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Unofficial Map for ARK with a custom creature, custom skin set and more
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Mod Glacius logo.png This article is about the mod Glacius.
This content is only available by installing the mod on a server or on single player.
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Glacius is a modded map by Darkholis

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no regionmap available for Mod:Glacius
Regions of Glacius
File:Mod Glacius Ingame Map Grid.png

General Informations[]

  • Custom Purple Beacon.pngSupply Crate
  • New resources
  • New structures
  • New plant species
  • Artifact-themed caves with mini-bosses
  • New weapons
  • New creatures: Acrophoca,   Snow Hare, Steppe Bison
  • Ice/Snow variants of vanilla creatures

Unique Environmental Features[]

  • Snowstorm, your regular rain event using snow particles.
  • Blizzard, a heavy snowstorm combined with a thick white fog. Based off the Sandstorm with identical effects.
  • SuperCold, an average 15 to 20 degrees (Celcius) temperature drop, along with a blue-hued screen overlay.
  • Frostbite, a condition opposite to the Heatstroke from Scorched Earth. Will increase as the player stays in a cold/freezing status. As the condition gets worse, the player UI will be slowly covered by an ice overlay and your character weight, melee damage and movement speed will also decrease accordingly.


  • Glacius Fall Hills.jpg
    Fall Hills
  • Glacius Boreal Forest.jpg
    Boreal Forest
  • Glacius Fall Hills Mountains.jpg
    Fall Hills Mountains
  • Glacius Redwood Forest.jpg
    Redwood Forest
  • Glacius Snowy Forest.jpg
    Snowy Forest

  • Glacius Harrowing Steppes.jpg
    Harrowing Steppes
  • Glacius Harrowing Mountains.jpg
    Harrowing Mountains
  • Glacius Icebergs.jpg

  • Glacius Ferox Caves.jpg
    Ferox Caves

  • Glacius Ocean.jpg
  • Glacius White Smokers.jpg
    White Smokers
  • Glacius Underwater.jpg

Approximate Spawn Locations[]


Spawn Locations

Data Maps[]

  • Preview Resources Map (Scorched Earth).png
    Resource Map
  • Level 55.jpg
    Explorer Map


The following creatures are creatures that are exclusive to the Glacius Mod:Glacius, not related to the base game ARK: Survival Evolved.

Unique Creatures[]

Glacius introduces a new tameable unique creatures for this Glacius Mod:Glacius:

Custom Creatures[]


Glacius introduces a new tameable variant of creatures called   Ice-Creatures.


Glacius introduces a new tameable variant of creatures called   Snow-Creatures


Glacius introduces a new tameable variant of creatures called   X-Creatures

Other Spawns[]

Glacius introduces a new tameable custom creatures:


All Items from the base game, and most items from Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis: Part 1 and Genesis: Part 2 are available on Glacius.

Unique Items[]




  • 30px Primitive Press (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Industrial Press (Mod:Glacius)
Snow Tier[]
  • 30px Sloped Snow Roof (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Sloped Snow Wall Left (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Sloped Snow Wall Right (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Snow Ceiling (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Snow Door Frame (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Snow Double Doorframe (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Snow Fondation (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px snow Hatchframe (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Snow Triangle Ceiling (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px snow Triangle Foundation (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Snow Triangle Roof (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Snow Wall (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Snow Window Wall (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Large Snow Wall (Mod:Glacius)
Pykrete Tier[]
  • 30px Sloped Pykrete Roof (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Sloped Pykrete Wall Left (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Sloped Pykrete Wall Right (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Pykrete Ceiling (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Pykrete Door Frame (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Pykrete Double Doorframe (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Pykrete Fondation (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Pykrete Hatchframe (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Pykrete Pillar (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Pykrete Triangle Ceiling (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Pykrete Triangle Foundation (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Pykrete Triangle Roof (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Pykrete Wall (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Pykrete Window Wall (Mod:Glacius)
  • 30px Large Pykrete Wall (Mod:Glacius)


  • 30px Steppe Bison Saddle (Mod:Glacius)





You can find the latest update on Discord

Version Changes

New content/additions:

  • Third unique creature, the Steppe Bison.
  • Added the bison saddle as a possible drop in yellow crates.

Steppe Bison:

  • Land-based prehistoric bison with a short temper.
  • Base stats between those of a rhino and a mammoth.
  • A unique saddle providing the functionality of a primitive press.
  • Player will gain an insulation buff upon riding the bison.
  • Pack bonus, up to 4 members.
  • Passively tamed.
  • Strong knockback & torpor components on attacks.



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