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Northeast Shores
Northeast Shores
Shores in the Northeast of The Island


The Northeast Shores build the base of the mountain Far's Peak and stretch to the north to connect to the Smuggler's Pass. In the sea The Dead Island can be seen. It is not all that dangerous, but it isn't exactly uncommon to see packs of dilophosaurus or a large family of sharks just off the shores. On the north-west or the area, near Smuggler's Pass and Winter 's Mouth, creatures typical of the snow biomes can be found without the need for the survivor to going deep in the most dangerouse and colder regions of the map.




Very Uncommon[]




This is arguably one of the better areas in the game to colonize. Argentavis spawn in this area in abundance, and with a saddled one you will have good access to Far's Peak, which has an abundance of metal, crystals, and obsidian. The surrounding waters also have deposits of oil and pearls. It is advisable however to have a high level medium or large tamed creature for defense, as alpha carnivores do spawn here regularly.

There are many incidents of the Giganotosaurus descending from Far's Peak and roaming the coast, so caution is heavily advised when in this area.



Northeast Shores Panorama

360° panorama from the small peninsula on the Northeast Shores, near the river delta, with a view on The Dead Island