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Mod ARK Additions Deinosuchus Egg.png This article is about content exclusive to the mod ARK Additions.

Engram Entries are data values in ARK Additions.


List of Engram Entries[]

Item Engram Entry Engram Index
Acro Saddle EngramEntry_SaddleAcro_C 600
Archelon Saddle EngramEntry_Saddle_Archelon_C 596
Brachiosaurus Saddle EngramEntry_Saddle_AdditionsBrachio_C 599
Concavenator Saddle EngramEntry_ConcaSaddle_C 601
Cryolophosaurus Saddle EngramEntry_CryoSaddle_C 602
Deinosuchus Saddle EngramEntry_Saddle_Deinosuchus_C 597
Domination Rex Egg EngramEntry_IndominusRexEgg_C 603
Domination Rex Egg (Scorched) EngramEntry_IndominusRexEgg_SE_C 605
Domination Rex Egg (Aberrant) EngramEntry_IndominusRexEgg_AB_C 604
Domination Rex Egg (Extinction) EngramEntry_IndominusRexEgg_EXT_C 607
Indominus Rex Saddle EngramEntry_IndominusSaddle_C 606
Xiphactinus Saddle EngramEntry_Saddle_Xiphactinus_C 598