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Mei-Yin Li is an Ancient Chinese warrior around the Three Kingdoms Era and the Yellow Turban Rebellion.  Ever since she has woke up on the Island, she proved to be an exceptional survivor who shows no mercy to enemies who would harm the innocent and her friends.


  • Beast Queen of the Jungle, the Depths and the Wastes
  • Barbarian
  • The Rider

Background[edit | edit source]

Mei-Yin was born around the time before the Yellow Turban Rebellion during the Han Dynasty in the Yi province.  Because her father wanted a son, he trained Mei-Yin in secret so she can help defend the village who is against the Yellow Turbans. She knew Lieutenant Guan, a well known Chinese lieutenant that helped in suppressing the Yellow Turban Rebellion. When the Yellow Turbans attacked her village, every villager was in a grain hut, debating what to do.  Mei-Yin decided to grab a spear and they complimented her loyalty to the emperor, but she replied that she was going to survive and not die.  She inevitably died because when she woke up on the Island, she thought all her fear died with the Yellow Turbans but faces new fears of giant dinosaurs.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"I suppose it was a bit naive of me to think that someone with the moniker of "Beast Queen" would roll out the red carpet."

Mei-Yin is a quiet, determined woman.  She seems to be a reserved person, but if anything threatens or kills someone she cares about, she is a completely different person. Because of potential dangers coming at any time, she always has one hand on her sword. Being a warrior, she is honorable to any opponent she faces.

Many survivors note of her willpower being extraordinary.  Even when she lost many close friends and tames, she kept pushing onward.

When someone harms a person or close tame, she would go great lengths to get revenge for the killer.  When Wuzhui bled out, Mei-Yin swore revenge.  Even when Helena tried to reason with her, her need for revenge overrode her relationship so much that she knocked Helena out and proceeded to find Nerva.

On the Island, Mei-Yin always hoped in returning home, motivating her to keep pushing forward.  Being a mercenary, she just wants to defend those who can't defend themselves.  In the war between the New Legion and Painted Sharks, her silent kindness has limits because she was willing to put aside her pride to help the Painted Sharks, but they wouldn't give the same respect back to her and even sent her away.  She remembered to not get angry or things would get worse.  When her favorite tame, Wuzhui, dies of bleeding, she swore she would get revenge on the New Legion.

When on Aberration, she becomes more open to others when she interacts with the Tek survivors.  Because of her close friendship with Diana, she became more talkative and cooperative with the Tek survivors.  She has learned to accept that her home is no longer present and embraces her new home.

However, on the Corrupt Earth, she becomes more responsible of protecting the remaining survivors to a point she puts all the weight on herself even though Helena and Kazuma are willing to help her.  She becomes overprotective of Helena because she is the only closest friend she has and notes that she wants to give up her life for Helena.  But when Helena sacrifices herself for Mei-Yin and the Tek Survivors are all dead, Mei feels extremely sorry for putting Helena in a coma and abandoning the survivors.

Mei-Yin tends to become overprotective of others after she gets to know them. Keeping the mysterious prism she found from Helena's hands and constantly protecting Diana after she was resurrected on Extinction are prevalent instances.

Being alone after Helena ascended, Mei-Yin doesn't know what to do. She feels she has no purpose and for the first time, she is free to choose on her own.  When Diana came back, she went back to being the kind woman she was.

Relationships with Other Survivors[edit | edit source]

  • Helena
    • One of her closest friends, both she and Helena had a passion of caring for their animals. 
    • Mei-Yin met Helena when she was doing research and needed a source from someone who has creatures in captivity.  Unlike other survivors who just want to hire her as a mercenary, Helena wants to study her creatures.  An awkward first impression, Mei-Yin wondered why Helena wanted to study her creature's mating behaviors and, notably, their feces. They also began to talk about other things and she noted both of them were terrible cooks.
    • When Helena hired Mei-Yin to help her interact with an obelisk, Mei-Yin thought it could help her and Helena reach home.  But when Nerva ambushed them, Mei-Yin never forgave them and had to knock out Helena to pursue her revenge against Nerva. 
    • When they met up again on the Aberrant Ark, they were like old friends who haven't seen each other.  Even when they both lost their closest friends, Mei-Yin and Helena were both there for each other. 
    • On Extinction, that bond became even stronger when they were Mek pilots in an effort to protect the remaining survivors.  They also discussed the friend that was there for them when no one else was, where Helena had Rockwell, and Mei-Yin had Diana. Even after Helena ascended, Helena helped Mei-Yin even when she wasn't there by bringing back Diana.
  • Rockwell
    • Even though they rarely interacted, Mei-Yin keeps a focused eye on Rockwell, who has grown more suspicious when he joins the research team. When he killed Diana, Mei-Yin was so mad she went to hunt him down herself. Helena notes that even Nerva never made her this mad.
  • Nerva
    • Like Rockwell, they rarely interacted with each other.  However, in those small moments, when they faced each other in battle, Nerva always lost.  But when Nerva is responsible for the New Legion killing her tames and her favorite raptor, Wuzhui, Mei-Yin is furious because she treated the tames like a family.  With a vengeance, she took Nerva head on and wounded him and chased him across the station.
    • Her scar on her left eye is a reminder of the fight she had with Nerva.  Mei-Yin respected Nerva with a warrior's death and went to go bury him, but the sunlight cooked his dead body before she could do so.
  • Diana
    • Diana is the first Tek survivor Mei-Yin became friends with. She was also the one who wanted to be friends with Mei-Yin even when no one else in the tribe wanted to be her friend. They met when Mei-Yin was stalking her unit and they saw her with their night vision.  Upon returning to the Tek Village, Diana encouraged Mei-Yin to stay with them since she got discouraged of working with the Tek. Mei-Yin also rescued Diana and her companion from Reapers. When they returned again, they became closer friends, with them developing feelings for each other. When Rockwell killed Diana, she could never forgive him for killing her. When Helena and Mei-Yin talk about losing their closest friends, Helena notes how calm she becomes when she holds the necklace Diana gave to her as a gift.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Mei-Yin has black hair and eyes with a muscular build. On the Island, she wore either a full suit of Flak armor or Chitin armor.  She had long hair that wasn't organized, depicting the regular hair style.  On Aberration, she had normal cloth armor until she got a Tek suit along with her hair being better combed along with a scar on her left eye that she got from Nerva. It is uncertain if she lost her left eye as Helena in her Aberration notes depict her seeing things with one eye while Extinction notes that depict her with both her eyes intact and the same scar is over her left eye. In the ARK animated series, Mei-Yin is portrayed as wearing Chitin armor.

Survival Skills[edit | edit source]

"I don't think I really understood hard work until I met Mei. The only time I think she takes it easy is when we're sparring. That really opened her up, by the way. She even gave me a callsign, Juzi, although she won't tell me what it means. I'd bet the answer on a match, but she'd kick my butt in a heartbeat if she got serious. Those muscles are cheat codes."

~ Diana

On the Island, Mei-Yin is the most hardened survivor who can turn the odds of any battle. Because of her determination, she has brought many creatures of mythical origin to be her tames of war.  Other survivors note that facing her one on one will result in her winning most of the time because of her being a warrior in ancient China. 

Having tames, she could coordinate their attacks that could cripple even the most disciplined armies on the ARKs, most notably the New Legion.  With raptors, she broke New Legion ranks with minimal casualties on her side to protect a caravan.  When helping the Painted Sharks, her tames consisting of more raptors, several carnotaurus, a spinosaurus, and a rex broke a siege that sent the New Legion in full retreat.  When going to the blue obelisk with her giganotosaurus and all of her tames, the New Legion--the alpha tribe of the Island at the time--mobilized their strongest creatures to stop her out of fear that she would destroy all that they worked for. Mei-Yin was also the first survivor to tame a giganotosaurus, a feat that, without her awareness, allowed her to cripple the New Legion's main army to a point that lesser tribes began to take over New Legion territory.  

Her tames on Aberration were minimal in number but she used them to the fullest. On Extinction, she tamed many creatures and noted how each of them were strong. With their help, she was able to hold a massive horde of corrupted creatures and titans by herself to buy enough time for Helena to ascend.

Before Mei-Yin had the proper equipment, she only had a spear and bow.  Even with that, she killed three men who underestimated her.

Mei-Yin's most notable weapon is the sword.  With it, she can hold her own against various survivors when she is on foot.  She can overpower Nerva, the tribe leader of the New Legion, in a duel. When sparing with Diana, the first futuristic survivor she got to know, she mostly won even if she went easy.

Diana did a simulated damage report on a fight with Mei-Yin and the numbers and statistics are terrifying:  fighting against Mei-Yin most likely results in a 76% armor durability depletion and a 96% in dealing damage to the body, nearly killing her opponent.  The diagnostics when fighting against Mei-Yin include massive blood loss and lethal head trauma.

With her file in the futuristic tribe database, Mei-Yin is described as a survival specialist, melee combat specialist, and a creature tamer and tracker.  She is also described to be a fast learner. From Santiago's assessment, Mei-Yin is the best CQC fighter they have and she quickly answers moral and tactical disputes quickly.  When Santiago ran a physical on Mei-Yin, her scores can match those of Terran Federation Spec Ops.

Her most powerful weapon, the Mek, makes her abilities magnified several times.  As a pilot, she is almost unstoppable when it has a sword, her specialty.  When defending Helena from the corrupted creatures and Titans, she held her ground in a Mek and killed an entire horde of titans, small and big, even when she was the only one standing. On top of that, she defeated the biggest titans out of the horde, except for the Ice Titan, Forest Titan, Desert Titan, and King Titan, with her Mek that was damaged and had only one of its arms left.

Tamed Creatures[edit | edit source]

The Island

  • Wuzhui (Black Raptor)
  • 5 other raptors
  • Some herbivorous mounts (as described by Helena)
  • Several Carnotaurus ("Raptor with horns")
  • Spinosaurus ("Great Spined Lizard")
  • Rex ("Giant Raptor")
  • Pteranodon (Flying beast)
  • Demon King (Giganotosaurus)


  • Xiao (Shinehorn)
  • Shi (Ravager)
  • Ao Yue (Rock Drake)


  • Beast Queen (Mek)
  • Several Managarmrs
  • Several Snow Owls
  • Several Gasbags
  • Several Velonasaurs
  • Ares (Mega Mek; temporarily)

ARK story[edit | edit source]

Refer to the explorer notes

Gallery[edit | edit source]