic, persistent, youth was introduced very late into their lives. (Star Wars= Luke Skywalker; ARK Survival Evolved= Helena Walker)
      • Both partners loved each other unconditionally despite being in pivotal roles in their society.
      • Have interactions with a manipulative, old man. (Star Wars= Darth Sidious; ARK Survival Evolved= Edmund Rockwell)