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Nataziel Spires
Nataziel Spires (Ragnarok)
Huge spires surrounding a jagged river canyon.
Ragnarok Topographic Map

Nataziel Spires is a region in the DLC: Ragnarok.



From Local Creatures[]



  • Canyon Cave
    • In the canyon is a small cave hidden behind a breakable rock. Just after entering the cave, survivors can find a rotted corpse of a human male. Arrows stuck into the ground suggest he was running inside the cave while being fired upon. In the next room are large Crystal Crystal nodes and a sleeping bag.
  • Crystal Cave
    • If you follow the leftmost river up, you will go find a small cave that is slightly smaller than a Gallimimus Gallimimus, this cave has many Crystal Crystals and also provides an insulation bonus.
  • Waterfall Cave
    • The Waterfall Cave is an incredibly large Cave that also contains a small pond on the right side, though this location is bugged and only one small corner of the Cave provides insulation.