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This Area will prove your worth as a survivor.
Ragnarok Topographic Map


The MurderSnow is a dangerous region for even the most experienced of survivors, if the freezing temperatures don't end you, the wildlife certainly will. Ice Wyverns and Polar bears hunt on the plains, and the threat of a Yutyrannus is never far away. But for those who survive, the promise of rare creatures and resources usually live up to the claims.


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  • This area is very, very, very cold, ranging anywhere from -30° to -100° and can get EVEN COLDER in the Murder Murder Snow (Ragnarok) Celsius depending on the specific area. You will die within a minute in full engram grade fur gear and 30 fortitude, if not less when in the coldest areas. It's highly advised to bring similar gear to the Snow Cave on the Island map.
  • Bring a Dimetrodon or two if you have anything less than Journeyman Fur Armor, as you will die and be unable to get back to your freshly dead corpse before dying without extra Fur, a flier, or a Dimetrodon. Take caution of the several dangerous creatures in the area.
  • This is now the only area where you can find Ice Wyvern eggs, increasing the value of the area in general.
  • Those who manage to construct their base in the coldest area of this region are less susceptible to being raided in PvP servers by virtue of the frigid weather putting attackers at a disadvantage. Heavy fur is required to not freeze, effectively reducing armor of players. The long trek is also full of threats such as massive packs of Dire Wolves, Yutyrannus, and even Ice Wyverns, which can deter massive movements of raiding dinosaurs. Hatching a Rock Drake here is also a viable option due to the very cold temperatures.