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Unofficial Map for ARK with a custom creature, custom skin set and more
Mod authors
Nekatus & Trappel22
Workshop ID
Release date
August 25th, 2019
Server map name
Mod Fjordur logo.png
Mod Fjordur logo.png This article is about the mod Fjordur.
This content is only available by installing the mod on a server or on single player.

Fjordur is a modded map in Nordic style developed by Nekatus & Trappel22

Fjordur Logo Shield.png


Dragon Boss Arena Gorilla Boss Arena Manticore Arena Rockwell Arena Spider Boss Arena Vanaheim Djuprjord Jotunheim Spider Cavern The Furnace Ocean Balheimr Vannaland Vardiland Bolbjord Bolbjord Stronghold Broken Meadows Emerald Trench Fornland Skarstind Mountains Lindbjord Forest Runheimr Forest Aggersburg Cherry Tree Lake Forburg Runheimr Mountains Runheimr Stronghold Skadifjord The Avalanche Vardiland Valley Snaerheimr Mountains Fyrkaburg Drengrheimr The Overgrown Grave Mariana Caverns The Frozen Fortress Bear Caverns The Snowglobe Fall Biome Cave Hyrrhel Hidden Grotto Beiygjaheimr Nidisheim The Forgotten Caverns Mount Doom Caverns The Throat of Flames Caverns of Time Faheimr Dvergheim Kairuku Islands Balheimr Sulfur Pools Balheimr Trench Penguin Shrine Ice Cave Nidisheim Depths The Shimmering Halls Abyssal Depths The Snakepit Ice Caverns The Frozen Maw The Throat of Borea Ice Wyrm's Belly The Frigid Deep
Regions of Fjordur

General Information[]

  • A cold map with four islands: Vardiland, Vannaland, Bolbjord & Balheimr
  • Many points of interest! Huge castles, dangerous caves and many easter eggs are waiting for you
  • Tame your own fenrir wolf - our custom new creature
  • Explore cold beautiful forests, breathtaking landscapes and terrifying deep sea areas
  • Discover realms like Jotunheim, Vanaheim, Asgard
  • Gather a complete new armor skin set. Become a real Viking
  • More than 25 dangerous caves are waiting for you to be explored
  • Even old dwarven kingdoms can be visited
  • Many new and custom assets were used. ARK never looked so good
  • Defeat unique Masters AI for high quality loot
  • Sponsored by GPORTAL

Unique Environmental Features[]

  • Snowstorm (Deactivated at the moment)
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Custom Purple Beacon.pngSupply Crate and Purple Crate.pngDeep Sea Loot Crate
  • Cliffs on almost every mountain for tree platform bases
  • Custom beaver dams & beaver dens
  • Harvestable corpses for  Polymer in swamp
  • Harvestable  Deathworm corpses for  Deathworm Horn
  • Draugr tombs with a custom Corrupted Avatar variant
  • Separated simulations and the Portal Cave
  • Caverns of time - entrance to the real world and space biome


  • Vardiland.jpg
  • Vardiland Valley.jpg
    Vardiland Valley
  • Skarstind Mountains.jpg
    Skarstind Mountains
  • Dvergheimr.jpg
  • Vardiland River.jpg
    Vardiland River
  • Emerald Trench.jpg
    Emerald Trench
  • Vardiland Village.jpg
    Vardiland Village

  • Vannaland.jpg
  • Aggersburg.jpg
  • Forburg.jpg
  • Shimmering Halls.jpg
    Shimmering Halls
  • Shimmering Halls Cave.jpg
    Shimmering Halls Cave
  • Broken Meadows.jpg
    Broken Meadows
  • Skadifjord.jpg
  • Lindbjord Forest.jpg
    Lindbjord Forest
  • Snaerheimr Mountains.jpg
    Snaerheimr Mountains
  • Kairuku Islands.jpg
    Kairuku Islands
  • Fyrkaburg.jpg
  • Runheimr Forest.jpg
    Runheimr Forest
  • Runheimr Stronghold.jpg
    Runheimr Stronghold
  • Runheimr Mountains.jpg
    Runheimr Mountains

  • Bolbjord.jpg
  • Bolbjord House.jpg
    Bolbjord House
  • Bolbjord Stronghold.jpg
    Bolbjord Stronghold

  • Balheimr.jpg
  • Balheimr Trench.jpg
    Balheimr Trench
  • Balheimr Oil Fields.jpg
    Balheimr Oil Fields
  • Balheimr Sulfur Pools.jpg
    Balheimr Sulfur Pools

  • Jotunheim.jpg
  • JotunheimLake.jpg
    Jotunheimr Lake
  • Jotunheim Wyvern Trench.jpg
    Jotunheimr Wyvern Trench
  • Jotunheim Cave.jpg
    Jotunheimr Cave

  • Vanaheim Lake.jpg
    Vanaheimr Lake
  • Vanaheim Blossom Lake.jpg
    Vanaheimr Blossom Lake
  • Vanaheim Forests.jpg
    Vanaheimr Forests
  • Vanaheim Wyvern Trench.jpg
    Vanaheimr Wyvern Trench
  • Vanaheim Cave.jpg
    Vanaheimr Cave

  • Bear Caverns.jpg
    Bear Caverns
  • The Frozen Fortress.jpg
    The Frozen Fortress
  • Mariana Caverns.jpg
    Mariana Caverns
  • Molten Caverns.jpg
    Molten Caverns
  • The Snakepit.jpg
    The Snakepit
  • Hidden Grotto.jpg
    Hidden Grotto
  • Lindbjord Cave.jpg
    Lindbjord Cave
  • The Snowglobe.jpg
    The Snowglobe
  • Treasure Cave.jpg
    Treasure Cave
  • The Overgrown Grave.jpg
    The Overgrown Grave
  • Beiygjaheimr.jpg
  • Nidisheim.jpg
  • The Forgotten Caverns.jpg
    The Forgotten Caverns
  • Mount Doom Caverns.jpg
    Mount Doom Caverns
  • The Throat Of Flames.jpg
    The Throat Of Flames
  • Caverns Of Time.jpg
    Caverns Of Time
  • Faheimr.jpg
  • Forburg Cave.jpg
    Forburg Cave
  • Drengrheimr.jpg
  • Hall Of Fame.jpg
    Hall Of Fame
  • Dvergheimr Cave.jpg
    Dvergheimr Cave
  • Abyssal Depths01.jpg
    Abyssal Depths

Approximate Spawn Locations[]

Mod Fjordur Ingame Map.png

Spawn Locations

First Island - North 1
First Island - North 2
First Island - North 3
First Island - East 1
First Island - East 2
First Island - South
Second Island - West
Second Island - South
Second Island - East
Second Island - North

Data Maps[]

  • Preview Resources Map (Scorched Earth).png
    Resource Map
  • Level 55.jpg
    Explorer Map
  • SpawnMapIcon.png
    Creature Spawns


Scorched Earth Dinos[]

Aberration Dinos[]

Extinction Dinos[]

Genesis Part 1 Dinos[]

Genesis Part 2 Dinos[]

Special Dinos[]


Custom Unique Creatures[]


All items from the base game, and most items from Aberration, Extinction, Genesis: Part 1 and Scorched Earth are available on Fjordur.


Scorched Earth:



Genesis Part 1:

To be added:


Scorched Earth:



Genesis Part 1:

Genesis Part 2:

To be added:

Trophies and Tributes[]

Scorched Earth:




  • Viking gloves - gloves skin
  • Viking chestpiece(different variants) - shirt skins
  • Viking chainmail - shirt skin
  • Viking cloth shirt - shirt skin
  • Viking hammer - pick skin
  • Viking boots(different variants) - boots skin
  • Viking helmet(different variants) - helmet skin
  • Viking pants - pants skin
  • Viking sword - sword skin
  • Viking shield - shield skin
  • Viking spear - spear and pike skin
  • Viking hatchet - hatchet skin
  • Thor's hammer (in Tek Cave) - pick, club or sword skin
  • Asgard shield (in Tek Cave) - shield skin
  • Berserk hammer - pick skin


Fenrir saddle


The Island:

  • Artifact of the Brute.png
  • Artifact of the Clever.png
  • Artifact of the Cunning.png
  • Artifact of the Devourer.png
  • Artifact of the Hunter.png
  • Artifact of the Immune.png
  • Artifact of the Massive.png
  • Artifact of the Pack.png
  • Artifact of the Skylord.png
  • Artifact of the Strong.png

Scorched Earth:

  • Artifact of the Crag (Scorched Earth).png
  • Artifact of the Destroyer (Scorched Earth).png
  • Artifact of the Gatekeeper (Scorched Earth).png


  • Artifact of the Depths (Aberration).png
  • Artifact of the Shadows (Aberration).png
  • Artifact of the Stalker (Aberration).png


  • Artifact of Chaos (Extinction).png
  • Artifact of Growth (Extinction).png
  • Artifact of the Void (Extinction).png


  • Frostmourne reference can be found in Jotunheim cave
  • Gollum reference can be found in mount doom and redwood cave
  • Jormungandr reference can be found in deep sea area
  • Helms Deep reference can be found on Vannaland
  • White Tree of Gondor reference can be found in a castle near the Skadifjord
  • Dvergheimr is a reference to Moria
  • Shimmering Halls are a reference to Erebor
  • Fjordur has custom supply drop optics
  • Fjordur has its own custom skin set which can be found in caves
  • Fjordur has 3 realms which can be visited via the Portal Cave
  • Fjordur has custom made boss arenas
    • Manticore is the Master Controller AI since it's artifacts are found in the Broodmother's, Megapithicus' and Dragon's arenas.
  • Thylacoleos on Fjordur does spawn on the ground in the redwoods instead on trees. Fjordur has custom redwoods
  • Aberrant Megalania is present in The Chasm too.
  • Elder Scrolls reference can be found in Drengrheimr (looks nearly identical to Bleak Falls Barrow)
  • Fjordur has a single explorer note from EXT Chronicles on SE in the Manticore Arena
  • Carcharodontosaurus wasn't a part of the voting nor a fan-made dino but it will still spawn in Fjordur in June 2022.
  • Fjordur shares many features with Genesis 1:
    • Both are simulations
    • Both have a level of corruption
    • Both have seperated biomes
    • Both have Masters AI
    • Both need keys for the Master Controller AI obtained by killing bosses or doing missions.
    • Both have a Skyrim reference
  • Aberrant Megalania, unlike other unique Fjordur content can be transfered to other maps.
  • The abb artifacts can be used to hijack the tek cave in Asgard and gain access to Mjolnir, Asgard Shield and desert titan terminal for a day (week on a server).


You can find the latest update on Discord

Released date Changes
October 17, 2021
  • Fixed Nidisheim crystal colors. You can now see the colors with bloom turned off.
15 Oct @ 4:29pm
  • Added new worldmap which fits much better with the actual landscape
  • Added Bats to Molten Caverns
  • Added Gachas to Vanaheim
  • Changed Skincrate parent
  • Skincrates now have a custom inventory BP (PrimalInventoryBP_SkinCrate)
  • Surface spawns are now loaded while you are in one of the realms to avoid barren areas in case you return to the surface
  • Adjusted Frozen waterfall LODs
  • Replaced Some of the meshes on Vanaheim with new ones because of very strange collision bugs
  • Fixed Wrong dock mesh in Meadows
  • Fixed Huge destructible meshes on ferns
  • Fixed Hatchet icon
  • Fixed Mushroom collision in Vanaheim
  • Fixed Waterfall cliff collision in Vanaheim
  • Fixed Buggy water PPV in Vanaheim cave
  • Fixed Buggy Water volumes
  • Fixed Hole in frozen waterfalls on Vannaland
  • Fixed Jotunheim mesh holes
  • Fixed Molten Caverns mesh holes
  • Fixed Buggy physics in underwater cave
  • Fixed Loot in underwater cave skincrate
  • Fixed Mesh holes in Beiygjaheimr cave
  • Removed 2 red and 1 yellow lootdrops from Molten Caverns
22 Sep @ 12:07pm
  • Added One new easter egg on Vardiland
  • Increased Steinbjorns damage per hit from 50 to 400 (It shouldnt be really 400 per hit because of Dino armor and stuff, dont panic)
  • Fixed Underwater mesh holes
  • Fixed Jotunheim steinbjorn cave collisions
  • Fixed Hall of Fame mesh holes
  • Fixed Broken bear cave(redwood cave) tilestreaming
20 Sep @ 12:41pm
  • Adjusted Color of some grass types
  • Fixed Wrong tilestreaming for Bear Caverns
  • Fixed Wrong tilestreaming for Surface Landscape
  • Fixed Missing Jotunheim fern texture
  • Fixed Leaf texture in Vanaheim
  • Fixed Vanaheim log texture
  • Fixed Missing dock objects in villages
19 Sep @ 1:51pm
  • Worldbosses now have a level of 1000 and 150.000HP
  • Added 1 Runestone as requirement to summon a worldboss
  • Added one new worldboss * Steinbjorn! You can find him it Jotunheim
  • Increased Vanaheim spawns
  • Increased Jotunheim spawns
  • Added Building prevention volumes for PVE around Vanaheim & Jotunheim obelisks
  • Added Building prevention volume for PVE in portal cave
  • Optimized Bear Caverns cave entrance
  • Optimized The Throat of Flames cave entrance
  • Optimized Molten Caverns cave entrance
  • Fixed Tilestreaming issues
  • Fixed Dismount bug in wyvern trench
  • Fixed Missing dock meshes
  • Fixed Missing tree textures
  • Fixed Holes in Vanaheim
  • Fixed Buggy supply crate spawns
  • Fixed That Worldboss terminals count as tribute terminals
  • Fixed Low loading distance of Frozen Fortress entrance landscape
  • Fixed Frozen Fortress cave double supply crates
  • Fixed Frozen Fortress water PPV
  • Fixed Hole in Penguin shrine cave
  • Removed A LOT of unused textures and materials

I worked very very much on the materials that trees, rocks, bushes etc are using on Fjordur. Simplified a lot of them to increase the performance as much as possible.

10 Sep @ 4:32pm
  • Added New Fenrir saddle icon
  • Added Structure prevention volumes to portal cave
  • Fixed Meshes in wrong levels
  • Fixed multiple ratholes/mesh spots
  • Fixed cave collision issues
  • Fixed Vanaheim collision issues
5 Sep @ 8:39am
  • Added new area name to Vanaheim -> Mysterious Grotto(Small waterfall cave)
  • Added new spawns to Mysterious Grotto
  • Expended Hall of Fame(Didnt expect so many patreons, thank you so much!)
  • Reworked some of the bridges with new meshes
  • Adjusted Hatchet skin description
  • Added Runestones to Skin chests(The only way to get them now!)
  • Removed Runestones from Supply Drops
  • Removed Custom Loottables for Supply Drops
  • Fixed Dungbeetle cave textures
  • Fixed Lootcave collisions
  • Fixed Lindbjord cave mesh hole
  • Fixed Shimmering Halls collisions
  • Fixed Redwood Tree LODs
  • Fixed Fire wyvern egg spawn
4 Sep @ 3:06pm
  • Steam Updater has made mistakes, had to revert the update
26 Aug @ 6:39pm
  • Added Portal room biome volume
  • Added Dvergheimr Mines biome volume
  • Swamp trees now give more rare mushrooms
  • Faheimr cave entrance is now bigger
  • Adjusted Vanaheim spawns and fixed more of them
  • Fixed Lava river LOD distance
23 Aug @ 12:54pm
  • Fixed Missing portal room sounds
  • Fixed Portal Room particle issues
  • Fixed Golden Caverns collisions
  • Fixed Golden Caverns holes
  • Fixed Gorilla arena loading issues
  • Fixed Vanaheim frog/diplocaulus overspawn
22 Aug @ 4:31pm
  • Fixed Wrong Asgard teleport description
  • Fixed Missing textures for portal particles
  • Fixed Shadows for Yggdrasil
22 Aug @ 6:19am
  • Added Yggdrasil sapling roots to Jotunheim
  • Added Yggdrasil to Midgard
  • Added Aberration spawns to Vanaheim
  • Added New portal cave to travel between the realms
  • Added New Boss spawner for Itsy and Bitsy
  • Changed Teleports from obelisks to the new terminals inside the portal cave
  • Adjusted Bloom intensity
  • Adjusted cave entrance LOD distance
  • Adjusted Vanaheimr mesh LOD distance
  • Increased Lava damage on the complete map to 200 DMG per second ! (except Magmasaur ponds of course)
  • Replaced Genesis 1 gravity buff with Genesis 2 gravity buff in Caverns of Time
  • Replaced old Jotunheimr grass & rock groundclutter
  • Dvergheimr Cave entrance is now easier to access
  • Reduced Chance for looting Runestones in yellow and red supplydrops
  • Fixed Wrong LOD material
  • Fixed Wrong combat music
  • Fixed Wrong priority for Redwood post process volume
  • Fixed Wrong water location in Vanaheimr
  • Fixed Missing foliage in Vanaheimr
  • Fixed Missing mesh collision in Vanaheimr
  • Fixed Gravity bug in Caverns of Time
  • Fixed That gravity buff stays active after teleporting
  • Fixed Caverns of Time tilestreaming issues
Aug 15th, 2021
  • Vanaheimr Swamp overspawn should be fixed
  • Reduced Rubble mesh vertices by 66% to avoid FPS drops
  • Fixed Missing runestone icon
  • Fixed Missing Lootdrop texture
  • Fixed Missing Teleport option back to the surface
  • Fixed Missing Obelisk mesh
  • Fixed Wrong Vanaheimr teleport description
  • Fixed Wrong temperature in Jotunheimr
  • Fixed Wrong Radiation floor collision
  • Fixed Groundclutter issue near redwood
August 13th, 2021
  • Vanaheimr is NOW in testphase. Feel free to visit Vanaheimr, play around, and explore this area at your own risk. Previous tests were very stable so far, but I need your help to find and fix bugs !
  • Added wild crops to Husnar, village on Vardiland
  • Added Highland spawner to Fornland area(Horse, Sheep, Allo...)
    • Spawner Name: Fjo_DinoSpawnEntries_Fornland
  • Changed spawn direction of Ice titan by 180° and should face the player now
  • Changed Runestone icon
  • Changed Realm teleport icons
  • Filled some empty areas between Lindbjord forests and Skadifjord
  • Increased overall brightness
  • Decreased Sunshaft intensity
  • Decreased Bloom intensity
  • Decreased required level for using Jotunheim & Vanaheim teleport from 60 to 30
  • Decreased Lightshaft bloom scale
  • Lowered Overall temperature on Fjördur by ~3°C
  • Removed Depth of Field feature(Blurr effect)
  • Reworked Lindbjord Cave entrance
  • Reworked Snowglobe Cave entrance
  • Reworked Beiygjaheimr Cave entrance
  • Removed Jotunheim portal "test mode description"
  • Removed Confusing Forburg spotlight
  • Fixed Flying roots in redwood
  • Fixed Ice Wyvern nest spawn
  • Fixed Wrong up vector texture in the underwater world
  • Fixed Wrong location for a big waterfall near green obelisk
  • Fixed Wrong temperature in Molten Caverns entrance
  • Fixed Wrong loot drop ocean spawns
  • Fixed Possible error causing issues in Jotunheim(Possible, because I can't test it - I don't have any crashes there)
  • Fixed Moria lighting bug
  • Fixed Hole in Kairuku Shrine cave
  • Fixed Lootcave tile streaming issue
  • Fixed Floating foliage
  • Fixed Meshholes
  • Added Following zones:
    • Broken Meadows (Canyon Area on Big Island)
    • Forburg (Helms Deep)
    • Vannaland (Big Island)
    • Vardiland (Medium Island)
    • Fornland (Highlands on Big Island)
    • Fornland Lake
    • Skadifjord (Fjord on Big Island)
    • Dvergheimr (Moria)
    • Beiygjaheimr (Radioactive Cave)
    • Snaerheimr Mountains (Snowy Mountains around Skadifjord)
    • Faheimr (Biolum Chamber)
    • Drengrheimr (A3 Grave Cave)
    • Djuprjord (Underwater)
    • Balheimr (Volcano Island)
    • Balheimr Trench (Wyvern Trench)
    • Runheimr (Redwood)
    • Runheimr Mountains (Redwood Snowy Mountains)
    • Bolbjord(Swamp Island)
    • Lindbjord Forest (Autum Forest)
    • Aggersburg (Highland Castle)
    • Runheimhr Stronghold (Redwood Castle)
    • Fyrkaburg (Fjord Castle)
    • Vardiland Valley (Small Island Valley)
    • Vannaland Valley(Big Island)
    • Cherry Tree Lake (Redwood lake)
    • Molten Caverns (Hyrrhel)
    • Husnar (Vardiland Village)
    • Blossom Paradise (Redwood bay)
    • Myr Islands (Vannaland Twin Islands)
    • Skaland (Island between Vardiland and Vannaland)
    • Lonely Island (Small Island between Balheimr and Vannaland)
    • Bjargfoss(Vannaland Waterfall area)
    • Quiet Pond (Vannaland Beaver Lake)
    • Living Lake (Vardiland Beaver Lake)
  • Vanaheimr:
    • Freyja Springs
    • Bird Lake
    • Blossom Pools
    • Elysian Falls
    • Giants Lake
    • Hidden Lake
    • Mystic Springs
    • Restless Ponds
    • Silent Lake
    • The Afflicted Springs
    • Moonwell Lake
    • Oak Pond
  • Jotunheimr:
    • Ice Desert
    • Ice Pond
    • Ice Cove
    • Jotunn Valley
    • White Oak Springs
    • Glacier Springs
    • Frozen Plains
    • Frozen Lake
July 24th, 2021
  • Changed Biolum cave name to "Biolum Chamber"
  • Changed Volcano cave name to "Mount Doom Caverns"
  • Fixed Artifact of the Brute spawn
  • Fixed Artifact of the Depth spawn
  • Fixed That rivers were purple while it was raining



Creator Team[]

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