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Released - March 25th, 2019

  • Ascendant Creature Unlock available in single player store for unlimited tame stats!
  • Equus statue, Direwolf Rug & Manticore Helmet skin available in store
  • Direwolves, Procoptodons & Chalicotheriums can wear helmets
  • Tidy Save added to reduce save size for players with cloud storage limitations
  • Griffin leveling & creature recolor available via God Console
  • Revived creatures maintain spayed/neutered status
  • Increased Griffin base weight 25%
  • C4 decays after 15 minutes in PvX & PvXc game modes
  • Removed Griffin level up prevention in God Console
  • Unclaimed creatures can no longer mate
  • Photo Mode Reporting disabled on Unofficial Servers
  • Wild Raptors can no longer be carried in PvE & PvX game modes
  • Unofficial Server Transfers now have a 7 day cooldown before being able to transfer back to the server you left
  • Infinite weight exploit fixed with chairs, benches and turrets
  • Dodo Skin Rug now re-sizes based on the size of the Dodo Implant
  • Creature Implants no longer grant Potent Dust when ground. Ancient Amber now grants additional Potent Dust when ground.