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Structures Plus
Mod Structures Plus
The Ultimate Building Mod!
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Release date
July 25th, 2016
Mod S- Crafting Station This article is about the mod Structures Plus.
This content is only available by installing the mod on a server or on single player.

Structures Plus is a building mod for ARK: Survival Evolved, developed by orionsun. The mod aims to overhaul the current building system in ARK: Survival Evolved, adding new features and structures.



Remote Resource Transference (Grabbing)[]

This tool adds 3 additional buttons and one number input box to the UI of everything with an inventory.[1] It is very useful in moving large quantities of items around i.e. grabbing metal from an Anklyo into an Industrial Forge. These tools will only grab resources from boxes, creatures, and crafting stations that are not in use.

  • The Repair Button [2] grabs the needed resources to repair the selected item.
  • The Craft Button and input box [3] grabs the needed resources to craft the number of the selected engram or blueprint. The input box must contain a number, highlight and overwrite the 1 to get numbers less than 10.
  • The Grab Button [4] can only be used after selecting an item or engram. It pulls up a UI that lists all resources that can be pulled to this inventory. [5] Selecting a resource displays anything nearby that contains said resource. Choose how much you would like, click pull, then click done once you have what you need.


  • All S+ production stations (e.g. Preserving Bin, Forge or Cooker) show all available recipes as blueprints within the station. These blueprints can be selected and used in conjunction with the resource grabbing tool to easily produce food using resources from multiple nearby containers.
    • Note that for S+ Preserving Bins in particular that the recipe blueprint does not automatically pull the additional Sparkpowder Sparkpowder required to power the station.

Modified Building[]

  • All S+ structures will ignore the world geometry and unit-clipping when placed. Be wary of burying yourself and others.
  • All S+ structures can be picked up.
  • All S+ containers and structures with an Access option can be locked, unlocked and pinned.
  • All passively noisy structures are now silent.
  • All S+ gas-powered structures can now be powered by either gas or electricity.
    • The S+ Chemistry Bench is noteworthy for still requiring both Power and Gasoline.
  • S+ buildings have no height limit.
  • S+ Irrigation Pipe - Intake can be placed virtually everywhere to produce water, irrelevant of height above sea level.
  • S+ Standing Torch do not require fuel; feature automated on-and-off settings; and can be dyed.
  • S+ Feeding Trough and S+ Tek Trough
    • Note that Feeding Troughs block spawns.'
    • Now have options to adjust permitted creatures.
Automatic Doors
  • All S+ Doors, Dinogates and Hatchframes now feature adjustable open and close settings.
Hiding Clutter
  • S+ Fence Supports and S+ Fence Foundations can be hidden individually, or all those connected.
  • S+ Pipes can be hidden individually. S+ Taps and S+ Intake Pipes also have the option to toggle the visibility of all connected pipes.
  • S+ Cables can be hidden individually. S+ Generators and S+ Electrical Outlets also have the option to toggle the visibility of all connected wires.
  • S+ Electrical Outlets can be hidden individually, as well as having the option to toggle the visibility of sparks and wiring.
Medium, Large and XL

Medium, Large and XL structures have proportionally increased cost, weight and durability.

  • Pillars are available in Medium (3 high) and Large (5 high).
  • Walls are available in Large (4 high) and XL (12 high).
  • S+ Railings
    • Can be toggled to resemble a half-wall.
    • No longer considered to be full of holes, regardless of model.
  • S+ Ramps
    • Can now be toggled to resemble a staircase.
    • Resized to fit within a 1x1x1 box.
    • Now provide structural support as if a wall.
  • S+ Stairs
    • Resized to fit within a 1x1x1 box.
    • Angle reduced to 90 degrees.
    • Can now be flipped after being placed.
    • Can now toggle unit collision with the railing.
  • S+ Beds and S+ Bunk Beds can snap to each other vertically and horizontally.
  • S+ Ceilings snap flush with S+ Foundations.
  • S+ Crop Plots
    • Small Crop Plots will snap inside of the four corners or the center of S+ Foundations.
    • Medium and Large Crop Plots will snap to the center of S+ Foundations.
  • S+ Fence Foundations and S+ Fence Supports can now be cycled through each 45-degree option with [G], and flipped with [E].
  • S+ Foundations
    • Can now be stacked vertically.
    • Resized to be the same height as walls.
    • Will now snap to ceilings if there is ground support (e.g. the far side of a bridge).
  • S+ Railings can now snap to S+ Ramps and S+ Sloped Ceilings, altering their model to suit the slope.
  • S+ Sloped Walls can now snap to the underside of slopes, flipping themselves appropriately.
  • S+ Storage Box, S+ Metal Box, S+ Vault and S+ Refrigerator will snap to each other horizontally and vertically,
  • S+ Water Pipes can be placed on S+ Rafts.
  • S+ Vacuum Compartments can be placed on platform saddles, but will not snap to foundations.
    • WARNING: Placing these on a Plesiosaur platform saddle will likely result in the game determining the dino to be "out of the water", instantly killing it. As of right now, it appears to be safe for Mosasaurus.

The triangles are made from Wood,Stone,Adobe,Metal and Tek.There are three variants of triangles such as Roof,Foundation and ceiling

Besides Foundation They also come in the Greenhouse structure type.The greenhouse structures also still give the green house effect if the plant is under the glass.

Tek Tier
S+ Tek Generator
  • Rate of consumption changed to 1 Element per day from 1 per hour.
S+ Tek Transmitter
  • Now features a Dino Scan via the radial menu that allows you to populate a list with all instances of a creature species, including its level and coordinates.
  • Boss arenas can now be entered though the transmitter.
S+ Tek Shield Generator
  • Can now be powered by an S+ Tek Generator. Can still be powered individually at the standard hourly rates.
S+ Vacuum Compartments
  • No longer require power to function.
  • Resized to 2x2x2 from 1x1x1.
  • These will not snap to foundations.
  • WARNING: Placing these on a Plesiosaur platform saddle will likely result in the game determining the dino to be "out of the water", instantly killing it. As of right now, it appears to be safe for Mosasaurus.


It became one of a few mods (although only a very restricted amount of items from Structures Plus were added to consoles) to make it onto console alongside Primitive Plus, The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero, and Crystal Isles