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Mine Shaft
Mine Shaft (Ragnarok).jpg
Where does it lead to?
Ragnarok Topographic Map.jpg
57.5° Lat, 19.3° Lon
57.4° Lat, 18.7° Lon

The Mine Shaft is a cave featured in Ragnarok.


This cave offers a unique way to farm   Metal by actually walking down an old Mine Shaft.

The main entrance is situated atop the hill of one of the islands just of the western coast, there is a large collection of pillars pinpointing the location.

upon nearing the ruins the stair way will appear, heading down, it loops in a rectangular manner amongst support pillars, spaced out on the cave walls are an abundance of metal nodes.

the stairs eventually end when they reach a pool at the caves base at which the exit or second entrance is to the right across floating stones.


This cave has no Creature Spawns.



  • Can build in this cave.
  • Easily defendable, due to narrow walkways down to the bottom.
  • the unique aspect of this cave is that it gives the rustic and original view to metal mining.
  • Good place to start, due to relative safety and abundance of resources nearby.
  • Do be warned though, this is near the swamp city ruins, which are filled with Sarcos and Titanoboas.