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Jungle South
Jungles South TC.jpg
A lush, jungle-covered island with hidden ruins and caves.
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Jungle South is a lush, jungle-covered island featuring hidden ruins in the middle of the map in the DLC: The Center.



Situated west of the Blue Obelisk, this island contains many ruins and a variety of resources. There are several large lakes which are rich in Coelacanth. The eastern side of the island is relatively tame and can be a great area to start off in, while the western side of the island is rich with resources. There is a large cave near the middle of the island, with an opening which leads into water on the western shore.


Very Common[]




Very Rare[]



  • There's a lag that causes you to have a blurry and laggy screen and can make your game crash while of this island. This lag is caused by creature overspawn in the jungle cave. Also These creatures fight with each other (especially megalania and megalosaurus) that makes them do too much damage for ark and the game crashes.
  • If you don't use DestroyWildDinos command in time you will end up with Megalodons and other Fish flying all over the island causing more lag and finally Megalodon bites you and the game crashes.