ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - June 8, 2018


  • Server stability, lag & connection fixes
  • New purchasable structure type: Mailboxes! Communicate with other players online and off with the Achatina Mail Service
  • Implemented a new system to allow you to remotely request your tames back to your nearest bed
  • Now easier to see things directly in front of you during night-time
  • Primal pass now gives survivors 25% more tame slots
  • PvE grief prevention: creatures periodically move away from cave entrances, obelisk platforms & other tribe's doors
  • PvP Pay-to-win prevention: in PvP, you can no longer purchase ammo and raw resources, or receive materials from structure demolition
  • Implemented offline log system so you can find out what happened to you while you were offline
  • Survivors can now learn the water valve in the engram menu
  • Partial controller support! You still need to touch the screen in the inventory and menus, but controllers can now be used for the main game play.
  • Soothing Balm can now be used with passive taming


  • Improved melee targeting
  • Improved demolishing/destuction effects
  • Purchasable structures can now be damaged & will return to players inventory
  • Added camera zoom as a multi-tap option
  • Campfire crafting requirements reduced
  • Meganuera movement speed decreased by 33% & attack power decreased by 20%
  • Reduced club damage for varying qualities
  • Reduced damage of rocket launcher based on quality & increased durability
  • Gift values tweaked to make them more useful & meaningful to the player
  • Artifact tributes award the player significantly better loot


  • Fixed placement of C4, tripwire traps & transponder trackers
  • Fixed issue in which flying creatures would errantly wander away
  • Improved creature following
  • Fixed stamina HUD notification spam
  • Misc client crash fixes
  • Fixed audio attenuation
  • Fixed various undermeshing exploits
  • Fixed single player engrams incorrectly saving