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How to add an ocean

Adding an ocean requires two things:

1. You need to add a Static Mesh that is going to be the visual representation of your ocean.

2. You are going to need a Physics Volume that is going to tell the game that you are currently standing in water when you touch the ocean.

Adding the Static Mesh

- In the Modes tab, you search for the BP_IslandWaterPlane and drag the mesh in into your map (see image below)
- The Ocean will appear green. In order to fix it, go to the Top Material in the Details tab and search for Water_MatIsland_Fix_Inst
- At the Sunlight option, link your Directional Light from your scene to it
- This is optional, but you can replace the Water Plane with a Static Mesh of your own that does not have holes in it

Oceans BPSearch.jpg

Adding the Physics Volume

- In the Modes tab, search at the top for Physics Volume and drag it into the scene
- Adjust the size so it fits the area that you want to be swimable. The height is also important, so make sure it hits the bottom of your ocean
- In the Details tab of the Physics Volume, change these properties (see image below)
- Set the Fluid Friction to 0.95
- Check Water Volume
- Check Physics on Contact

Oceans PV Settings.jpg

How to add other water sources

To be created