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Nataziel Spires Cave
Nataziel Spires Cave (Ragnarok)
A small hidden cave holding some Crystal.
Ragnarok Topographic Map
21.4° Lat,  77.2° Lon

Nataziel Spires Cave is a small, caved-in cave on the eastern side of the canyon in the middle of Nataziel Spires. In the cave there are several deposits of Crystal that can be mined.


The Entrance to the cave is narrow and hidden behind a breakable rock. The cave itself is small, and survivors can get from the entrance to the crystals in about five seconds. There is a trail of arrows in the ground of the cave leading to the corpse of a former male survivor in Cloth Armor with a Wooden Shield and Stone Hatchet. In the next room you can find his Hide Sleeping Bag and several deposits of Crystal that can be mined, although they seem to give very few resources, sometimes yielding only Stone with no Crystal.



  • The arrows, the corpse's equipment, and the sleeping bag can not be picked up.
  • The cave can be entered without breaking some rocks.
  • Before patch v276.0 the Artifact of the Massive could be found in this cave.
  • You can't build in this cave