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Megapithecus Pt. Note
Megapithecus Pt. Note (Mobile).png
The things that I've seen this-this Element do... It's remarkable! At first I didn't believe Uncle when he said that this material may have hidden secrets, but I moved forward with the testing at his insistence. The things I have seen it do - the subjects I have lost to it, and the countless that have had unexpected reactions to the injections - is truly astounding. I have seen the Island's tiniest creatures grow to gargantuan size, and the largest grow small. I have seen the weak and terrified become strong and quite fearsome. Beyond being a truly enchanting little ore to look at, Element itself seems capable of so many incredible things that not even Uncle could have imagined.
- Dr. Sophia
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The Megapithecus Pt. Note is a Trophy in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.


The Megapithecus Pt. Note is given to any player who has defeated the  Megapithecus Pestis. The Megapithecus Pt. Note can be displayed on an  Artifact Pedestal to display a hologram revealing more about the Megapithecus Pestis.

The Megapithecus Pt. Note can also be Tributed at an  Obelisk for 1 ×  Eery Element