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Mound Over Matter

Mound Over Matter is a Mission in Genesis: Part 1.


"mound over matter" is a retrieve mission in which you go through a treacherous path and in the end dig up snow mounds some contain gold nuggets others contain purlovias.


When players arrive in the retrieval zone, it is required for players to interact with the snow mounds, but only 2 of the many mounds have the sought out golden nuggets. Most of the mounds either hide a microraptor or a purlovia. Retrieving the golden nuggets, players should quickly move away from the mounds in anticipation of what is in the mound.



  • The best animals to do this mission are either the gasbags or the managarmr as they can jump over most of the dangers on the ground. Be sure to have these creatures in cryo pods if one is to use them during the escape section of the mission.
    • With the managarmr being unable to be ridden in recent patches, several speed tames such as iguanodons, equus, and gallimimus are viable replacements if most of their level up points are invested into speed.
    • Gasbags are another viable option since they can float over the road and to the finish line with minimal resistance.
  • An X-Yutyrannus or a normal Yutyrannus can be used during the mission as a deterrence since most of the creatures during the mission can be induced by its fear roar. However, they can be a double edged sword on the Alpha difficulty as most the creatures during the mission can be fear roared, thus taking increased damaged, but them fleeing may result in a greater buildup of creatures when the fear debuff wears off.