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Mod Primal Fear.png This article is about content exclusive to the mod Primal Fear.
This content is only available if the mod is installed on a server or on single player.


Primal Fear has now introduced a tiered kibble system to ensure players follow the progression introduced by the mod. This requires the player to tame egg layers of each tier of Primal Fear creature to progress.

A recommended mod to help with this is Dino Storage V2 [1]. Enabling the automation within this mod allows for your dinos to produce eggs while soul balled and stored in the Soul Terminal.

You will also want to get a garden up and running with all the   Crops and   Berries offered as you will need them as you make each tier of kibble as well as getting a   Preserving Bin going to make the different jerkys.

Another must have for any Kibble farm is an   Oviraptor to boost egg laying.

All Kibbles are made in the   Primal Smithy (Mod:Primal Fear)

Kibble Progression[]

Toxic Kibble
Mod Primal Fear Toxic Kibble.png
The first kibble that your will want to work towards is   Toxic Kibble (Mod:Primal Fear). You can unlock it at level 20 with 6 Engram points.

This kibble is made with the items most dinos would not want to touch like   Spoiled Meat and   Narcoberry. You will also need unfertilized   Eggs, the most recommended dino to get these early on is a mate boosted pair of   Dodos.

Alpha Kibble
Mod Primal Fear Alpha Kibble.png
Once you have some Toxic Creatures tames the next tier of kibble you can make is   Alpha Kibble (Mod:Primal Fear). You unlock it at 30 with 8 Engram points.

Starting with this kibble you start to see how the progression relies on the tier before them. To craft this Kibble you will need   Toxic Blood (Mod:Primal Fear) and   Toxic Egg (Mod:Primal Fear)s to create. The best dinos to get the egg from would be either a mate boosted pair of   Toxic Dodo (Mod:Primal Fear) or   Toxic Zombie Dodo (Mod:Primal Fear) as they have the dodos innate ability to poop eggs instead of, well poop.

Elemental Kibble
Mod Primal Fear Elemental Kibble.png
Now you have tamed a bunch of Alpha Creatures and are starting to wonder what is next, that would be   Elemental Kibble (Mod:Primal Fear) which you unlock at level 40 with 10 Engram points.

To craft this Kibble you will need   Alpha Blood (Mod:Primal Fear) and   Alpha Egg (Mod:Primal Fear)s as your specialty ingredients. To maximize your egg production having a mate boosted pair off   Alpha Dodo (Mod:Primal Fear)s would be optimal, but other Alpha egg layers will work as well. These like all vanilla dodos have a chance to poop out eggs instead of poop as well hence why are the most recommended tame for the kibble farm.

This Kibble can only be used to tame Caustic, Electric, Fire and Ice elementals, you will be able to tame the other two later.

Apex Kibble
Mod Primal Fear Apex Kibble.png
Now you have some Elementals and are wondering why you have all this jerky lying around, you will now need it starting with   Apex Kibble (Mod:Primal Fear). You unlock this kibble and level 50 with 12 Engram points.

To make this kibble you actually rely on two tiers items,   Alpha Blood (Mod:Primal Fear) and   Elemental Egg (Mod:Primal Fear). All elementals outside of the griffins can be used for your kibble farm, the most recommended being the Featherlights. Elementals have a boosted egg laying rate so you only need one mate boosted pair and an   Oviraptor to be swimming in eggs.

Fabled Kibble
Mod Primal Fear Fabled Kibble.png
Apex Creatures are some great mid game power tames but now you are looking for the harvester to rule them all. With these tames you can now set your sights on   Fabled Kibble (Mod:Primal Fear). You need to be level 70 to unlock this and it requires 16 Engram points to do so.

To craft this you want to make sure you have   Apex Blood (Mod:Primal Fear),   Apex Egg (Mod:Primal Fear) and,   Elemental Egg (Mod:Primal Fear). The best Apex creature for your kibble farm would be at leas a mate boosted pair of   Apex Dilophosaur (Mod:Primal Fear) as it has the lowest interval between when it lays eggs.

Omega Kibble
Mod Primal Fear Omega Kibble.png
You now have the power harvesters and have resources for days, you are looking at the bosses and thinking my Apex Creature won't survive that battle, I need stronger. It is now time to set your eyes on taming Omegas with   Omega Kibble (Mod:Primal Fear). To unlock this you need to be level 70 and have 12 Engram points.

This kibble starts to bring all your hard work harvesting together. For this you will need   Apex Blood (Mod:Primal Fear),   Apex Egg (Mod:Primal Fear), all four   Feathers (Mod:Primal Fear), and   Elemental Egg (Mod:Primal Fear). Again the   Apex Dilophosaur (Mod:Primal Fear) and any of the Elemental Featherlights will be best to get you a large amount of eggs to tame this unique tier.

Celestial Kibble and Demonic Kibble
Mod Primal Fear Celestial Kibble.png
Mod Primal Fear Demonic Kibble.png
You've maxed out your Omegas and need more power to reach end game, now is the time for   Celestial Kibble (Mod:Primal Fear) and   Demonic Kibble (Mod:Primal Fear) which you can unlock at level 85 with 24 Engram points.

For   Celestial Kibble (Mod:Primal Fear) you are going to need   Primal Blood (Mod:Primal Fear),   Fabled Blood (Mod:Primal Fear),   Omega Egg (Mod:Primal Fear),  Fabled Egg (Mod:Primal Fear) and all four   Feathers (Mod:Primal Fear) to craft one kibble. As for a decent Fabled egg layer for your kibble farm mate boosted   Fabled Pteranodon (Mod:Primal Fear) will be your best bet as it lays eggs quickly. For the   Omega Egg (Mod:Primal Fear) any mate boosted set of Omegas will do the trick.

  Demonic Kibble (Mod:Primal Fear) is almost identical to   Celestial Kibble (Mod:Primal Fear) except that is does NOT require   Omega Egg (Mod:Primal Fear) at this time. This will be changed with the next update to Primal Fear.

Additional Kibbles[]

Elemental Advanced Kibble
Mod Primal Fear Elemental Advanced Kibble.png
This kibble and tier of creature comes after Apex but the Light and Dark creatures do not give anything that is necessary to progress forward in the kibble system. To unlock it you must be level 60 and it costs 10 Engram points.

Mild cannibalism comes into play with this kibble as you need all four types of   Feathers (Mod:Primal Fear),   Apex Blood (Mod:Primal Fear) and   Apex Egg (Mod:Primal Fear) to craft it.

This Kibble can only be used to tame Light and Dark elementals, even though they do not affect the kibble progression are worthy tames to have in your arsenal.

Special Kibble
Mod Primal Fear Special Kibble.png
This kibble is unlocked after   Apex Kibble (Mod:Primal Fear) and is used to tame an assortment of creatures like the   Malin Pteranodon (Mod:Primal Fear) or 20x20px  Necrotic Wyvern (Mod:Primal Fear). Again these creatures do not affect the kibble progression however there are plenty of useful and fun tames within its taming bracket that players can enjoy.

It is an egg heavy kibble requiring   Alpha Egg (Mod:Primal Fear),   Apex Egg (Mod:Primal Fear) and   Toxic Egg (Mod:Primal Fear) along with   Apex Blood (Mod:Primal Fear) to craft.

After the Kibble[]

Now that you have made all the kibbles possible you still have two more taming foods needed to conquer Primal Fear,   Spirit Orb (Mod:Primal Fear) and   Chaos Orb (Mod:Primal Fear). They both require nothing but Primal Fear items like   Blood (Mod:Primal Fear),  Souls (Mod:Primal Fear) and   Kibbles (Mod:Primal Fear).

Spirit Orb
Mod Primal Fear Spirit Orb.png
For the   Spirit Orb (Mod:Primal Fear) you are going to make sure you have a celestial egg layer like the   Celestial Argentavis (Mod:Primal Fear) for your farm as you will need   Celestial Egg (Mod:Primal Fear) and   Fabled Egg (Mod:Primal Fear) amongst other items to craft this orb. To be able to unlock the   Spirit Orb (Mod:Primal Fear) you need to defeat the   Spirit Guardian (Mod:Primal Fear).
Chaos Orb
Mod Primal Fear Chaos Orb.png
For the   Chaos Orb (Mod:Primal Fear) you need a good egg layer   Celestial Argentavis (Mod:Primal Fear) for your farm as you will need 20x20px  Demonic Egg (Mod:Primal Fear) and   Fabled Egg (Mod:Primal Fear) amongst other items to craft this orb. To be able to unlock the   Chaos Orb (Mod:Primal Fear) you need to defeat the   Chaos Guardian (Mod:Primal Fear).