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This content is only available by installing the mod on a server or on single player.
The Chasm
Unofficial Map for ARK with a new cave map, creature variants and more
Mod author
Workshop ID
Release date
April 5th, 2019
v.1.7.3 (55% completion)
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Mod The Chasm logo.png

The Chasm is a free Map for ARK: Survival Evolved.

The Chasm was released on April 5th, 2019 on the Steam Workshop.

Nearly any creature can be brought to this ark except for Flyers, Titans and Managarmr. Engrams from Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction are enabled.

The Chasm is three different mods: The Chasm - map, The Chasm dino extension and Valguero map extension


Waking up on The Chasm you will find yourself in an abandoned and destroyed ARK. This ARK suffered a fate similar to Aberration. The past survivors on "The Chasm" pulled back their structures and cities into the Fertile Caverns and narrower cave systems to stand a better chance at defending themselves from the dangerous creatures and the hostile enviroment. Skilled Survivors may be able to still find some of the old ruins in the caverns of the map which they left before they went into hiding due to weird circumstances..

There is a huge chasm dividing nearly the entire map, as if the ARK had almost been torn apart, bringing a new challenge for survivors to face. It once seemed to have been a very lively ARK and populated by a variety of life forms. Some of them mutated strongly to adapt to the new living conditions. Others found new habitats, to which they had to adapt only slightly.

Currently available biomes[]

  • Fertile Region
  • Surface: North West
  • Surface: South East
  • Bioluminescent Underwater Cave
  • Bioluminescent Area
  • The Chasm
  • Element area
  • Surface: Southwest
  • Artifact caves
  • Ext city
  • Surface cave
  • bosses in arenas

Unique Enviromental features[]

  • An opened tek cave with 4 boss terminals, though only 1 boss is currently available
  • Random roars of the bosses
  • Better designed swamp that will soon get genesis update
  • Large Rock drake crater
  • Golem type for each biome
  • Desert surface
  • Deep Crystal lake
  • Pearl ponds everywhere in the green zone
  • City terminals across the Spine
  • The Island, Scorched Earth, Valguero and Fjordur visible from The Surface


' Mushroom Alley Mushroom Lake Southern Chamber Abandoned Outpost Upper Chasm Mushroom Wilderness Fertile Forests Southern Lake The Chasm Fertile Swamps Fertile Canyons Deinonychus Nests Drake Halls Drake Hive Molten Lake Mushroom Forests Fertile Valley Northern Marshlands Southern Blue Chamber Southern Marshlands Orange Glaring Tunnels Megalania Caverns The Tek Chamber The Surface Broken Generator Bioluminescent Forest Boss Atrium
Regions of The Chasm

  •  Nameless and  Reaper never spawn here, if they follow you from an surface entrance or other region, they will remain until they lose aggravation, then immediately burrow underground out of sight (possibly) when they reach this region.
  • Dizzy Spores most often appear around this region.
  • Red-Capped Red-stemmed Mushroom and Green Gem cluster are present around the region.
  • Only small amounts of Metal can be found in this area.
  • Silica Pearls can be found at the bottom of lakes in this region.
  • Chasm Storyparts 3.jpg
    Broken Generator
  • Chasm FertileCanyons.jpg
    Fertile Canyons
  • Chasm FertileSwamps.jpg
    Fertile Swamps
  • Chasm FertileValley.jpg
    Fertile Valley
  • ChasmRework 11.jpg
    Mushroom Lake
  • Chasm MushroomWilderness.jpg
    Mushroom Wilderness

  • Chasm BiolumForest.jpg
    Bioluminescent Forest
  • Chasm UnderwaterCave.jpg
    Bioluminescent Underwater Cavern
  • No image available.svg
    Crystalline Caverns
  • No image available.svg
    Luminous Train Station
  • Biolum Marshlands.jpg
  • Chasm BiolumOrange.jpg
    Orange Glaring Tunnels

  • Mod The Chasm BossAtrium.jpg
    Boss Atrium
  • Mod The Chasm Drake Halls.jpg
    Drake Halls
  • Mod The Chasm Drake Hive.jpg
    Drake Hive
  • Mod The Chasm Megalania Caverns.jpg
    Megalania Caverns
  • Mod The Chasm The Chasm.jpg
    The Chasm
  • Mod The Chasm The Deinonychus Chamber.jpg
    The Deinonychus Chamber
  • Mod The Chasm The Molten Element Lake.jpg
    The Molten Element Lake
  • Mod The Chasm The Tek Chamber.jpg
    The Tek Chamber

  • Surface NW.jpg
    The Surface - Northwest
  • Surface SE.jpg
    The Surface - Southeast
  • No image available.svg
    The Surface - Southwest

  • No image available.svg
    Broodmother Arena
  • No image available.svg
    Dragon Arena
  • No image available.svg
    Megapithecus Arena
  • No image available.svg
    Rockwell Arena

Approximate Spawn Locations[]

Chasm SpawnLocations.jpg

Approximate Spawn Locations

  • ML: Mushroom Lake (easy)
  • BG: Broken Generator (easy)
  • FV: Fertile Valley (medium)
  • SL: Southern Lake (medium)
  • FS: Fertile Swamp (hard)
  • SE: Southern Biolum Edge (hard)

Data Maps[]

  • Preview Resources Map (Scorched Earth).png
    Strategic Resources
  • Level 55.jpg
    Exploring the map
  • SpawnMapIcon.png
    Creature Spawns


Aberration Creatures[]

The Chasm contains the following creatures from Aberration:

Other Spawns[]

In addition to the Aberration creatures, the following creatures also spawn on the map: (More creatures will be added over time)

All Regions[]

Fertile Region[]

Bioluminescent Region[]

The Chasm[]

Golem Variants[]

New & recenly added creatures[]


ChasmRoadmap v.1.6.2.jpg


External links[]


  • If you use Valguero map extension on this map you end up with floating explorer notes
  • Valguero map extension can also be used on Tartarus for Extinction, Aberration and The Chasm dinos
  • If you don't have a Quetzal/Wyvern/Astrocetus/Phoenix/Astrodelphis it will be imposible to beat Rockwell as he has no arena and instead floats in space and there is gravity there. Also, instead of ascending your game will crash unless you escape the arena and run into the unfinished Surface - Southwest