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Mod Primal NPCs.png This article is about content exclusive to the mod Primal NPCs.
This content is only available if the mod is installed on a server or on single player.

The heading [NPCConfig] needs to be placed on top of any configs below in the GameUserSettings.ini.

General Adjustments[]

Argument Effect
NPCTameIntervalMax=10 Maximum amount of time a tribe member can spawn in a new tame. (in seconds)
NPCTameIntervalMin=2 Minimum amount of time a tribe member can spawn in a new tame. (in seconds)
NPCHealthMultiplier=1 Default multiplier for NPCs health base is 1k. Use this to adjust it.
EnableTribeDistanceUI=False Adds distance to each tribe in the UI
TribeEvolutionInterval=1 Interval in GAME TIME IN SECONDS that the tribe will attempt to evolve with 15% chance each attempt +3% if it fails (Lower this to make NPCs evolve faster)
NPCMaxOnMap=1000 Experimental feature to cap the amount of NPCs on the map at any one time , This is mainly for Valguero's broken spawning system.
NPCChat=True Disables or Enables the Chat entirely (Still shows chat for gift and player interactions through multiwheel) Default: True
UseProximityChat=False Disables or Enables proximity chat. When enabled chat will only show up for players that are within a certain range see ChatProximity.
ChatProximity=600000 Distance in metres that chat will show up for a player when using proximity chat
NPCAlwaysAggressive=False Makes the NPC's always aggressive Default : False
EnableLeaderboards=True Disables or Enables the Leaderboards and API integration
DisableDismemberment=False Enables the Dismemberment effect when killing NPCs
NPCMaxTier=Apex Set the max tier you want the NPCs to evolve to. Available options are (Primitive,Alpha,Apex,Elemental,Fabled,Celestial,Primal,Origin,Chaos,Demonic) From Weakest to Strongest
RandomTribeTiers=True Disable or enable randomized tribe tiers. NPCs will form a random tribe tier below the NPCMaxTier setting instead of starting at primitive. They still evolve as normal.
RandomizeBodyTypes=True Disable or enable randomized body types the NPCs spawn in with.
NPCMaxPirates=20 Sets the quantity of NPC rafts on the map
NPCRaiding=False Allows NPCs to raid player bases with low reputation. (Currently in Beta so defaulted to off)

Tame Adjustments[]

The following settings deals with how many tames each tribe tier can summon, changing this will change how many tribe tames there are.


Mod Add-ons[]

These next few add new custom dinos to the tribes tameable list. You can add custom dinos from different mods or whatever you like using the pathname seperated by comma. The saddles must also be included and they must be in the same order as the dino override.

For Example:

Tribe Level Dino Saddle
Primitive PrimitiveDinoSpawnerOverride PrimitiveSaddleSpawnerOverride
Alpha AlphaDinoSpawnerOverride AlphaSaddleSpawnerOverride
Apex ApexDinoSpawnerOverride ApexSaddleSpawnerOverride
Celestial CelestialDinoSpawnerOverride CelestialSaddleSpawnerOverride
Elemental ElementalDinoSpawnerOverride ElementalSaddleSpawnerOverride
Fabled FabledDinoSpawnerOverride FabledSaddleSpawnerOverride
Primal PrimalDinoSpawnerOverride PrimalSaddleSpawnerOverride
Origin OriginDinoSpawnerOverride OriginSaddleSpawnerOverride
Chaos ChaosDinoSpawnerOverride ChaosSaddleSpawnerOverride
Demonic DemonicDinoSpawnerOverride DemonicSaddleSpawnerOverride