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Adding Items and Weapons

Adding Items Videos[edit | edit source]


How to Add Weapons[edit | edit source]

What you Need

  • A Model
  • Texture(s)
  • Time

Getting a Model can be difficult, or easy, depending on what you want to add. There are several places to get free models, but provided they don't fit what you want you'll have to get resourceful.

Blender can be a wonderful tool to do this with, as it already suppots .FBX format, but more on that later. There is however a steep learning curve to blender, but once you get the basics down, everything should be fine. And what ever model you decide to make, is only limited in quality by one's own over all artistic capabilities.

Texturing your object can be difficult if anything, There are a lot of Royalty free textures to use, but be sure they're royalty free, or create your own. You can then load these textures into Ark Dev Kit, via import, more on that later though. The preferred format for textures is TGA.

Time is probably the most precious thing we have, it is finite, and needs to be used wisely and well. If you're going to make a Weapon or Item for a game like Ark, you're going to need to have a decent bit of spare time, and PC resources. You will spend a lot of time, perfecting your mod, balancing it, and making it something people want to play with in their game. You will spend a lot of time, loading the dev environment again and again, to test the mode after you update or change something, even a texture, or animation.

Adding Weapons Videos[edit | edit source]