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Steam.svg This article is about content exclusively available in the version on Steam.
Stone Pick.png This article is about content that is exclusive to Single Player.

NVIDIA Ansel is an in-game tool that allows players with NVIDIA graphics cards to take enhanced screenshots. Currently, Ansel is only accessible in Singleplayer. Ansel may be used to take 360 screenshots, enhanced super-resolution screenshots, and obtain generally superior results to taking a typical screenshot in-game.[1]


  1. There are different ways to launch Ansel:
    • in Steam, right click ARK and select "Launch ARK with NVIDIA Ansel".
    • alternatively you can use -ansel in the launch options of ARK in Steam
  2. when in-game (singleplayer only), press Alt + F2 to enter Ansel mode
  3. Reposition the camera using WASD, Z, X, and Lmb (hold ⇧ Shift to accelerate movement), or use a controller (D-Pad navigates the Ansel UI, 'A' on Xbox controllers takes screenshots), change Ansel options as desired, click "Snap", and open your "Videos" folder in Windows to view the results[2]

Future Updates[]

In Community Crunch 101[3], it was confirmed that Ansel will be accessible to server admins in future patches.


  • Only works on systems with Nvidia GTX GPUs dating back to the 600 series[4]
  • Currently works only in Singleplayer mode
  • You can use your server savefile and load it as a singleplayer world to use Ansel
  • The output files can get big so make sure your set savefolder has enough room