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Released - August 20th, 2019

  • Angler Fish now harvests silica pearl
  • Arthropluera melee now damages stone, metal & TEK.
  • Added torpor feedback to Spyglass
  • Added manual save button to Single Player
  • Increased TEK Generator radius
  • New colors for Allies/Tribe member chat
  • Increased no-build radius around Obelisks
  • Fix Sarco being picked up in PvE
  • Fixed errant flying creatures with God Console
  • Reduced Eery Element cost on TEK building structures
  • Fix for being pushed under the Dungeon map
  • Tribute Pt. Notes for 1 Eery Element
  • Unofficial Server owners can now set custom Welcome Messages
  • Added Gas Mask functionality to TEK Helmet when fully powered
  • Cubozoa Multis now correctly drops its Pt. Note in Single Player
  • Players are now served a warning that items will be dropped when Fast Traveling
  • Updated loot tables in Mailable Gifts
  • Patch Notes no longer served upon repeated launches of the game
  • Fix for Chronicled Implants wrongfully showing that they will revive as Wild
  • Creatures such as the Titanosaur which are not able to be revived can no longer be Chronicled
  • Fix for floating structure building mechanic