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Mod Better MEKs!.png This article is about the mod Better MEKs!.
This content is only available by installing the mod on a server or on single player.
Better MEKs!
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Basically like the regular Meks, but better in every way!
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This mod adds in a different version of the  Meks in Extinction, basically removing everything that made you not wanna use it. For example, high fuel consumption, heat meter, annoying stamina/health regeneration, starving etc. Along with adding stuff that was clearly missing that the devs didn't have any time left to add. These new 'Enhanced Meks' can be crafted at the same level as the regular Mek. You can obtain an  Unassembled Enhanced Mek by crafting it in the  Mek Crafting Table. All crafted Meks will spawn at level 51, unless you can use some sort of upgrader. Since you won't be able to get it from  Supply Drops, the leveling will make up to that.


  • Proper Running Animation
On the vanilla Mek, the devs decided it would be an excellent idea to just speed up the walking animation and use that as the running instead of using the awesome Charge animation they had in the devkit.
  • Sounds
Also for some reason the devs didn't add any sound to the 360 turning animations, which made it look pretty boring on the vanilla Mek. In this version, there are now footstep sounds and dust coming off when stepping around, in addition to this, there is now a bit more of a thud when landing; likewise the hover sound was also changed to give it more of a 'flamey' effect.
  • Moved Third Person Camera
The camera has been shifted to the side a fair bit which in most cases looks better; it also makes aiming easier.
  • Level Ups
Unlike normal Meks, Enhanced Meks can level up, enabling you to increase it's Health, Stamina, Melee, etc.
  • Enhanced Modules
New lightweight versions of the modules are also added, they have infinite durability, however to compensate they are not as powerful as their real counterparts.
  • Fuel/Heat
The 'Heat' effect has been removed, and the pistol also uses up far less energy per shot, however it may change in the future.
  • Jumping
Jumping velocity has also been increased by quite a bit, as the vanilla jump was next to useless.


Major Updates[]

February 24, 2019[]

  • New Rocket Pod animation as well as sounds for missiles firing, check it out! You can also see it here.
  • Enhanced Meks are now immune to radiation and fire buffs.
  • Corrected some naming of items (Mek Bench had a meme description, spawner item was named "Unassembled Mek”)
  • The Titan Mek is finished and added!
  • New  Mek Docking Station (Mod:Better MEKs!), nothing too special, just a platform where you can place your regular Meks
  • New icon for Mek Bench

February 17, 2019[]

  • Fixed bug that prevented Enhanced Meks from being renamed
  • Renabled auto repair
  • Implementation of the beta version of the  Titan Mek (Mod:Better MEKs!)
  • Rockets are now more consistent
  • Corrected Mek damage resistance
  • Tweaked animations

Upcoming Content[]

  • There will soon be a different recipe for the  Unassembled Titan Mek (Mod:Better MEKs!).
  • There are rumors of an enhanced version of the  M.O.M.I., however due to the nature of the Titan Mek, this is highly unlikely to be added.