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This content is only available by installing the mod on a server or on single player.
Ark Eternal
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Ark Eternal is an overhaul mod for Ark:Survival Evolved, adding exciting new dinos and bosses.

Mod authors
Prome, Leutian Kane, AzraelKane, Zythara
Workshop ID
Release date
March 29th, 2017
Actively maintained


Ark Et

l is an overhaul mod that changes a lot of features from vanilla ARK and adds new creatures and Items. The mod is, currently part of the Ark Sponsored Mods scheme. In order to get the best from this Mod place it first in your active mods list otherwise certain features, items and creatures will not be available.

Ark Eternal (Live Version) Mod ID: 893735676.


Ark Eternal adds 600+ new dinos at its current state, most of them can be tamed in different ways. Some of them can be evolved from creature A to creature B. Eternal has around 30 bosses so far, some rather easy and some almost impossible to kill. It adds more difficulty and diversity. And the best thing about Eternal, is that its WIP, meaning we still have a lot of new features we are both thinking about and working on. We will not, however, release content and start with adding any more content until the previous content is working.

Eternal can be a Core Mod, meaning its designed for first priority in your load order. It is also designed with PvE in mind. If you want to use it on your PvP-server, you would have to do some serious tweaking. It is balanced for vanilla difficulty and levels.(OverrideOfficialDifficulty=20 in GUS.ini, in other words Max Dino level 600 wild) If you change that, your experience may differ from that which Eternal is designed for. People have had success in running this mod second to mods like Pugnacia, Annunaki and Extinction. We do not encourage it though, as it could block some of Eternals content. It may work now, and then all of a sudden, when we do some changes, it may not. We do however try and design Eternal to work as a second overhaul mod.

Game Options Settings[]

The GameUserSettings.ini settings are described in Ini Settings

Tranquiliser and Elemental Dino Torpor Mechanics[]

The Tranquiliser and Elemental Dino Torpor Mechanics are explained in Tranq / Elemental Dino Torp Mechanics Explained Here

Dino Spawn Codes and Tags[]

The Spawn Codes and Tags for dinos can be found in Dino Spawn Codes and Tags

Item Spawn Codes[]

The Spawn Codes for items can be found in Item Spawn Codes


Vanilla Creatures[]

These creatures are the same as you would find on any of the ark maps, they have the same statistics, strengths and weaknesses.

Elite Creatures[]

Just slightly stronger than vanilla dinos. Scaled up rideable, utility and cute!

Tame an Enlightened OviRaptor and evolve it to an Elite Oviraptor put a saddle on it and you can use it to craft kibbles in the dino’s inventory.

Eternal Creatures[]

Two-toned dinos that can be knocked out and tamed. When killed, they drop the  Ancient Orbs. Mainly utility dinos. Eternal Ankylo smelts metal in inventory. This is activated when there is a saddle on and you activate it from the radial menu when you hold E.

Eternal Therizino can craft tranq items and consumables related to taming in inventory.

Eternal Jerboa has a wander craft ability simply put  Azulberry into its inventory and set it to wander and it will craft all vanilla dyes.

Same taming mechanism as vanilla counterpart. Same food priority. Adjusted Affinity Effectiveness to x20 to match level 600 wild dinos. Also Includes Mod foods as well.

  • Crafter - Better harvesting, big carry weight. Orange-Brown / Black or Blue creatures.
  • Earth - Ability to break rocks, immense strength & carry weight.
  • Eternal - Creatures with special abilities.
  • Fire - Deals fire damage over time. Red / Black creatures.
  • Ghost
  • Poison - Web Root, torpor, stamina drain. Green / Black creatures.
  • Electric - 200% faster. Yellow / Black creatures.

Behemoth Creatures[]

Slightly stronger than vanilla. Mainly used for utility. Can carry a lot if you use platform saddle. Made for moveable bases. Spawns in the wild, vanilla taming (x20). Also Uses Mod Foods for Taming as well.

Same taming mechanism as their vanilla counterpart. Use the same food priority. Adjusted Affinity Effectiveness to x20 to match level 600 wild dinos.

Elemental Creatures[]

Found in the wild. Dinos who have become imbued with the elements, Poison, Lightning, Fire, Ice & Radiation. Some, in an attempt to become elemental instead became Cursed. Cursed Elementals apply a buff that will last 10 seconds that reduces speed, health, vision and adds a small amount of torpor. Poison Elementals will also drain food. Lightning Elemental will add torpor for 10 seconds and stun for 5 seconds. Fire Elemental will set their victim on fire. Ice Elemental will freeze the victim for 10 seconds. RadioKinetic dinos immune to radiation debuffs and damage and gives rider anti rad buff.

* Please Note Elemental Poison are immune to Elemental Poison debuff and Elemental Lightning are immune to Elemental Lightning Debuff.

Same taming mechanism as vanilla counterpart. Same food priority however with insta tame meat added. Adjusted Affinity Effectiveness to x20 to match level 600 wild dinos. Eats Mod Foods as well.

Elemental reapers spawn from killing elemental dimorphs. The more dimorphs you kill the more chance of an elemental reaper to spawn!

Ice Elemental and Cursed Elementals need to be evolved into from other elementals with evolve potion ( ice or cursed potions ), you cannot tame the wild ones. NOTE: The Evolutions not implemented into the Pegasi dinos or reapers. Note: Elemental TLC trikes still have the main attacks. Left click for the main melee attack, hold right click for a charge attack, and left ctrl for the thunderbolt elemental attack.

Can be evolved into their TLC variants using the TLC Evo Potion. (Currently Only Elemental Rexes from this Tier are supported).

RadioKinetic Creatures[]

RadioKinetic creatures give a, passive, anti radiation buff when riding or nearby.

Eternal Alpha Creatures[]

Stronger versions of vanilla dinos. Spawns in the wild, tameable. Alpha Dragons are spawned by killing Elemental Dragons. 10% chance.

  •  Alpha Meat (Mod:Ark Eternal) Affinity Effectiveness x20 + 600 affinity.
  •  Eternal Prime Meat (Mod:Ark Eternal) Affinity Effectiveness x20 + 1200 affinity.
  • Immune to Normal Tranqs requires Elemental Tier dino or above to KO or Alpha Tranq and above.
  • Several Have Evolutions to Prime version activated by putting 25  Prime Blood (Mod:Ark Eternal) in their inventory Riding and hitting X, C, or Ctrl.

Pteranodons, Rex, Toad (Frog) and Dire Bear can be evolved into poison and electric alpha elementals. Using 25 of either Green or Blue Aberration gems Riding and hitting X, C or Left Ctrl.

To evolve a creature place the required number of items in the creature's inventory, ride and press X. Remember to remove all other items from the creature's inventory before starting the evolution and to remove the saddle once the key is pressed.

Prime Creatures[]

Slightly stronger than Alphas. Spawns in the wild, tameable. Many Primes are spawned by killing the corresponding Alpha Variant. 10% chance.

Has 10% Damage Reduction

Immune to Normal Tranqs and Elemental Poison/Lightning debuffs can only be Knocked out with Alpha Elemental Dinos and Above or Alpha Tranqs and Above.

Upon death has a 10% chance of spawning a Resurrected Dino!

Allosaurus, Dire Bear, Frog, Mantis and Pteranodons can be evolved into electric and poison prime elementals.

Pteranodons, Rex, Toad (Frog) and Dire Bear can be evolved into poison and electric Prime elementals. Using 50 of either Green or Blue Aberration gems Riding and hitting X, C or Left Ctrl.

Robot Creatures[]

Similar stats to Primes. Spawns in the wild, tameable. Able to harvest Electronics and crystal from their dead bodies!

Has 10% damage Reduction

Spectral Creatures[]

Slightly stronger than Prime. 10% chance for one to spawn when killing a wild Prime. Tameable, same Affinity as Primes.

Upon death has a 10% chance of spawning a Resurrected Dino!

Has 10% Damage Reduction.

Can only be knocked out via Alpha or Prime Elemental DInos and above or Alpha and Prime tranqs.

Ghost Creatures[]

Spawned on Death from either Prime, Resurrected or Spectral dinos with a 10% chance.

Tameable, with the exception of the Ghost Saber (Mod:Ark Eternal), the same way as Primes of their type usually.

Has 15 % damage Reduction.

Requires Prime Elemental Dino or above to KO or Prime tranqs.

Ancient Creatures[]

Ancient creatures that only can be summoned from the Eternal Boss Summoner. They give extra experience to their riders once tamed. Summons at random levels, can be knocked out and tamed.

Tames with  Ancient Orb (Mod:Ark Eternal) at x15 affinity and will also eat  Raw Prime Meat after tame, as food.

15% Damage Reduction.

Learning buff that improves EXP gain for 1 hour when ridden.

Same immunities as Prime/Spectral.

Requires Prime Elemental or above to KO.

InDominus Creatures[]

Slightly stronger than Prime. Spawns in the wild, tameable. Upon death has a 10% chance of spawning a Resurrected Dino!

15% Damage Reduction.

Dominus Ovis has Unknown level Tranq

Can only be Knocked out by Prime Elemental Dino or above or Prime Tranqs.

Armoured Creatures[]

Slightly stronger than Prime. Can Only be Knocked out by Prime Elemental Dinos OR Prime Tranqs and above, Immune to all else.

Infernal Creatures[]

Can be evolved from Prime by using a bottle of  Infernal Potion (Mod:Ark Eternal). A bit stronger than Prime stats-wise, and uses buffs that makes them stronger than InDominus as well.

15% Damage Reduction.

Has Infernal Fire AOE Debuff that sets things on fire when you get close to them burning them for 5% of their total health over 5 seconds.

Same immunities as Spectral dinos.

The Unknown Creatures[]

Evolve any Prime or Infernal Wyvern to The Unknown Wyverns, InDominus Gorillas can evolve to The Unknown Gorillas and the Prime Therizinosaur can evolve into The Unknown Therizinosaur.

They have the same immunities as InDominus tier and have a 15% damage reduction.

There are 3 types.

  • Fire(Red) – Deals more damage.
  • Lightning(Blue) – Is really fast, does Lightning Damage
  • Poison(Green) – Has lower health points but does significant torpor damage.

Resurrected Creatures[]

Using the skeleton models from Revealed Jack-o'-lantern.png Fear Evolved, untameable. Spawns when a Prime, Spectral, or InDominus is killed. Cannot be tamed. Upon death they have a 10% chance of causing a Mystical to spawn!

Has 15% Damage Reduction as well.

Harbinger Creatures[]

Same stats as Mysticals. Can't be tamed. Once defeated, they will spawn a Harbinger Beetle. Those beetles can be passive tamed with

. Adjusted Affinity Effectiveness to x20 to match maxlevel 600. Once tamed, put Eternal Kibble on them and set them to wander and they will produce resources.

Mystical Creatures[]

Strong untameable dinos that are summoned. They drop Essences which is used primarily to make Summoning Reagents. Spawns at a static level 1200. Be prepared!

20% damage Reduction.

These creatures used to be called Immortal Tier creatures.

DarkStar Creatures[]

The Strongest creatures in Ark Eternal that can be tame, these creatures are evolved through a lengthy process of eight stages.

Evolving to Armoured Darkstar

Craft a  Summon Reagent Evolvable Compy (Mod:Ark Eternal) at the  Eternal Boss Summoner (Mod:Ark Eternal). Consume the Reagent in your inventory and that will spawn you a tamed  EVo Compy (Mod:Ark Eternal). It will want  Raw Prime Meat to grow EvoFuel and a couple of other items to be able to evolve to the next stage. 1 EvoFuel takes 6 seconds to craft (.Ini configurable crafting speed) and it will autocraft EvoFuel as long as you have  Raw Prime Meat in its inventory. From then on follow the recipes in the inventory of each creature and when you have enough of each ingredient, craft the recipe and it will evolve to the next link in the chain, it's best to do that away from other creatures and remove anything else from the inventory including saddles. Tip! If your creature isn't producing EvoFuel then try picking it up with a Mod Ark Eternal Soul Trap.png "Soul Trap" from the Dino Storage v2 Mod or a  Cryopod then releasing it to see if that re-starts crafting.

These are the current stages.

  1.  EVo Compy (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  2.  EVo Raptor (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  3.  EVo Carno (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  4.  Evo Allo (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  5.  EVo Rex (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  6.  EVo Giga (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  7.  Evo Indominus Rex (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  8.  Evo Armoured DarkStar (Tamed) (Mod:Ark Eternal)

Evolving to Evolved (Feathered) Darkstar

Craft a  Summon Reagent Evolvable Pego (Mod:Ark Eternal) at the Eternal Boss Summoner Hard (Mod:Ark Eternal). Consume the Reagent in your inventory and that will spawn you a tamed  EVo Pegomastax (Mod:Ark Eternal). It will want Raw Prime Meat to grow EvoFuel and a couple of other items to be able to evolve to the next stage. 1 EvoFuel takes 60 seconds to craft (.Ini configurable crafting speed) and it will autocraft EvoFuel as long as you have Raw Prime Meat in its inventory.

These are the current stages.

  1.  EVo Pegomastax (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  2.  EVo MicroRaptor (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  3.  EVo Archae (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  4.  EVo Featherlight (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  5.  Evo DeinoNychus (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  6.  EVo Yuty (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  7.  Evo Feathered Rex (Mod:Ark Eternal)
  8.  Evolved Darkstar (Tamed) (Mod:Ark Eternal)

Evolving to Evolved Darkstar (Manticore)

Craft a EvoFly Archae Summon Reagant at the Eternal Boss Summoner Hard (Mod:Ark Eternal). Consume the Reagent in your inventory and that will spawn you an EvoFly Archae. It will want Raw Prime Meat to grow EvoFuel and a couple of other items to be able to evolve to the next stage. 1 EvoFuel takes 60 seconds to craft (.Ini configurable crafting speed) and it will autocraft EvoFuel as long as you have Raw Prime Meat in its inventory.

These are the current stages.

  1. EvoFly Archae
  2. EvoFly FeatherLight
  3. EvoFly MicroRaptor
  4. EvoFly Phoenix
  5. EvoFly Dragon
  6. EvoFly Wyvern
  7. EvoFly DodoWyvern
  8. EvoFly DarkStar Manticore (Tamed)

End Boss Creatures[]

Very strong untameable dinos that are summoned. These are the Ark Eternal End Bosses, they spawn in at level 1200. Be very afraid!

Special Creatures[]

Creatures with special powers and such.

Tribute Creatures[]

Creatures made for Patreons and such.



There are several new types of arrows, darts and Tek rifle ammunition added by Ark Eternal which give different effects / torpor.


The additional types armour provided by Ark Eternal are, generally, stronger and more durable than vanilla armour. Some can be crafted while other obtained by killing high level creatures. The different types of armour can apply some buffs like speed, hp, carry weight, cloakability etc.

Tier System for Armour

  1. Elemental - Entry level
  2. Eternal
  3. Alpha
  4. Prime
  5. Infernal
  6. Immortal - Highest level


Different types of consumables are available for taming, crafting or evolving creatures.


Costumes to change the appearance of your Dino / Creature


There are four different coloured Crystals found with Ark Eternal used for crafting etc.


Not really a resource or a consumable but found in Ark Eternal and used for crafting etc.

Loot Item Sets[]

The Items you might obtain from killing / harvesting a creature.


There are a variety of different potions on Ark Eternal, some make you smaller or larger while others can reset mating, increase experience, regenerate health, aid with taming, erase poison etc. There are even potions to reset the stats or change the sex of your creature.


The different types of resources available.


Some of Ark Eternal's creatures require their own saddles. There is, also armour and tek armour for griffins.


The eternal remnants of long dead creatures generally used in crafting or summoning items etc. from a boss summoner.


Ark Eternal provides a diversity of structures, while some are better versions of their vanilla counterpart, there are new structures from crafting the, various, elements in the mod to to the rapid manufacture of resources.

Summon Reagents[]

Crafted in the Eternal Workbench from Essences. Used for summoning Ancient, Darkstar, End Bosses, Harbringer creatures. Formally known as a Matrix a Summon Reagent will call a version of that creature that can be knocked out and tamed.


Items that unlocks Tek, DLC Content, Achievements and Emotes.

Weapons and Tools[]

There is an assortment of different weapons and tools from variants of ark tools that deliver four times the harvest and 40% more damage, a spyglass, a device for counting the levels applied to a creature to a high-powered admin rifle that deals, up to, 1,000,000,000 damage.

Tier System for Weapons and Tools

  1. Elemental - Entry level
  2. Eternal
  3. Alpha
  4. Prime
  5. Infernal
  6. Immortal - Highest level

Ark Eternal Additional Mods[]

Other Mods related to Ark Eternal

Ark Eternal Additional Spawners (Mod ID: 1787687640)[]

Mod Simply adds Eternal Dino Spawns on Ragnarok and Valguero to the custom non vanilla spawns each map uses other custom maps may follow as we gain access to the spawners.

Ark Eternal Lite (Mod ID: 1693720889)[]

This is a Patron Requested Version of the Mod.

Updated to work with Extinction DLC!!!!!!

Ark Eternal Lite Version (Meaning Most if not all Emissives (Glowy Skins) are removed or turned down from tamaeable dinos).

Ark Eternal Tranqs (Mod ID: 1546674074)[]

Tranqs is simply meant to give our players a standalone version of our INI configureable Tranq darts and Arrows,as well as the core potions associated with Taming dinos.

  • All Potions and Tranq Ammo are crafted in player inventory after learning the proper engrams.
  • Mod Uses the Same Torpor Configs as Eternal does for the Prime darts/arrows.
  • I will slowly be adding the rest of our tranqs to this mod as time goes on and possibly other potions/items as well.

Ark Eternal Structures Expansion (Mod ID: 1515475686)[]

Structures Expansion is an expansion to Ark Eternal that adds our versions of Vanilla Structures together with some of our own. The Mod comes complete with a Bench to craft them called the Eternal Workbench. And the best thing about the expansion, is that its Work In Progress, meaning we still have a lot of new features we are both thinking about and working on.

We will not, however, release content and start with adding any more content until the previous content is working.

This Mod can be used standalone as well. If running by itself the structures workbench is crafted in the player inventory.

Ark Eternal Elemental Expansion (Mod ID: 1163444471)[]

Elemental Expansion is an expansion to Ark Eternal that adds approx 27 new dinos to the Elemental Tier. As well as several new Elemental Saddles and a new Structure to the Eternal WorkBench. And the best thing about the expansion, is that its WIP, meaning we still have alot of new features we are both thinking about and working on.

We will not, however, release content and start with adding any more content until the previous content is working.

Ark Eternal Level Up Counter StandAlone Version (Mod ID: 1527820946)[]

Ark Eternal Level Up Counter Standalone mod is based on the Level up counter item used in the Core mod of Ark Eternal.

Thanks go to NanoDragon for coding this thing for us when he was an Eternal Dev and Kyream who's levelup Counter Mod inspired us to make our own version.

Ark Eternal XBFerker Tribute Mod (Mod ID: 1776545655)[]

  • Mod is a Tribute to xBCrafted and F1RECRACKR Content creators.
  • All Mod Items are crafted in your inventory with vanilla or mod resources.
  • Engrams are learned at same levels they were in Ark Eternal.
  • Dinos and All Items work exactly as they do in Ark Eternal Including the same .INI configs for the Torpor AOE (hint its PrimeLightning).
  • Spawn Codes will be listed in a pastebin Here.
  • Mod includes Tribute dinos, Most of Eternal's Potions,Rez Stone and Levelup Counter.

Ark Eternal Eternal Grace Buff (Mod ID: 1924308451)[]

  • Adds the Eternal Grace Buff that negates Fall Damage to the player to your gameworld as a standalone Mod.
  • Steam Workshop Page

Ark Eternal Eternal Dino Armour (Mod ID: 1945916642)[]

  • Invisible Dino Saddle that will fit any creature with a saddle slot that is parented to vanilla dino_character_BP. Crafted in Player Inventory at level 35. The Mod, also, includes the Armour Stone crafted in player inventory at level 25 that will fit any creature's costume slot parented to vanilla dino_character_BP and grant it 50 armour.

  • Steam Workshop Page


Frequently Asked Questions[]

Here is a list of frequently asked questions or FAQ as they are known.


Patch Notes[]

Click here to expand or collapse the latest Patch Notes and Hot Fixes!!

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 14th February 2021

  • Updated Weight fall damage and speed on vanilla Anky and Stego remaps also made sure they had a better chance of spawning Eternal Anky and Doed on death. They may suffer the level one bug from adjusted stats, either Re-tame or place in a Soulball (Dino Storage V 2) to fix.
  • Reduced chance for Titan God to spawn on death from Eternal Bronto.
  • Added Shiva's Ho Tribute Dino, spawns on death from Indominus DodoRex and Indominus Gorilla. This Dino harvests like an Eternal Anky.
  • Changed Beer Recipe in Eternal Resource Converter to craft Beer Jars instead of Beer Liquid.
  • Removed fall damage from Prime and Eternal Alpha Sloth.
  • Removed AOE Buff from tamed Terra Nova and Darkstars.
  • Terra Nova Boss will now give Tamed Terra Nova Summon item on death.
  • Terra Nova Boss is no longer tameable existing versions will disappear after 45 minutes or when you leave render grab your stuff from them.
  • Removed fall damage from Robot Griffin.
  • Updated Purple Stego and Anky turn radius.
  • Fixed Eternal Generator inventory access.
  • Removed health bar from tamed version of TitanGod.
  • Made all Elemental Tier Rexes gestation now no eggs.
  • Fixed Elemental Giraffes will have to re-tame.
  • Fixed Baby Potion useable on wild only works on tamed now.
  • Fixed Angler Gel LGS.

Zythara's Additions:

  • Modified Empowerment artefacts to give damage and resistance buffs rather than stat buffs to allow better compatibility on the player and eternal armour (also affects ridden tames).
  • Updated structure saving so the players ID should be stored over server reset (Thanks to koz for this).
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 25th December 2020

  • Fixed Stegos Animations.
  • Fixed Special Dino Spawn chance duplicate entries.
  • Fixed Lightning magmasaur projectiles to only do direct damage an end boss damage type to do NO friendly damage.(no the mesh on the hard mode boss one isn't fixed yet).
  • Fixed Ancient DireBear stutter.
  • Implemented SpecialDinoSpawnChance Code on most of our dinos.
  • Fixed Midnight Shadow Inventory.
  • FizzPanda Spawn on death chance reduced to 50% on the dinos that spawn it .
  • Added Vanilla Pre TLC stego saddle to AE bench.
  • Fixed Corrupted Stego Remap to use pre TLC skeleton/mesh etc.
  • updated Eternal Feeder, Forge, Crystal Converter to have an * in their name so they won't get auto pulled by AA.
  • Updated Titan God damage out put and made it untameable (Tameable version to come) Existing tamed versions will disappear 45 minutes after logging in and in render PLEASE clear their inventories so you don't lose anything.
  • added Fish meat to eternal resource converter.
  • Updated All RadioKinetics to do radiation damage on hit.
  • Updated All RadioKinetic to be immune to the new RAD buff they deal.
  • Updated Eternal Bronto to Harvest like Eternal Anky and increased Harvest Multi to x4.
  • Updated TItan God boss version to spawn tameable version on death.
  • Increased Size of Robot Rex.
  • Added more chances for Bionic Giga to spawn from Robot dinos as well as increased chance of tameable version spawning from boss version with special dino config.
  • Added All Sub Bosses to respective Boss Summoners (TItan God, Ghost Saber, Treasure Turkey, Both Vers of Graboids.)
  • Added Terra Nova Tribute to Boss summoner as well.
  • Hopefully fixed Hard mode Bionic Magmasaur (Summon Not fixed).
  • Added Hard Mode Gorilla and Ursa Major to boss summoner.
  • Added normal mode ursa major to normal boss summoner.
  • Added Mystical Ptero Hard Mode to Hard Mode Boss Summoner.
  • Rebalanced Normal and Hard Mode Mysticals as well as Harbingers.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 12th November 2020

  • Completely Rebuilt Midnight Shadow Tribute dino to fix all the bugs with it, plus added an extra attack read the spyglass info on it. However this DOES mean all existing Midnight Shadow Griffins will disappear so make sure you empty their inventories prior to the next update. YOU WILL have to Re-tame them. However I will make them spawn at 100% from Prime Griffin the next patch to compensate for this.
  • Updated several dinos to use the new config, below, including All the FizzPanda spawning dinos. most of these are set to 100% chance to spawn by default.
  • Regular Spawn on death instances for FizzPanda will now have a Server announcement when they spawn
  • Fixed Lightning Magmasaur dmg type so it shouldn't effect friendly dinos/players any more when tamed.


SpecialDeathSpawnChance=10 Special dino (Tribute Dino) Spawn Chance on death

Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 4th November 2020

  • Updated SpacedPanda to be able to use the Resurrection stone.
  • Updated Eternal Alpha Allo,DireBear,Rex and Indominus Rex to have a chance to Spawn FizzPanda Tribute dino on death.
  • Added Vanilla Balanced FizzPanda Tribute dino, Spawns on Death from Vanilla Argent and Dimetrodon Remaps. Can Be evolved into the Prime tier equivalent one with 25  Prime Blood (Mod:Ark Eternal) Ride and hit X.
  • Added New Minion attack to Hard Mode Phantasmal Gorilla BEWARE!. Thanks Pikkon38.
  • Revamped Spawn on Death mechanics for all bosses including Harbingers.
  • Replaced Normal Mode Ursa major's Model with the Model used for Hard Mode Ursa Major(the spectral bear with the armour) this way the boss is actually viable.
  • You can,now, trade in the Mystical Ptero Hard mode's Essence for ANY other Mystical's Essence in the Eternal Resource Converter.
  • Added new INI Code:

DisableOPFizz=false - Set to True to make the Vanilla version spawn instead of the Prime tier equivalent one.

Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 11th October 2020

  • Changed all Equus/Pegasi Back Kick Damage types to follow Tiered Elemental System now instead of doing torpor to anything.
  • Resized Ursa Major Hard Mode boss,Added Hard Mode Phantasmal Gorilla to spawn on death of other hard mode bosses.
  • increased Dmg Reduc,loot and Meteor Attack Damage to Ghost Saber and Treasure Turkey
  • Made Terra Nova also spawn on death from Armored Darkstar, and Hard Mode Mystical Giga
  • Brought Terra Nova up to par with Feathered Darkstar.
  • Tweaks to Dark Hierophant for impulse on some attacks to about 50% of what it was.
  • Added Hierophant Seeker minion to spawn along with DodoReaper Minion.
  • Fixed Big Green Snake turn radius, submerge depth and swim speed as well as collision.
  • Fixed all Gorilla's Turn radius,Submerge depth and swim speed.
  • Infernal Spacewhale Bomb Ammo is Lava Rocks
  • Fixed Death Recovery to have INI config for Dino Dmg and Disabling

DeathRecoveryDinoDmg=false Doesn't take Dino Dmg Set to True to enable damage.
DisableGolem=false Set to true to disable placement of Death Recovery.

  • Added Super Secret Dino All will be revealed when the time is right.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Elemental Expansion Hot Fix Patch Notes 4th October 2020

  • Changed Elemental Unicorn Back Kick Damage types to follow Tiered Elemental System now instead of doing torpor to anything.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 27th September 2020

  • Added Eternal Berries to be given on death from killing Eternal Tier Herbivores as well as vanilla remap Herbivores.
  • Fixed Eternal Allo egg spawning Vanilla Allo.
  • Added Prime Bulldog, KO tame , Spawns on Death from Elite Shinehorn,Vanilla Anky,Prime Bigfoot,Carno and Chalico.
  • Increased Duration of Hierophant despawn timer to an hour and a half.
  • Removed knock-back from Heirophant minions.
  • Tweaked BionicGigaSpawnChance ini code to be more reliable.
  • Added AOE Fire and Grounding Aura to Hierophant.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 21st August 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed  Eternal Ankylo (Mod:Ark Eternal) inventory.
  • Possible Fix for Infernal Spacewhale being invisible outside of Lunar Biome on Genesis
  • Added CannonBall Arrow.
  • Added Ctrl attack to Robot BloodStalker that does the web debuff from Spiders.
  • Fixed Egg Duping in Eternal item collector, Removed Egg Collection Toggle from Wheel, it is now handled via the Consumable collection Toggle in the wheel menu.
  • Cannonball Arrow Engram learned from Lava Golem or  Prime Karkinos (Mod:Ark Eternal).
  • Fixed Prince Andrew inventory bug.
  • Fixed Bionic Lightning Magmasaur Spawn on Death to spawn the correct Robot Magmasaur.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 11th August 2020

New Ini Configs


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Dodorex fire-breath on ancient Indominus and Resurrected versions.
  • Fixed Spacedpanda's spyglass description to read right tier of torpor to KO.
  • Fixed most Minions to not have multi use i.e. whistle only commands.
  • Fixed Ghost Saber meteors to not kill you off mount.
  • Removed Fertilizer from GodShrine.
  • Fixed Meteor attack on Ghost Saber and Treasure Turkey killing riders off mounts.
  • Fixed Normal Mode Bionic Magmasaur Spawn actor.
  • Removed Fertilized Eggs from Item Collector pick up.
  • Removed Empowerment Station from WorkBench.
  • Fixed Empowerment Artefacts to ONLY be Crafted in the Empowerment Station.
  • Fixed God Mode Summoner Bionic MagmaSaur Summon.
  • Fixed Lava Golem Torpor Immunities.

Dino Additions

  • Added Remapped Crystal Wyverns they can fly underwater, level speed and use our spawn on death system as well as have custom eggs.
  • Robot Mek now has same immunities and DMG reduction as all other Robot Tier dinos, KO tame Only now, will accept Eternal Prime Meat or Prime Eternal Berry as well as Element to tame.
  • Robot Mek now should NOT use fuel for anything any more.
  • Added Eternal Robot BloodStalker, Tames by KO or Passive Tame Same immunities and Damage Reduction as other Robot Tier,Spawns on death from All other mod bloodstalkers with a 10% chance.
  • Added Robot BloodStalker to most robot dinos spawn on death.
  • Increased the number of Robot Dinos Bionic Giga Boss can spawn on death from.
  • Added PrinceAndrew Tribute Spawns on death from Ghost Thyla, Rex and Dominus Ovis.
  • Dominus Ovis can no longer be carried by other dinos.
  • Added LevelupCounter Buff to most of our vanilla "children" that didn't have it as a default tamed buff.
  • Setting LvlUpCounter=True in GUS ini settings will now also disable the level up counter from the item as well.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Elemental Expansion Hot Fix Patch Notes 18th July 2020

  • Fixed egg code crash on Dark Hierophant.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Elemental Expansion Patch Notes 17th July 2020

New Ini Configs

DisableSandM=false Disables Placement of Spoil and Mortar when set to True SandMSpeed=10 (Uses same formula as God Shrine CraftSpeed Ini) SandMSlots=300 Controls slot count of spoil and Mortar.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Indoms Crashing.
  • Fixed description on God Mode MagmaSaur.
  • Fixed beer in Godshrine(removed it).
  • Removed Indom Rage buff from all Indom versions.
  • Fixed all mod projectile damage types to not do friendly damage and ignore rider.
  • Fixed Eternal Achatina food settings so numbers match.
  • Fixed the Robot Magmasaurs spyglass description.
  • Fixed tier 1 & 2 Bionic Magamsaurs not using their AI.
  • Fixed eternal feeder invisible bug.

Dino Additions

  • Added Vanilla Remap for New Tropo Dino Tames same way as vanilla but also uses our Meats too Also Gestates, Can Swim Underwater Takes no fall damage and can run while it swims Also can learn Tropo saddle engram from killing it .
  • Added Tropeo Remap to spawn from Anky, ants, and Ptero remaps .
  • Added Infernal Space Whale. Spawns on death from Ghost Wyvern.
  • Added Dark HieroPhant Tier 3 boss to God Mode Boss Summoner.
  • Adjusted Harbinger Beetle Class Settings to only tame with Eternal Mod foods.
  • Adjusted Titan God's Tame food to Eternal Berry Prime.
  • Added Razor Tooth Costumes Crafted in Eternal Bench Engram Learned by killing All Tier's Yuties.
  • Made Some Mysticals harder as well as Harbingers are now buff immune.

Structure Additions

  • Added Engram for Spoil and Mortar Narcotics so that server admins can adjust crafting costs.
  • Added Empowerment station to AE Bench.
  • Removed Boss items from GodShrine Crafting.
  • Added Boss Item GodShrine to craft all the Trophies and artefacts. Godshrine Previously crafted including King Titan Trophies, Drops at same rate as Regular GodShrine from Eternal's EndBosses

Item Additions

  • Added Hand Held Chain Bola, re-useable and unbreakable is exactly what it says it is a hand held chain bola crafted in eternal WorkBench at level 50. Engram is learned from killing Tropo Remap.
  • Added Infernal SpaceWhale Summon Item dropped by Ghost Saber.

Zythara's Additions:

  • Added third tier boss summoner “God mode”.
  • Added God tier Bionic Magmasaur.
Spawns in Poison Robot Magmasaur on death.
  • Added engrams for empowerment artefacts, unlocks from each respective Bionic Magmasaur tier.
  • Fixed the Robot Magmasaurs spyglass description.
  • Fixed tier 1 & 2 Bionic Magamsaurs not using their AI elemental blast attack (this makes them a lot more dangerous).
  • Modified tier 1 & 2 Bionic Magmasaurs to drop futuristic orbs to help tame their robot counterparts
  • Changed the Empowerment station to now set from the steam ID instead of the player ID and check for either ID when using to determine if you own the structure. Hopefully this fixes the issue with the odd player getting locked out of their own station after a server restart.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Elemental Expansion Patch Notes 7th June 2020

  • + Added Elemental Fire MagmaSaur Spawns on Death from Elemental Fire Argent and Vanilla Remapped Ankylo (the purple anky).
  • + Changed Bionic Giga summoning Requirements for normal and Hard mode to no longer require an artefact, but Prime blood instead.
  • + Gave vanilla manticore and dragon bosses from boss summoners new A.I. so hopefully they will fight better.
  • + Added AmberGris and BloodPacks to Eternal Feeder.
  • + Revamped Eternal GodShrine and added some new items to what it makes including Titan Artefacts and trophies from Extinction.
  • + New Icons Added For Eternal Berry Alpha and Prime Thanks to EezaGeeza for these.
  • + Made Sure Eternal GodShrine Revamp Gives more gasoline than it takes
  • + Increased Range of Eternal Feeder Massively should cover 50 foundations or more easily. *Note the Show Range green circle may not be quite accurate so don't use it as your basis even though it is REALLY close.
  • + Updated Crafting costs for all Poison Pikes to be more expensive.
  • + Fixed Male Glider Suit not having wings
  • Eternal Feeder now Feeds Babies Thanks Prome.
  • Removed Evolutions from Alpha Corrupted Rex (they weren't supposed to have them to begin with).
  • Wicked Gaming's Tribute added.
  • + Fixed all poison pike crafting requirements.
  • + Fixed all Frogs breeding.
  • +Give Jugbugs Class Settings and Buff immunities that vary by "tier".
  • + Edited Spectral Gacha to include new eternal berries and have Prime Tier dmg reduction.
  • + Made Elemental Fire MagmaSaur immune to most if not all Fire Buffs from Base Game stuff and Elemental Fire Tier from Eternal.

AzraelKane's Additions:

  • +Added Elemental Fire, Lightning, and Poison Kangaroo.

Zythara's Additions:

  • Updated health of all resurrected tier so some of their health isn't so low compared to others. No more gigas with less health than a Rex.
  • Immortal Lootpools modified so that armour dropped has different quality per boss tier.
  • Immortal Lootpools modified so that lesser god shrines drop chances are different per boss tier.
  • Endboss Lootpools modified so that armour dropped has different quality per boss tier.
  • Endboss Lootpools modified so that the eternal god shrine has a difference change to drop based on boss tier
  • + Added Bionic Magmasaur boss & Hard mode boss.
  • Endgame bosses.
  • Unlocks the Empowerment station on death.
  • Has a 10% chance to summon a Robot Magmasaur you can tame.
  • Fire, Electric, and Poison variants available, each one spawning from a specific tier of boss
  • + Added Empowerment Station.
  • Craft Empowerment Artefacts and place on the structure to gain boosts to your player and your ridden dinos.
  • Endgame item, will take an increasing amount of items to craft the artefacts depending on the empowerment level, currently level 1,2, and 3 give a 5,10, and 15% stat boost. Values may be tweaked if deemed improperly balanced.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Elemental Expansion Patch Notes 12th May 2020

  • Fixed Engram for Player Inventory Crafted Corpse Recovery structure to point to the right Structure (i.e. the one in the workbench) instead of the old WIP version we used prior to the current one.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Elemental Expansion Patch Notes 9th May 2020

  • -Removed engram requirement for Corpse Recovery in bench now, engram unlocks crafting it in player inventory as well. If you need to disable this structure use ini setting introduced last patch.


DisableGolem=false Set to True to disable placing of Eternal Corpse Recovery.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Elemental Expansion Patch Notes 6th May 2020

  • + Fixed Elemental Griffins not having a saddle Slot show, you will need to retame your griffin or Soul ball/throw out etc to see this change. This will also cause the level 1 bug so you'll have to do the above to fix that anyway.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Core Mod: Patch Notes !!!! Ark Eternal Patch Notes 6th May 2020

  • + Added Elemental BloodStalkers , Spawn on Death from Elemental Allos and Elemental Pegasus as well as Alpha BloodStalkers. Thanks AzraelKane for setting these guys up.
  • All BloodStalkers now have a saddle and costume slot and Use Alpha Wyvern Saddle.
  • Updated Eternal Alpha Otters to Allow for KO tame as well as passive.
  • + Added Engrams for corpse recovery, Eternal Feeder and DLC bench cryopods so admins can disable if necessary.
  • New Ini Config:


DisableGolem=false Set to True to disable placing of Eternal Corpse Recovery.
  • Fixed Elemental Turtle Taming foods.
  • Possible Fix for Gorilla Stuttering on Rock Throw and Chest pound.
  • Bacon Overlord no longer takes fall dmg.
  • Fix for Primal Fear Destroyer being overridden.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 29th April 2020

  • + Added TLC Evolutions to Eternal, Eternal Alpha, Prime and Infernal Spinos.
  • All Spinos now grant the Rider infinite oxygen when underwater.
  • + Added Eternal Tranq Spear Uses Poison Arrow Ini Configs for Torpor Can Knock out up to but not including Eternal Alpha. Requires learning Eternal Spear to Learn and Craft in inventory.
  • + Added Eternal Stim Arrow, Arrow crafted in Inventory that wakes stuff up when shot(Removes Torpor).
  • + Added Flame breath attacks to Eternal Alpha, Prime, Infernal and Spectral Rock Drakes all bound to Left Ctrl button, Also buffed their "dive bomb" pounce damage too.
  • Enabled Gender, gestation and mating on Elemental golems thanks Taru auto and tbf.
  • Fixed Stim Arrow to work on tames as well.
  • + Added Eternal Berry Alpha and Eternal Berry Prime crafted in Eternal Workbench at level 40.
  • Changed All Alpha Herbivores to only accept Eternal Berry Alpha or Prime to tame.
  • Changed all Prime and up Herbivores to only Accept Eternal Berry Prime to tame. These changes will cause the level 1 bug most likely so you will either have to retame or use dino storage mod to fix this.
  • Updated Eternal Resource Converter to use Eternal fuel as well as gas as fuel (no its not infinite) AND accept Power from Eternal Generator. Description changed to reflect this.
  • Updated TLC evo Potion Description to include Spino TLC evos.
  • Updated Frost and Eternal Ice Wyvern Buff immunities to be in line with Infernal Tier.
  • Updated Eternal Alpha Grizzly Bears taming settings.
  • Zythara Additions:
  • + Added Indominus DodoReaper.
  • Spawns from Indomimus Dodorex and Dodowyvern.
  • + Added Robot Anky.
  • Spawns from Eternal Anky and Robot Stego, Trike, and Theriz.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 20th April 2020

  • Switched to Windows only file cook of mod.
  • Fixed Eternal Feeder Green Ring bug.
  • Turned DinoLimits back ON by default.
  • Edited our Fish Remaps so that you dont have underwater dinos spawning in the bog on genesis when the fish are killed.
  • Made most of our dinos immune to the AOE dmg you can get by being close to a magmasaur.
  • + Removed Enrage buff from Infernal Indominus Rex.
  • + Added Many more creatures that will give Bug Buff to All of our Modded Sloths Including SpacedPanda.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Elemental Expansion Patch Notes 19th April 2020

  • Refreshed Rock Drakes to be in line with changes made to their parent by Genesis.
  • Removed Primal Fear Dino Spawned Message from Spawn on Death.
  • Switched to Windows Only version of the mod cook.
  • Turned DinoLimits back ON by default.
  • Made most of our dinos immune to the AOE dmg you can get by being close to a magmasaur.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Structures Expansion Patch Notes 19th April 2020

  • Removed Fabricator.
  • Windows Only Cook of the mod. no Linux files .
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 13th April 2020

  • Fixed InfoBox on Ghost Wyvern to read correct tier of torpor needed to KO it.
  • Added Eternal Genesis Engram Unlocker, Engram is Learned by killing Hard Mode Phantasmal Manticore.
  • Added Some Eternal Dino Spawns to Bog,Snow and Volcano Biomes on Genesis.
  • Refreshed all Thyla, Tiger, and Rock Drakes to be in line with changes made to their parents by Genesis hopefully this means they won't cause any more crashes.
  • Removed Ancient Manticore from game.
  • Updated Eternal Alpha Moth to have a beam attack on C fly underwater, be able to level speed as well as increased its base stats, Also has a chance to Spawn a Prime Moth on death among other dinos. NOTE Stat change will cause Level 1 bug either Retame or Put in a Dino Storage soul ball and take back out to fix.
  • Added Prime Moth Spawned on Death from Eternal Alpha Moth with a base 10% chance.
  • Added Eternal Alpha BloodStalker, Spawns on Death from Alpha Allo Prime Yuty and a few other dinos, can be knocked out and tamed as well as tamed the vanilla way, will accept Mod Foods.
  • Added all Genesis Tek gram unlocks to Phantasmal Broodmother and Manticore both normal and hard mode.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 4th April 2020

  • Renamed Eternal Grinder to Eternal Resource Converter to alleviate confusion over its true function in the mod.
  • Added All Vanilla Corrupted Remaps back into mod as well as a few more regular vanilla dino remaps.
  • Readded More Vanilla Remapped Dinos as well as the MonsterIsland Spawner Remap (where the resurrected used to spawn a lot).
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 27th March 2020

  • Re-added Anky and Stego Remaps including Aberrant and Tek Versions.
  • Re-added Vanilla Flyer Remaps Including Tek Versions if they have them.
  • Removed Primal Fear Dino Spawned Message from PF spawn on Death Stuff this was purely a testing measure to ensure code was firing properly.
  • Added Eternal Multi Tool works similar to Gaia MultiTool(thanks Prome) Except the Sickle portion harvests like our Crystal Sickle and the Sword(Club) portion uses the same damagetype and torpor configs as the Poison Pike.
  • Added Many More Vanilla Remaps to Mod to get more of our dinos onto any map via spawn on death from these.
This includes remapping pegomastax and ichthyornis into other dinos so they should no longer spawn.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 5th March 2020

  • Readded missing assets for DodoRexes.
  • Readded Eternal Grace.
  • Set DisableDinoLimits to True by default across all dinos.
  • Added Eternal Blood Pack Jugbug; produces Blood Packs; Spawns on Death from Element JugBug.
  • Removed Fear DireBear, TerrorBird and ZombieWyverns from Mod. Hopefully this will help alleviate some of the crashes.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 26th February 2020

  • Undead Wyvern Boss from Summoner is Now on Par with Normal Mode Phantasmal's stat and damage wise.
  • Ghost Tier Creatures now ALL give Live Birth (the tameable ones that is.)
  •  SkyRider (Mod:Ark Eternal) No longer takes fall damage.
  • Rebuilt and replaced  RadioKinetic Raptor (Mod:Ark Eternal).
  • Fixed Delay on  Evolved Darkstar (Tamed) (Mod:Ark Eternal) (Feathered Darkstar) Evolution back to 30 seconds for the bubble.
  • Added Prime Blood JugBug spawned on Death from  Eternal Token Jug Bug (Mod:Ark Eternal) as well as  Eternal Therizinosaurus (Mod:Ark Eternal) and several other things.
  • Renamed  Eternal Lava Golem (Mod:Ark Eternal) blueprint to avoid conflicts with Ragnarok's Lava Golem
  •  BlackieDon (Mod:Ark Eternal) now spawns from more things.
  • All JugBugs now spawn from more things.
  • Fixed Info Box on  Laophis Crotaloides (Mod:Ark Eternal) (Big Green Snake) to read proper Tier of Tranq required to knockout.
  • Added Elemental Crystal JugBug Spawns on Death from  Eternal Dodo (Mod:Ark Eternal) and  Prime Wyvern (Mod:Ark Eternal), Every Time you take Resources it will give you x amount of all 4 Mod Crystals.(tames same way as all other JugBugs from mod TRANQS ONLY NO DINOS)
  • Taming Food Change : Eternal Alpha Carnivores will no longer take anything Besides  Alpha Meat (Mod:Ark Eternal),  Eternal Prime Meat (Mod:Ark Eternal) or  Instatame Meat (Mod:Ark Eternal) to tame.
  • Prime Tier and above Carnivores will only take  Alpha Meat (Mod:Ark Eternal),  Eternal Prime Meat (Mod:Ark Eternal) or  Instatame Meat (Mod:Ark Eternal) as taming foods now.
  • Elemental and below carnivores remain unaffected by this change.
  •  Prime Equus (Mod:Ark Eternal) No longer supports passive Tame knockout only, Same with Alpha and above Pegasi
  • Fixed  Prime Diving Wyvern (Mod:Ark Eternal) pickup animation thanks vanguard.
  •  Prime Wyvern (Mod:Ark Eternal) Evolution BluePrints now require a saddle equipped to show, no more evolving babies!!!! or wilds.
  • FrameWork for Spawn on Death Support for Primal Fear Creatures (if it is loaded with Eternal) Added.
  • New Ini Configs
PFDeathSpawn=True Enables Spawn on Death for PF dinos if PF is loaded.
PFDeathSpawnChance=10 Percentage chance of PF dinos to spawn on Death from Eternal Creatures.

Please Note that the PF Dino Spawns are not setup yet just the Framework so the Only 3 dinos that will spawn with these codes will be both the nuka dodo and Kamikaze Dodo's and Captain BlackBoulder boss. Further implementation will happen in a later update.

  • Added  Eternal Wyvern Saddle (Mod:Ark Eternal) Thanks Prome
  • Removed Teleporter and Remote admin spawn only until bugs are fixed
  • Removed All Remaps for Genesis Update Testing as well as Eternal Grace Buff.This Fix is to fix the Genesis update crash bug.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 11th January 2020

  • Added Indominus Argentavis, has charge attack like Rhino and cloaks like an Indominus Rex, Spawns on Death from all other Indominus Tier Creatures OR Prime and Spectral Argentavis.
  • All Evolution timers except Darkstars will be cut to 3 seconds to avoid Dupe Exploits. This is JUST enough time to grab your saddle IF you do it right away.
  • Updated Indominus BroodMother Torpid Animations and Materials.
  • Updated Indominus DodoWyvern Materials.
  • Fixed Spectral Allosaurus laying Spectral Rex fertilized egg.
  • Entire Indominus Tier (besides Argentavis ) received new materials similar to BroodMother and DodoWyvern.
  • Added  Spectral Resurrected Carno (Mod:Ark Eternal),  Spectral Resurrected Bronto (Mod:Ark Eternal),  Spectral Resurrected Raptor (Mod:Ark Eternal),  Spectral Resurrected DodoRex (Mod:Ark Eternal) and  Spectral Resurrected Giga (Mod:Ark Eternal) spawned on Death from Normal Resurrected creatures.
  • Reskinned all the Harbinger Bosses and Beetles back to their proper colouring.
  • Fixed Bionic Giga Tameable Version Info Box to read the correct tier of Torpor it takes to knock out.
  • All bosses will destroy on stasis now, as well as all minions thanks Pikkon.
  • Added 30 min de-spawn timer to Ghost Saber and Prome's Treasure Turkey.
  • Eternal Spyglass now shows Dino Name Tag in the Info Box. Thanks Reaper
  • Updated Eternal Jerboa to spawn in higher than level one and increased its stats. Existing may need re-tamed or Fixed using Dino Storage v2 Mod if they suffer from the level 1 bug.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 19th December 2019

  • Fix for certain bosses not having correct levels or stats for their level
  • Removed Corrupted Hearts from the Eternal GodShrine
  • Made Elite GlowBug immune to the flyer grounding Debuff
  • Fixed bug with disabling engram for Eternal Glider Suit it should work now.
  • New Ini Config
  • [Eternal]
StructureDinoDmg=false - Eternal WorkBench takes no damage False is default value
  • Eternal Generator takes no damage.
  • Eternal Teleporter fixed / added. thanks Vanguard for fixing it.
  • Read item descriptions on eternal teleporter and eternal teleporter remote otherwise you WILL be confused on how they work.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 6th December 2019

  • Eternal Alpha, Prime and Elemental Indominus Rexes now cloak in the wild once every 20 seconds once they have a target. Thanks for the help Vanguard.
  • Wild Spawning Indominus Rexes will now also cloak in the wild without a target with a 1 minute cooldown.
  • DLC work bench stuff shouldn't have a quality associated with the BP any longer should just be primitive.
  • Eternal WorkBench has had slot count upped to 1200 to accommodate not using stack mods.
  • Added Elite Glow Bug. Spawns from Elite DragonFly on death 10 % chance.
  • Added Engram for the Eternal Glider Suit.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 20th November 2019

  • Fixed Death Recovery totally. Thanks Manalo!!!
  • Fixed Vanilla Remap Anky and Stego to give live birth instead of using eggs(only the Stego needed changed)
  • New .Ini Configs:

These .Ini Options work exactly like the Death Recovery Mod's .ini options look there for descriptions for each .ini entry until I get ours updated.

  • Added Eternal Glider suit.
  • Added Unbreakable Desert Cloth Armour Set crafted from one item out of player inventory.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 14th November 2019

  • Fixed all Griffins not being able to use Ress Stone.
  • Added Snow Owl and Gasbag Vanilla Remaps.
  • Eternal Tranq Bola no longer requires  Hide to craft.
  • Eternal Stone Sickle now gathers  Fiber more often.
  • Owl and Gasbag remaps don't take fall damage.
  •  Alpha Wyvern Saddle (Mod:Ark Eternal) will now fit ANY dino that can be ridden with a saddle slot.
  • Fixed Death Recovery bugs.
  • Added more Extinction Remaps .
  • Added internal code to vanilla remaps that didn't have it.
  • Fixed Elemental DIreWolf eye glow and added Resurrection code to them.
  •  Titan God (Mod:Ark Eternal) No longer takes fall damage, turns tighter and destroys corpses now.
  • Added Kangaroo Remap that has a chance to spawn  BlackieDon (Mod:Ark Eternal) on death as well as  Fertile Rabbit (Mod:Ark Eternal).
  • Added Diplodocus Remap that has a chance to spawn Eternal Alpha or Prime Diplo on death.
  • TESTING Remaps of Easy Mode OSD/Element Vein Dinos and Loot.
  • Fixed  Elemental Fire Corrupted Carnotaurus (Mod:Ark Eternal)'s Dino Name Tag.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 1st November 2019

  • Fixed some Vanilla Remap Flyers to level speed that didn't .
  • Fixed Alpha Sarco to have resurrection code.
  • Removed Stat Mod code from most Dinos.
  • Added 1 Dino Dna to Most dinos knocked out inventory when wild.
  • Added  Prime Diving Wyvern (Mod:Ark Eternal) Evolution to  Prime Wyvern (Mod:Ark Eternal) put 25  Prime Blood (Mod:Ark Eternal) in its inventory, ride it and hit X to evolve.
  • Death Recovery is craftable again.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 25th October 2019

  • Prime Diplodocus Spawns on Death from Eternal Alpha Diplo or Prime Allo.
  • Optimized DummyProof and DisableHarvestAnky/Doed Code so that code will run smoother depending on which toggles are called, Default is still True for DummyProof and False for DisableHarvest.
  • Added  Aggeravic Mushroom (Aberration) to Eternal Anky Harvest from Trees (it was missing before).

NanoDragon's Additions

  • Added Death Recovery.
  • Added AE Teleporter - Both are Admin Spawnable only at the moment as they are Work in Progress.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Hotfix Notes 3rd October 2019

  • Hotfix for Eternal Ankylo and Doed versions that have Ride for E interaction, to make crafting toggle work again. Eternal Ankylo versions will have to be re-tamed.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal SpacedPanda Tribute Mod Patch Notes 2nd October 2019

  • Added Resurrection Stone functionality to SpacedPanda and Prime Sloth.
  • Added Resurrection stone crafted in inventory.
  • Added Eternal Tranq Bola crafted in Player Inventory.
  • Added Armour Stone Costume grants 50 armour base to anything with a costume slot dino wise. Crafted in Player inventory.
  • Added Eternal Stone Tools Unbreakable and sickle harvests Eternal Berries.
  • Added Instatame meat and Eternal Berries as Taming foods for Prime Sloth and SpacedPanda Instatame meat has a chance to be harvested from Prime sloth or SpacedPanda corpses.
  • Added Panda Grace buff Negates Fall damage on player spawn or re-spawn.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 1st October 2019

  • Added Eternal Alpha Diplodicus Spawns on Death from Eternal Alpha DireBear, uses Vanilla Saddle and is a Knockout tame using Eternal Berries. Yes it actually does damage.
    • Has a Right right click and a C attack too.
    • Eternal Alpha Diplodocus Also has Rhino Charge attack.
  • Upgraded Eternal Ottan to Prime Tier, now has real charge attack as per rhino and uses Alpha Wyvern saddle and has costume slot for Armour stone as well.
  • New INI Config
    • [Eternal]
    • DummyProof=True Ensures Eternal Doed and Anky spawn with Toggle Smelting as E interaction. This is Default Value. Set to False to Spawn Versions that have Ride as E interaction instead.
  • Added Lesser GodShrine of Aberration Gems.
  • Added 5 more Entries into Behemoth Brachi's Spawn on Death List ALL eternal Dinos now have the possibility of having a pick one from 10 list for spawn on death instead of a pick one from 5.
  • Fixed Elemental Corrupted Lightning Carno's Damage type.
  • Zythara's Additions:
  • Fixed Prime Theriz and Ghost Rex eggs.
  • Added Unknown Dodo.
  • Added Unknown Theriz and Dodo non-particle skins.
  • Added Unknown Human skins.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Structures Expansion Patch Notes 21st September 2019

  • Upgraded Eternal Auto and Heavy Turrets to do more damage and have more health to be on par with Ark Eternal Dinos.
  • Upgraded Eternal Tek and Heavy Tek Turrets to have more health and do more damage to be on par with Ark Eternal Dinos.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Elemental Expansion Patch Notes 4th September 2019

  • Made Elemental Rock Drakes Immune to AE, Gaia and dino pickup mod Pickup Relics.

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 4th September 2019

  • Added Speed Stone crafted in inventory equips in dino's costume slot halves movement speed once equipped.
  • All Indominus Rexes, Reapers and Rock Drakes are Immune to the pickup buffs from Eternal,Gaia and Dino Pickup Mod now.
  • Fixed Elemental Glowtails Inventory they will now equip saddles and costumes as well.
  • Fixed Alpha and Prime Gigantopithecus to again equip helmets as well as costumes and saddles.
  • Updated Corrupted Remaps to include our default immunity buffs to things.
  • Updated RaidioKinetic dinos to have proper buffs immunities as well as also added elemental crystals to their death drops and same lootset as other elementals.
  • Added Elemental Golems they spawn on death from Elemental Ice dragons and Elemental Poison DeinoNychus.
Fix for Prime Therizinos colours.
Fix for Unknown and Prime Therizino harvesting stats (re-tame to avoid issues with existing).
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 24th August 2019

  • Added BlackieDon Tribute Dino Spawns on Death from The Other Giraffe and Fertile Rabbit.
Does DiveBomb Damage on landing from mega jump does not scale with melee - thanks Vanguard.
Spectral attack on Left click.
Torpor attack on Right click.
Harvests berries and meat.
has crafting inventory that when an item is placed in it will craft vanilla apex drops every 10 minutes default.
Crafting Toggle added to Blackiedon's Radial Menu (hit and hold E) crafting is off by default.
  • New INI Config ApexSpeed=works like EvoFuel or Godshrine craft speed stuff so 10 is for 60 seconds 100 for 6 seconds and so on.
  • Prime Tier as far as damage reduction goes.
  • Takes Unknown Tier to KO.
  • Dino Blood no longer spoils.
  • Elemental Reapers should no longer impregnate players tamed or wild.
  • Fixed Prime Tier Robot Tier Unknown Tier to all have proper buff immunities.
  • Fixed Fertile Rabbit to only be knocked out by Prime Tranqs.
  • Fixed Jugbug immunities so that ONLY alpha or Prime Tranqs can knock them out.
  • Fixed All Tapejara to use the multi spawn on death system and resurrection stone.
  • Elemental DragonFly will now spawn on death from ALL Elemental Tier Tapejara.
  • All instances of Poison Arrow buff have been swapped to Poison Dart buff.
  • All Rock Drakes and IndomRexes are now immune to OUR pickup Relics buffs so they can't be picked up.
  • Resurrected no longer poop, are Stronger and Trike now has beam attack.
  • Spectral Ghost and MOST of the Tribute or Special Dinos will now take Unknown Dinos to KO or higher read their info boxes.
  • Most Eternal Structures and Raphus Dodo have increased spoil times for all item types now.

By Zythara

  • Added Resurrected Rock Drake.
Added to monster island spawn.
Spawns on death from Spectral Rex, Indominus Broodmother, Indominus Gorilla.
  • Added Skeletal Rock Drake Skin.
  • Doubled Resurrected Therizino damage.
  • Added Prime Therizino.
Spawns on death from Eternal and Alpha Therizino.
Alpha Therizino can evolve using Prime Blood To Prime Therizino.
Prime Therizino can evolve into unknown variants.
  • Added Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Harvester Unknown Therizino.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 12th August 2019

  • Fixed it so that s plus can push and pull poop from Egg N poop Collector and Fertiliser Maker.
  • Armour Stone no longer stacks.
  • Fixed Alpha Kibble description typo Wombat.
  • Replaced Rideable Dodo's Running sounds with something a LOT quieter.
  • Added Elemental Evolutions to Eternal Alpha Griffin.
  • Fixed Torpor being able to be levelled on tamed Darkstars please note this may bug existing tames out and require you to get them again.

  • New INI Config.
    • [Eternal]
    • DarkStarBreeding=True/False Default is true set to false to disable breeding on both Darkstar types.

  • Eternal Tek Armour and Rifles are no longer grindable.
  • Eternal Tek Armour no longer consumes element when using (infinite ammo).
  • Eternal Feeder, Feed and Eternal Collector all moved from Structures EXP to Eternal Mod.
  • Fixed it so S plus can't pull from Eternal Feeder.
  • Added Eternal Alpha DragonFly Evolved from Elemental Dragon Fly using 25 Blue crystals(mod crystals) riding and hitting X.
  • Added Prime Elemental DragonFly Evolved from Eternal Alpha DragonFly using 50 prime blood riding and hitting x. * All DragonFlies Use Alpha Wyvern Saddle.
  • Added more Mod Loot to Spectral Gacha Crystals.
  • Updated Sex Change Potion to not only change Gender but to also give a gender too and enable to mate dinos that have no gender and normally can't mate.(only works on tamed.)
  • Huge XP potions will now also apply a 5x XP buff that lasts for 10 minutes when consumed on top of the XP normally granted.
  • Large XP potions will now also apply a 4x XP buff on top of the XP normally granted that lasts for 10 mins
  • Added Dino Blood,DNA and Hearts to Very Rare chance for Spectral Gacha to produce as a resource
  • Tweaked Eternal Alpha Ravager's Evolution bubble's size for its Elemental Evos.
  • Ursa Major can no Longer be pushed back by anything.
  • Added TLC Argentavis Saddle will work on all of our TLC Argentavis Evolutions Crafted in Eternal WorkBench same cost as Alpha Argentavis saddle.
  • Eternal Armour helmet should now make you immune to torpor.
  • Eternal Armour chest Piece should now make you immune to Knockback. thanks @Prome.
  • Green Eternal tier dinos will now use the poison Arrow buff for torpor and share its configs this allows them to K.O. up to but not including Eternal Alpha.
  • Updated All Frogs to be able to attack while swimming and jumping.
  • Eternal and Eternal Alpha Frogs (non elemental) torpor follows the Poison Arrow configs.
  • Eternal Robot Enforcers can no longer be carried by flyers.
  • Dino Blood Dino Hearts and DNA are considered resources not consumables now so they may not store in certain fridges any longer.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 6th August 2019

  • Fixed Dodorex bugs.
  • Fixed Resurrected Spino animations.
  • Fixed turkey animations.
  • Fixed Resurrected Giga misname.
  • Reduced AOE range on Turkey Ghost Saber and Titan God for flier debuff.
  • All flyers that do not have ranged attacks are now immune to grounding debuff.
  • Added all in one potion injector, crafted from eternal workbench, level 100 required engram learned from killing Phantasmal Gorilla Boss it sets health food and stamina to 100 percent and removes all torpor.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 29th July 2019

  • Fixed 50 50 spawn issue with setting the disableharvestanky to true, doed as well.
  • Fixed DodoRex beam attacks sounds.
  • All Mod Dodos lay Eternal Dodo Egg unfertilised now wild or tamed.
  • Eternal Alpha Rock Drakes will now spawn a fertilized Egg at 75% health in the wild . IF Female, if male they will spawn a female and then the Female will spawn the egg at 75% health.(this is to help with getting their eggs to tame Eternal Alpha Basilisks) Thanks Pikkon for the code.
  • Texture fixes for Robot Griffin and Trike
  • Added Harvest Point Resets to Dino Mind Wipe and MindFlash for Vanilla and Mod Theri's and Vanilla Moschops (thanks Prome)
  • Readded Terra Nova Tribute Dino Feathered DarkStar Variant, Spawns on Death from Feathered Darkstar boss OR from an item that has a chance to drop in Darkstar boss loot.
  • Tripled amount of time stuff can be stored in Raphus Dodo before it spoils.
  • Eternal Spyglass info box Auto Resizes to Fit text now, and it has a passive or KO tame marker now as well via an icon. Thanks Reaper!!!
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 23rd July 2019

  • Added Eternal Giraffe saddle crafted in eternal workbench cost and stats match Alpha Rex saddle.
  • Fixed Diving Prime Wyvern AI it attacks in the wild now.
  • Added Eternal Pickup Relic Works same as Dino Pickup Mod
  • New INI Configs.

DisabledPickup=Rock Drake,Indominus Rex, etc works exactly same as the blacklist from Dino Pickup Mod use dinos descriptive name followed by a comma. i.e. the name you see it by in game.

  • Upped Apex Loot items drop rate from dinos
  • Added new Saddles to Drops as well as Load Stone and Armor Stone.
  • Added Armor stone, costume that when equipped grants a dino 50 armour base its for the bugged out griffins and such.
  • Fixed Feathered Darkstar to be able to have potions used on it again.
  • Level Up counter item's Buff now survives past server reboot.
  • Added Eternal Alpha Lion and Tiger Spawn on Death from each other and Eternal Alpha Saber and Thyla.
  • Added Prime Lion and Tiger Spawn on Death from Each Other and Prime Thyla and Saber as well as their Eternal Alpha Variants.
  • Fixed Elemental Corrupted Paracers not taking dmg.
  • Elemental lions spawn on death from Elemental Dilo.
  • Feathered Rex replaces Dodorex Evo Dodorex is admin only now .
  • Resurrected Spino spawns on death from Prime Spino.
  • Evo DeinoNychus Takes place of Evo RockDrake.
  • Removed MeleeStone from Resurrected Lootset Added Several new items to same lootset.
  • Added Melee Stone to Mystical Lootset.
  • Added XB and FireCracker Tribute items to Hard Mode EndBoss Loot 1% drop chance Removed from Boss Summoner.
  • Changed Graboid ,Graboid Queen harvesting to give Graboid Parasites when you harvest the corpse.
  • Changed Lava Golem and Bacon Overlord to Give Lava Rock and Elemental Crystals when you harvest their corpse.
  • Hard Mode Bosses now have an AOE buff with a range of 7500 that grounds fliers slows everyone by 50% and Damages for 25% of your health over time.
  • Nerfed FireCracker Velo machine gun and Thrash attacks.
  • Fixed Phantasmal Manticore AI so that it should stay grounded more and not fly off as much if at all during fight.
  • Added Lesser GodShrine of Tokens Produces InDominus Tokens.
  • Added Raw Prime and Raw Prime Fish Meat Conversions to Eternal Grinder
  • Resized some of the bubbles on the Feathered DarkStar Evo chain so they're not so large.
  • Added Eternal Alpha Grizzly Bear spawns on Death from Eternal Alpha Direbear and some other things as well.
  • Added Elemental Fire, Lightning, Poison, Ice Tigers. (Spawn off Elemental Turtles)
  • Added Elemental Fire, Lightning, Poison, Ice Lions.
  • Added Elemental Fire, Lightning, Poison, Ice Giraffes. (Spawns off Elemental Indom Rex's)
  • Resurrected Spino spawns on death from __
  • Added skeletal Spino skin.
  • Added Robot Therizino Jazz Hands.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 10th July 2019

  • Deinonychus can now actually level speed.
  • Eternal Anky and Doed now spawn in with their particle effects turned off so you don't have to hit toggle crafting twice to get them back in line with on /off.
  • New Ini Configs:
  • [Eternal]
DisableHarvestAnky=false Replaces Eternal Anky with a duplicate that doesn't harvest extra resources if set to True.
DisableHarvestDoed=false Replaces Eternal Doed with a duplicate that doesn't Harvest extra Resources.if Set to true.
  • Increased sarco Skin Drops on vanilla remap and Eternal Alpha Sarcos.
  • Updated End Boss Info Boxes for Awesome Spyglass they have different descriptions now.
  • Normal Mode Phantasmals now drop Generic Essences as well when killed.
  • Normal Mode Ursa Major now also has a chance to spawn any of the Phantasmal bosses as well as Hard Mode Ursa Major on death.
  • All Normal Mode Phantasmals now have a chance to spawn Normal Mode Ursa Major on death.
  • Added Kibble Rework Kibbles to Elite Oviraptors inventory to be crafted.
  • Fixed DodoRex Animations.
  • Added The Other Giraffe is InDominus Tier for immunities spawns on death from several dinos and uses Alpha Wyvern Saddle. thanks Zythara.
  • All Dinos Parented to our custom base class should no longer dismount you when immobilised.
  • Revisit to Spectral Rabbits they WILL mate now.
  • Added Prime Diving Wyvern same as Prime but has a dive bomb attack like the griffin and is smaller.
    • Note: Spawns on death from Prime and Eternal Alpha Wyverns thanks Vanguard.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 26th June 2019

  • Potential fix for spear not appearing after tossing projectile.
  • Readded Mystcial Giga Normal and Hard mode to both boss summoners.
  • Readded Giga Essence used to craft Summon Reagent drops from Mystical Gigas
  • Added Mystical Giga to spawn on death list for all resurrected.
  • Added some spawns to Valguero map's custom spawners.
  • Scrap Metal can now be smelted by Eternal Anky this WILL cause the level 1 bug so your anky will need to be re-tamed or Soul balled/Cryo podded/Uploaded and downloaded. to fix.
  • Added Eternal Alpha DeinoNychus.
  • Added Prime DeinoNychus.
  • Added Elemental Fire, Lightning, Poison, Ice Deino.
  • DeinoNychus Spawn on Island,Center,Extinction,Valguero ,Scorched Earth and Ebenus Astrum naturally otherwise kill Eternal Raptors for a chance at them spawning. or Prime Raptors .
  • Elemental Deino will spawn on Death from Eternal Raptors Alpha from Elemental and Prime from Alpha. Only Elemental will spawn naturally.
  • Reenabled Spectral Bunny to lay random fertilised eggs again when breeding.
  • Resurrected Dodorex:-
    • Spawns on death from Indonimus Dodorex and Dragon.
    • Summons Mystical Wyvern, Mammoth, Rhino, and Bigfoot on death.
    • Added to Monster Island spawns.
    • Bone Dodorex costume added.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 19th June 2019

  • Alpha and Up Tiers now majorly resistant to the F1reCrackr Quill attacks from Tail whip.
  • Melee Stone Buff reduced from 10x to 2x or 2%.
  • Removed Area Music from Tamed Feathered Darkstar so it doesn't play boss music any more.
  • Added Armored Spino Spawns on Death from Eternal Alpha and Prime Spinos as well as Armored Giga. Thanks again Godzilla
  • Imprint bar should show up right away on dino when using dino steroids. Thanks Vanguard.
  • Robot Griffin dismount fixed.
  • Spectral Dragon Evolution Code removed.
  • Added prime dragon evolution to Eternal Alpha dragons costs 25 prime blood. uses X.
  • Added Eternal Alpha Dragon Evolution to Elemental Dragons costs 25 Elemental Blood dropped from Elemental Dragons. uses X.
  • Added Elemental Blood Drops same way as Crystals do from Elemental Dragons and in All Elementals Lootset at same rate as Ancient orbs drops.
  • Removed Override Music from Titan God. YW smh.
  • Added Elemental Fire, Lightning, Poison Chalico.
  • Added Elemental Fire, Lightning, Poison Carno.
  • Elemental Corrupted Carnos spawn on death from Eternal Anky.
  • Elemental Corrupted Chalico spawn on Death from Eternal Doed.
  • Added Eternal Spoil and Mortar Spoils Raw meats fast as well as crafts  Narcotic automatically when narcoberries are added. Engram Learned at level 5 costs 10  Cementing Paste to make and is crafted in player inventory.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Ark Eternal Core Mod: HOTFIX!!!! 11th June 2019

  • Updated Harbinger bosses to be a bit more difficult to beat and gave them resurrected lootset .
  • Harbinger Anky has new model thanks godzilla.
  • MeleeStone Chance to drop lowered to 5% chance so much lower than before.
  • Fixed Griffin overspawn.

Ark Eternal Ark Eternal Core Mod: HOTFIX!!!! 10th June 2019

  • Evo Line fix for Darkstar please Rollback servers to approximately 8am Eastern Time.

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 10th June 2019

  • Added Feathered Darkstar Evolution Line Starting with Evo Pegomastax crafted out of Hard Mode Boss Summoner.
  • Added Primordial Essence Hard Mode drops from all Hard Mode bosses required for Feathered Darkstar Evolution crafting.
  • Added Elemental corrupted Paracer to spawn on death from Elemental Fire Argent and Behemoth Paracers.
  • Added Left Ctrl Attack to Robot Griffin (ONLY works in the air).
  • Added Elemental Corrupt Fire, Lightning, Poison Paracer.
  • Added Robot Griffin.
    • Spawns naturally like other tek creatures and on death of Robot Quetz.
  • Added Spectral DireBear Spawns on Death from Prime DireBear.
  • Updated Crafting costs and healing percentage of H.O.T. Potion , Hp Potion Injector and HPPotionInjector 100.
  • H.O.T. Potion now heals for 50% is learned at level 25 and costs more but gives 10 per craft
  • HPPotionInjector now heals for 75% is learned at level 50 and costs 10 H.O.T potions to craft as well as other stuff, Gives 5 Per craft.
  • HPPotionInjector 100 is learned at level 75 heals for 100% and costs 2 crafts of the Potion Injectors plus other materials to make. Gives 5 per craft.
  • Prime Dragon lays proper egg now.
  • Robot Griffin spawns from Prime griffin on death now as well as some of the other robots.
  • Updated Buff immunities to Robot tier now includes tranq bola.
  • Robot Therizino now has a custom egg for breeding.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 4th June 2019

* Please Note A Wild dino wipe is required.

  • Added Resurrected Therizino to Monster Island Spawners.
  • Changed spawns of Elemental Dragons so there is a 15% chance a Prime dragon will spawn instead, think how vanilla Tek dinos spawn in instead of normal.
  • Added Robot Therizino to have a chance to spawn in instead of normal Therizino using same mechanic mentioned above.
  • Statmods are now disabled by default on Most dinos .ini config DisableStatMods=False to re-enable.
  • Fixed Managarmr Stat issue where their stats were low for tier and level they are. old ones will disappear must re-tame.
  • Fixed Elemental Dragon and All Karkinos Stats this will most likely cause the level 1 bug so please re-tame.
  • Added Managarmr and owls as well as prime dragons to even more stuff for spawn on death.
  • Prime Dart Icon Fixed.
  • DarkStar HardMode added back into HardMode Boss Summoner.
  • Some Boss Tweaks for spawn on death stuff and minion timers.
  • DodoRex and DodoWyvern Meshes Copied into the mod to combat the invisible bug.
  • Added xBCrafted and F1RECRACKR tribute Dinos Crafted in Regular Mode Eternal Boss Summoner.
  • Tek Therizino update.
    • Model updated to reduce amount gaps between joints.
    • Changed wrist to make it flow better.
    • Fixed UV on face to allow flatter texture.
  • Dragon Hover animation updated, now properly flaps wings and body is resting in more believable position.
  • Bone Therizino costume added to crafting bench.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Hot Fix 28th May 2019

  • MeleeStone rebalance melee enhancement lowered to 10%.
  • BearBoss gets new mesh with saddle built in thanks Zythara.
  • Started a make over of the Resurrected Therizino.
  • Direwolf saddle adjusted to better fit model.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 27th May 2019

  • Fixed Phantasmal Gorilla Level and stats (hopefully).
  • Made Armored Darkstar Stronger.
  • Deleted all the "duplicate" Eternal Files so that the game will hopefully stop getting confused and poofing dinos on server restart.
  • Fixed Infernal Dragon Rex and Wyvern breath to scale with melee same for Darkstar variants breath weapons
  • Eternal Robot Enforcer Harvest Damage and quantity greatly reduced to combat harvesting lag with these dinos.
  • Fixed Phantasmal BroodMother's Projectile attacks to scale with melee properly.
  • Cleaned up code on dino mindwipe and mindflash potions.
  • Added Phantasmal Gorilla and Armored DarkStar to hard Mode boss summoner as well as placeholders until Correct Versions are implemented
  • Boss summoner code cleaned up so they are truly immune to damage by default must set the .ini setting to true to enable them to be damaged.
  • Removed Kill music from end bosses.
  • Added Proper Boss Fight music to all "boss" type creatures.
  • Unknown Fire Wyverns shouldn't kill players any more off mounts.
  • Added Ursa Major Boss Rework (original is still in) spawns on Death from Hard Mode End Bosses.
  • New Saddle found only on new bear boss rework and only equippable on Prime bear and variants.
  • Readded evo compy item to both boss summoners
  • Added evolution Armored Darkstar to replace old evolved Darkstar.
  • Eternal godshrine can be renamed.
  • Added MeleeStone Equips in Costume Slot drops from resurrected in their lootsets so random chance and can only be equipped by unknown dinos it increases melee percentage by 300% of current.
  • Added Robot Therizino.
  • Added Tek Wyvern saddle.
  • Added Phoenix / Featherlight saddle.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 18th May 2019

  • Fixed DodoRex Beam so it shouldn't damage players any more.
  • Remapped Tuso spawns and Tuso's to only Spawn Eternal Kraken as well as limited %chance, weight and limit to 0.05.
  • DarkStar,BionicGiga and Ghost saber all teach Dino Steroids Engram.
  • Re-parented End Bosses so that maybe they won't glitch out in the middle of a fight any more.
  • Added Phantasmal Gorilla Endboss is in Boss summoner as well as Spawn on Death from other Phantasmals and Mysticals.
  • Added AOE debuff to Hard Mode Bosses that will sap 15 percent of your total health over time while in range.
  • Fixed Dominus Ovis Camera settings for Third and first person.
  • Fixed imprint quality value on dino steroids.
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 15th May 2019

  • Upgraded Indominus Gorilla Rock throw to do more damage
  • Fixed all Indominus tier to break rocks/trees when moving.
  • Finished up all Dino Name Tag Descriptive name Blueprint classname and Info Box Tier names for Indominus Tier dinos.
  • Renamed all the eggs to the proper names.
  • Increased base breath damage for Indominus DodoRex.
  • Added a Fire Beam Attack to InDominus DodoRex's C button Scales with melee.
  • Fixed Turn Radius on InDominus DodoRex to be MUCH Tighter when ridden.
  • Added armored darkstar boss variant ONLY. in eternal boss summoner.
  • Ankylo Kibble added to Elite Oviraptor crafting inventory.
  • Elite Oviraptor now uses Alpha Wyvern saddle.
  • Enlightened oviraptor to Elite Oviraptor Evolution now uses DINO blood and Eternal Kibble instead of Oviraptor eggs.
  • Fix so that people may recover their old Dino Storage dinos that got screwed up with the path changes in the last big update.
  • Added Alpha Elemental Owls spawn on death from Alpha owl and Elemental Tier owls.
  • Fixed Bacon Overlord TPV.
  • Removed Minions from Tribute Pegasus.
  • Gave Unknown Lightning dinos proper Debuffs on attack and proper Buff immunities.
  • New GUS INI Entries
    • ElecUnknownDisableMeleeMulti=False
    • ElecUnknownUseInitialTorpor=True
    • ElecUnknownInitialTorpor=2500
    • ElecUnknownTorporPerSecond=2500
    • ElecUnknownOnTamed=True
    • ElecUnknownOnPlayer=False
Ark Eternal Divider.png

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 9th May 2019

  • Increased InDominus Dragon Breath attack damage.
  • All Engrams that Darkstar boss would teach on death are now taught by Killing Ghost Saber.
  • No more server messages when Mysticals are spawned from killing Resurrected.
  • Mystical Gigant removed from spawn on death rotation for Resurrecteds.
  • Spectral Rabbit no longer has A Gender Nor can it breed until we figure out what exactly was causing the mating crash.

Ark Eternal Patch Notes 6th May 2019

  • Dominus Ovis will now use Alpha Wyvern Saddle.
  • Resurrected Tier and Several Tribute Dinos as well as Treasure Turkey have gained proper buff immunities based upon Tier.
  • Some Dinos that didn't have spyglass tags now do.
  • Midnight Shadow Now uses Griffin Armour/Griffin Tek Armour for a saddle.
  • Fixed Radiokinetic Raptor Texture mismatch.
  • Elemental Corrupted Trikes Now spawn on Death from Elemental Allos and Dilos.
  • Treasure Turkey has a new attack and is now immune to all buffs.
  • Infernal Ptero now has Rhino Charge attack.
  • Updated Spectral Bunny Fert Egg laying to not include anything higher than prime/Robot Tier for the most part the frost/ice wyvern and ancient quetz are still there. but all the bosses/evolution dinos are out.
  • Updated Several Tribute Dinos to have Proper Buff immunities.
  • Fixed Dominus Ovis Material glitching out to greyscale sometimes.
  • Eternal Robot Enforcer now harvests Metal ore from Rocks with Left Click as well as breaks rocks and trees when running.
  • DinoAgeSpeed= changed to EvoFuelSpeed= in GUS.ini.
  • DarkStar and some other summoner dinos will be removed temporarily while we rebuild them.
  • Jaws is now Indominus Shark.
  • Various Name and Material changes to fit a new "cleaned up" version of the mod.
  • Dominus Tier now called InDominus Tier.
  • Harbinger Dino's have had a makeover.
  • All Matrixes are now called Summons or Summon Reagent.
  • Alpha Kibble now called Eternal Alpha Kibble.
  • Terra Nova Retired for time being.
  • End Bosses Remade.
  • Immortal Giga reverted to Normal Giga Look.
  • Immortal Tier makeOver.
  • Ancient Tier makeover.
  • Evolution Dinos for old DarkStar Line now end at DodoRex until new top evolution is made they also received a makeover.
  • InDominus Tier received a makeover.
  • Some Eternal Dinos received a makeover.
  • Several Items received a makeover icon wise.
  • Eternal WorkBench and Boss Summoner Folder Names have been changed to Suit new Item Names.
  • Fallen and Divine Removed and Replaced by Phantasmal Manticore and Brood Mother.
  • Ghost Saber now drops Mysterious Element.
  • Removed Zombie Wyvern Evos.
  • Renamed Darkstar evolution line dinos to EVO Buddy.
  • Souls are now Primordial Essences includes icon changes as well.
  • Immortals are now Mysticals.
  • Elemental Dragon Cosmetic Make Over.
  • Eternal JugBugs Added to Wasteland Medium Extinction spawner just to make sure they spawn on the map.
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It's always a prudent to make a backup of your world before updating. Updating large mods like Ark Eternal can cause issues, corrupting your download. Please see the Mod Update Issues Server side post on the workshop discussions page for more information.