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Mod Primal Fear.png This article is about content exclusive to the mod Primal Fear.
This content is only available if the mod is installed on a server or on single player.

Origin Creatures are the second tier of bosses in Primal Fear. Like Primal Dinos, they stand out from their surrounds with a bright yellow body, a similarly colored alpha cloud, a much larger size, and distinct boss music for their radius. Like the majority of Primal Fear bosses, they are untamable. Their drops consist of a single drop of  Origin Blood (Mod:Primal Fear), their corresponding  Origin Tributes (Mod:Primal Fear), large amounts of  Element and  Element Shards, as well as items and blueprints of Origin level.

If you or a fellow survivor wants to fight a Origin, it is critical to bring very high health and damage Celestial and/or Demonic creatures, however, an exception is present for a very good pack of bred  Apex Giganotosaurus (Mod:Primal Fear) if one brings along a healing dino such as the  Fabled Grifficorn (Mod:Primal Fear). Like Primals, their music tends to give their presence away, so if you hear it but not see it, you may be in trouble.

In terms of stats, Origins boast a very hearty amount of health, ranging anywhere from a mere 20 million to a whopping 120 million. Origins can Currently be killed by a single  Celestial Argentavis (Mod:Primal Fear) if one is careful and mindful of their stamina. If you decide to use a celestial, it is crucial to activate their buff via Ctrl + C to become immune to all buffs and any chance of being dismounted with the exception of touching water for the flyers in paticular.

Origin Creatures[]

Origin Creatures have a ??% chance of spawning
Killing any Origin Creature will automatically unlock Origin Infused Toxic Narcotic and Origin Tranq Primal Arrow.