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Jungle Dungeon
Ragnarok Jungle Dungeon
A dungeon in the northwest of the Ruinous Jungle of Ragnarok.
Ragnarok Topographic Map
18.2° Lat,  28.4° Lon
18.7° Lat,  27.8° Lon
Artifact of the Hunter
Artifact of the Hunter
21.5° Lat, 27.2° Lon

The Jungle Dungeon is a dungeon/cave in the Ruinous Jungle infested with cave dwelling creatures.


The Artifact of the Hunter Artifact of the Hunter can be found here.

The Lava Elemental Lava Elemental is the final boss of this dungeon.

There are two entrances:

  • 18.2, 28.4: Pond Entrance (not water accessible, top of waterfall)
  • 18.7, 27.8: Land Entrance(The entrance is covered by vines and can be hard to see

The entrance to the Lava Elemental Arena is located in this dungeon.


  • Tranquilizing traps at the land entrance
  • Extreme dark in the first part of the cave when using DirectX 10, night vision goggles have very little effect and can be a hindrance.
  • The lava kills everything instantly
    • Equipment irretrievable if sunk into it (save for a very lucky or skillfully aimed with the movie camera grapple hook).
  • Massive swarms of cave creatures
  • Running out of Grappling Hook Grappling Hooks

Recommended Equipment[]


  • Watch where you step! The first part of this cave has pressure plates that shoot darts to tranquilize you.
  • The second half of the cave has an entrance that can only fit small creatures and crouching humans. This can be cheated if you manage to get a cryopod in the map, and can take out a high-level Dino that can help you with your journey through the cave.
  • Enemies scale to higher levels the deeper you go into the cave. Conserve your better equipment as you progress deeper into the cave.
  • Lava is an instant kill of 5000 absolute damage per second, and several jumps risk falling into it.
  • Grappling Hook Grappling Hooks are essential to succeed in this cave. There are various pits that send you to lava and some areas are inaccessible without them. They can also help you re-position in the fight against the Lava Elemental Lava Elemental and reach areas that it will struggle to hit you.
  • The artifact can be obtained without needing to fight the Lava Elemental Lava Elemental. This is useful for those looking to enter the Ragnarok Arena but without wanting to fight the golem. The use of Grappling Hook Grappling Hooks makes obtaining the artifact fairly easy and prevents the need for tricky jumps.
  • Yellow and red loot crates exist deep within the second part of the cave while green, blue, and yellow loot crates are in the first part.
  • Running this cave to the Lava Elemental Lava Elemental while keeping your equipment will require several runs and mastery of the paths. It's ill-advised to attempt to kill the golem on your first run into this cave.
  • Bug Repellant Bug Repellant will make you invisible to most Creatures of the Cave, for example Onyc Onyc
  • It is quite easy to bypass every enemy if you equip yourself with Ghillie Armor Ghillie Armor and couple it with some Cactus Broth Cactus Broth and Bug Repellant Bug Repellant




  • Unique to this cave, are the wrapped bodies of various creatures in spider webs. Most notably, the web filled with cocooned humans. However, a webbed Mammoth, Pteranodon, and 2 Rexes can be found in the first part of the cave.
  • The first section of the dungeon contains side passages that contain loot crates.