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Lair of The Mask
Lair of The Mask (Ragnarok)
A large cave filled with glowing crystals, mushrooms and plenty of space to build!
Ragnarok Topographic Map
10.5° Lat, 24.0° Lon

Lair of The Mask (more commonly referred to as Mushroom Cave) is a cave in Ragnarok.


Hidden out in the depths of the sea near the Blue Obelisk lies this expansive and isolated cave, which holds its own generous supply of Metal Metal and even various areas to gather Crystal Crystal.

The cave itself is quite large, despite only being one visible area and having one entrance and exit, granting survivors a wide area to build and expand in. Not only that, but it is surrounded on all sides by water, making entrance to the main area difficult if it happens to be well-protected.


This cave has no Creature Spawns, but Tusoteuthis Tusoteuthis and Mosasaurus Mosasaurus can spawn around the entrance.



  • The entrance is hidden behind some seagrass and can get missed easily, along with the opening being easily passed over due to how it blends in with the sea floor.
  • Entrance is located below a natural underwater bridge.
  • This is one of the few caves on the map that contain the blue glowing mushrooms. (Terrain only)
  • The cave has been known to make a very good base location, favored both by solo players and alpha tribes alike, though larger tribes can often make more effective use of the large area of space.
  • If you spawn at Jungle 1, go straight underwater and you see a natural bridge, swim down and look through the sea grass, and you will see a giant hole.
  • Swimming up at speed in the cave makes the player jump high out of the water, as in the Underground World entrance on The Center @ lat 66.1 lon 51.7.
  • Similar to carnivorous caverns there's a pillar with a net in this cave