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Tribe Of Eagle We are Tribe of Eagle we are PVP we play PC we are a aspiring well put together mega tribe on official servers we are looking for good teamwork and you will make great friends here we are looking for excellent leaders and officers' builders' tamers and diplomacy If you have what it takes to join the ranks join our discord or add me on Eagle#4957 discord

Tribe Name Tribe Leader Server Name Short Description
Kaonashi scwd1 NA-PVE-Official Server 190 The Koanashi Tribe is a small tribe of like minded individuals who just want to have fun and survive together.
The Freggels Alpha wyvernslayers We named our tribe after the ravengers of aberration those beast are more foul than the direwolves. So we choose them, because we know how to survive in more harsher condtions than most of our kin.
Mercenary tribe Oh yess daddy Xbox offical ragnarok Mesage oh yess daddy on xbox for more information. Looking for grinders who are good at pvp,willing to follow orders when needed, and have a good personality.
DarkStar Alliance Official Server 15 We are a PS4 platform base alliance from around the world with players in almost every time zone. We welcome one and all. Contact RealSwivvell on ps4 for additional information
Riders of Laiik'Irze
Riders of Laiik'Irze
Lord Weaver / Talihenn PrimitivePVP-OfficialServer465


A small, dedicated tribe looking to add to our growing numbers. We stick to Primitive to avoid games of Rocket Tag, enhancing the difficulty by leaving out the major weapons and technologies. Our main force is our mounts, as suggested by the name. Join with us today, and become a Rider of the "Silvered Shards".
Terminator NA-CrossArkCluster1-TheIsland A very passionate and active PVPVE tribe currently recruiting for new members. We play only on PC and currently on TheIsland Map. Join Us if you're struggling to get ahead or simply want to increase your destructive power and conquer the Ark.
Team Leg Day Logo.jpeg
Team Leg Day
Team Leg Day Official Server 123 We currently are a small 5 person tribe based in south 2. But we plan to grow and change into a powerful tribe to keep the peace
DooDooTrashCan Triumvirate Official Server 74 Bunch of dudes enjoyin poo and dinosaurs.
Admin Council Multiple, Official Server 74 An active 18+ tight-knit but large multi-gaming community (US based) that enjoys of Ark and specializes in PvP.
Savage flag.png
MN Savages
Chiefs PS4 Official 684 We a a PVE Tribe on the Island. We are Hunter Gatherers. If you are respectful and like to hunt and train dino's then you are welcome to join us. We command a large area in the Southern Islets. Please visit our page to get the Coords.
Glowhoo Penguins
Buckaroo "Queen of the Penguins" NA Xbox Official Server 395 We are somewhat new to The Island, but we have grown these last couple months and have made it a mission to tame as many penguins as possible.

You can find us on YouTube at MechanicReeper | Gaming & Entertainment to catch some of our shenanigans.

Sword Art Online Saitama Official EU-Server 195 We are 5 active players and basically we want to get strong. In order to do that we want to recruit good players as much as possible. We have an established base with high lvl dinos. Recruiting method: +17 YEARS; 200h+gameplay;active player. More information add me onn steam: Hisoka HxH
Ark Rangers Rufus The-NA-XboxOfficialServer220 We are a tribe who basically wants to have fun and are sure to voice our opinion on matters and are basically a neutral tribe until we are provoked. In chat, we're laid back and joke around, but we are highly territorial when it comes to claimed land. Admins are Al, Nate, and Ricky Ross. Members are all 21 or older. We do not accept any more recruits under that age.
House of Sage Sage The-EU-OfficialServer395 Established tribe looking to recruit dedicated players to increase our member base, maintain existing top position within the community, and continue expanding. Mature, friendly players; TS3 preferred. Contact Sage, Rin, edridz73, or Ciaran_Gibson.
The Commonwealth Hannibal NA-Xbox official server 403 Please visit for more information and applying for membership. In short, we are a tribe currently recruiting anyone who is team oriented and who has a good attitude.
The Tribe Anten NA-Xbox official server 303 We are a quiet tribe with a main base on the North side of The Island. We tame high-level dinos and try to help others when we can.
Oxium disciples Zifer Tepie NA-Xbox official server 216 We are a tribe of peace and local trading recruitment is all the time. Helping as we have see many passing by, we have one main base location and 3 smaller out post located around our main base with a claim of land.GT- Kaster Clear
Tribe of Onion Switchu, TheDoc EU Official Server 226 We are ONIONS. From Onion we are born and into Onion we will turn. Onion flows within our veins. We shall obliterate everyone who dares to oppose Onion. If you wish to embrace your inner Onion, join us. We will help you find your way to Onion. What is Onion may never cry!

ATTENTION: This tribe accepts only people capable of speaking Polish language fluently.

Confidential Official Server 11 Neutral, Overseers of the server, Balancing the scales of light and dark between mortal tribes, Only those chosen to rule are able to become a Shinigami
A.O.T.F Yggdrasill Official Server 393 Long Established tribe, Relaxed, chill tribe permissions, rules and regulations, fun people, mainly passive. Teamspeak 3 & Mic Required. Main interests: Base building, Dino Taming, Generally Having fun
Dharma Initiative
Stahlbrand Official Server 301 Well established tribe looking for more experienced members. We focus on taming, PvE and base defense. We are a neutral, fire when fired upon.
Death Is Imminent Chibi Official Server 50 PvP, End Game, Tribe Co-Operation,Personal and Shared Dinos, Personal Pin Codes, Admin Only Demolish. Ask for Chibi or Kenji.
Angels of Death Nozama Primitive Plus/Stronghold/Multiple Servers AOD is a large, international, multi-gaming community which was founded in 1999 and is made up of 2600+ dedicated members spread across 16+ games. We are now looking for potential members who are mature and would like to join our ARK: Survival Evolved division within AOD. Casual and serious players (16+) please check us out because we have a little of everything for everyone. Membership includes access to our 350 man private TeamSpeak server and our online forums. If you wish to put in application go to
Tyrants Xander Grim Former Alpha tribe of the infamous server 80
Fidelity Aliana Official EU PVE Server 418 The main focus of the tribe is surviving and thriving. Big shocker given that this is a survival game right? We dabble in a bit of trading, both of goods and Dino's. Making friends and supporting a good stable comunity on the server. Generally speaking we are always willing to lend a hand to a new player, make up a saddle, deliver it out (depending on the distance) Shout out raider warnings and evict T-Rex's from the local neighbourhood.


The White Devils Captain Punch Official PVE Server 38 Crafting, Trading, Taming, & Building. Large Base, plenty of dino parking and storage, with a large water pen as well. Base is being upgraded and expanded as materials flow in. Current outer wall is about 300 wall panels in circumference. Contact BlueZebra or Captain Punch on Steam or in-game to join [CURRENTLY FULL]. Personal Pin Codes, Personal Dinos, Tribe Ridden (Only a few are communal).
Coco Loco Rhyxus Official Server 3 PVE, Taming, COOOOCOOO LOOOCOOOOO.
The Visigoth Trading Tribe Eltarii Primative Official PVP Server 455 Trade, newcommer friendly, political structure with ranks, server events, trade route defense, strong sense of community, mature group! We have a unique advancment structure. Initiates get trained and recieve a mid-range tame with saddle, no conscription neccesary! Friendly community with big plans of the future. Room for advancment to leadership! Community build space for private accomidations. Passcode protected, personally owned, tribe rideable. CONTACT: Eltarii on Steam INFO: Tribe:The Visigoths Trading Tribe
Curse Brianna Official Server 372 PVE, Island Base Construction
Lishalove Official Server 333 PVE, Tribe Events, Friendly Game Play, Building, Boss Hunting, Land/Water/Air Dinosaurs.
Lucidity Saga Raptor Jesus Official Server 57 PVE (PVP only if provoked), Base building, Dino collectors, Aspiring server protectors against griefers, trading
Royal Purple LunchMan (TOR) PvP Official Server 55 The Tribes main focus is the exploration of the island and surrounding waters, and the taming of its inhabitants.
Cloud 9 Moobu PvP Official Server 32 Our tribe's main focus is to grow as a community and create a safe environment to enjoy surviving while experiencing the game to its fullest extent.

Join us for a tight knit community that works together to achieve great things including monumental structure creation down the road. Add Moobu on Curse voice or moobudaggerspine on skype.

Twilight Covenant Obsidyan OC Official Server 145 PvE
Dothraki Tushar_95 OC Official Server 84 Domination of the wild but in a friendly way. Strengths: Dino taming, Construction and Adventure.
The Remnant No Leader, Tribe Rule PvP Hardcore Official Server 385 Domination of the server. Friendly unless threatened.
WidowMaker CyberWolf Official Server 2 Team work, base building, fun Raiding
Valhalla Samrules1992_36 OC Official Server 151 Being Hilaaaarious. PvP. Taming.
Rockdog Clan Rhieana Official Server 53 PVP, server policing, general trash talk, politics, information gathering.
SynergyXR KryptonitE, Faid, Synfull Official Server 4 Our focus is survival. Building and farming are essential to evolving our gameplay to be able to withstand raids and raid other ourselves. Alliances, players, and server wipes will all come and go, but our focus and goal is to continue to enjoy surviving in ARK, no matter what's thrown at us.
Badger Squad Mr. Badger PvE Official Server 338 We're in a PvE server so our official focus until tribe warfare is implemented is building our base, acquiring materials, and having as much fun as possible. We're EXTREMELY laid back with a very loose set of rules. We're all typically online around 7 - 10 pm Seattle time.
Illyazer's Tribe Illyazer Official Server 356 Trading for goods, trading domination.
Elysium Bark EU PVE Official Server 116 Small tight knit PVE tribe that believe in working together for the greater cause...
JurEx Sang PvE Official Server 262 PVE, Base Expansion, Island-Wide Base Network, Strategic tames aswell as personal and tribe achievements (Dinos, End game gear/items & fun)

Main focus of this tribe is to maintain a community of dedicated and committed players. We have huge ambitions, we will want you to attend to certain events such as taming high level dinosaurs and building, for us to get you there you will be taught well along the way.

The Resistance Eli Official Server 52
The Hunters Jared PvE Official Server 325 We focus on having a great group of members that enjoy the game and dedicate themselves to being active and responsible! We like to do group tames and group cave exploration. We just try to enjoy the community and have a killer time!
Death Before Dishonor Blitz Official Server 431 PvPvE, 18+, Mic Required, New players welcome. Base Expansion, Island-Wide Base Network, Trading of goods, Strategic tames as well as personal and tribe achievements, but at all cost we must survive which means Building and Farming are essential to evolving our gameplay to be able to withstand raids and raid other ourselves. Server wipes will all come and go, but our focus and goal is to continue to enjoy surviving in ARK, no matter what's thrown at us.
Legion Pr4etori4n PvE Official Server 37 Currently our main focus is building and crafting.
Comfy Couch Chicken Bits Official Server 357 PVE, Taming, End Game, Exploration.
(S)urvive (W)ith (A) (T)ribe Rollin, Liselia PvE Official Server 331 We are a small tribe focused on a casual play at your own pace, PvE survival, and building a strong helpful community. We accept all vets and new comers alike. Our server is a mid to high pop PvE with very nice people and no drama.
Czech Heroes Miss Godliike EU Primitive PvP Official Server 459 Česká PvPvE tribe. Máme zatim 2 členy. jsme na lvlech 40 a vlastníme a dokonce i famózně bráníme The Hidden oasis na northu. Přijde se podívat a založit top cz/sk tribe.
2Kawaii4You Anime Official Server 346 We're a PvPvE tribe. We focus on getting rare dinos, gathering material, and expanding our base.
FARC Peacekeeper Official Server 311 Domination of the global narcotics trade and influence over local government authorities, agencies and departments.
New Deer Mr. Analfist Official Server 393 PvP, PvE, Team work, Dodo rumble pits.
Flavor Mrleffe EU Official Server 218 Friendly tribe yet will go to war if attacked.
We R Teh Suq Kilrav Official Server 46 Going Pokemon on the dinos. Eventually building a massive base made of nothing but behemoth gates.
bryzb bryzn Official Server 1 Making the best base we possibly can.
BaconBrothers BaconBabe Official Server 223 PvP
Deep Island tribe Diamond Dan PvE Official Server 324 PVE, building, general exploration of the game.
Reckt Conads PvP Hardcore Official Server 41 Our overall focus is map domination. We are mostly pro-server and would be satisfied eliminating only hostile players and keeping our immediate territory secure. We have few members now but know how to play the game. Please be mature, know how to adapt/learn, work as a team and communicate. It is a hardcore realm, please keep that in mind.
Inglorious Strite Official Server 51 PVP, PVE, Trading.
Kings of Normies Kjammamm Official Server 350 We are a tribe of friends who achieve to be the best but horribly fail. We like being friendly to other tribes and building big structures and taming the best dinos. We are all new to the game and figuring it out as we go.
Barons Ex The Committer EU Official Server 191 Adventuring through the world peacefully, but not being afraid of going on revenge missions when necessary.
Meat Dragons Meatloaf 117 PvE Official Server 335 We focus mainly on base building and discovering new cool ways of building Player bases with a fun, friendly, crew of 4 at the moment.
WarBoyz Cael Thya PVE Official Server 332 Survival
Dynamic Duo Zenith and Bob the third Official Server 150 Rebel against the current rulers of the island that tax of 500 keratin a day. If we do not supply this they will wreck our base, so we're looking for good shooters etc.
NSFW Nittwitty Official Server 36 PVE (PVP only if provoked)
Les Français TooN EU PvP Official Server 426 Nous cherchons des joueurs Français pour progresser ensemble dans la bonne humeur !
NauticSAR Jodecrest EU Official Server 87 Nautical tribe who will help them who need to be helped. We will trade nautical goods for items from mountains and caves.
SuperNova WolfPvp Official Server 32 We like to recruit new members with skype and are PVE based unless we are attacked then its all PvP based until the problem is fixed.
=FF= Baldi Official Server 401 Small IRL friend group, Building base, Taming, Getting more land for us
Jungle Fortitude N8DaGr8 PvPvE Official Server 18 We are a brand new tribe accepting almost all members. The Tribes goals are large although numbers are small now. We are all learning the game and enjoying the company. Located Near the southern 2 spawn we have open arms to helping hands. Small base operations now but with the right members we could soon have ourselves a headquarters.
Rollin Stones AscendoTuuum PvE Official Server 367 base building, dino taming, helping one another progress. Currently a small operation.
Phantoms Rising Stefle Official Server 67 PvPvE; We are a growing tribe that focuses on teamwork and helping others in the server. We are a friendly tribe that doesn't attack other tribes unless provoked. Goals: Base expansion, dino taming, resource gathering.
InReign Nother Official Server 147 PVE Progression, Island wide base network. Base Building, Leveling, Rare dinos.
Zan-ark-and Syphur Official Server 14 Currently: Working towards base defense and building influence. Goal: Server-wide protection. Making sure there aren't any resource bullies or cave-blocking to keep the game fun and fair for all.
Quest Steve Squared Official Server 355 A helpful, good-natured, American tribe from the South with a focus on PVE, unique building strategies, exploration and the political aspect of friendly player interaction.
Blood Singers Brucifier EU Official Server 178 Base building, PVE, and peaceful expansion.
Derp Cookies of Doom Viramunchi EU Official Server 203 Exploring the game, surviving the wilds by building ourself a nice and cosy place to stay. Tame dinos, get angry when raided, basically playing the game as it should be played.
Invictus Chaps Official Server 321 PVE, PVP, Reaching end game content, and having fun together.
GLR Holle Official Server 242 Survival, PvP, PvE, Team work, and building a base.
CLAN PICA DE OSSO Zadack Official Server 21 PVP, PVE, events in-game and explore caves.
The Pizzaria red baron Official Server 46 We like to eat pizza and play ark survival very peaceful and nice tribe
The White Devils Captain Punch PvE Official Server 38 Building, trading, taming, exploring, and server infrastructure.
Dutch Dokusai Adamczuk EU Official Server 267 PVE, aesthetic base building by our esteemed architect Inegale, Dino taming, hunting on Raptors, exploration.
Wolves of Mibue Krylanceo OC PvE Official Server 171 We are a PVE Tribe that are based at the Green Oblix, and Red Oblix. We focus, on people doing what they are drawn to, be it hunting, ocean exploration or sky. We work together as a team, to support the group as a whole.
Explicit Content Archeriana Official Server 268 Drugs, deforestation and the expansion of Jazztown.
Deadruff Mikeyvstheworld (Joe) Official Server 38 Friendly, neutral tribe. Building a village of several buildings.
The Soup Bromans PVE Official Server 33 PVE, Public Works Projects, Trading, Supply Drop Hunting, Passive Aggression
The Merry Men Caleb Official Server 34 PVE, base construction, dino collection, farming, and helping people. Must be willing to give small amounts of resources to people just starting out whether they join us or not.
Oasis JoshVegaBot Official Server 350 Keeping it Friendly :)
Reflected Gaming rG LeaveItToBeevers Official Server 65 Reflected Gaming presents: Reflective Taming! We are Server 65's premiere dino dealers. Looking to buy, sell or trade your dinos? Make sure you visit us first!
Erms Honor Guard Tiny The Hands Man Official Server 19 Just building maintaining and taming.
Guardians of the Coast Chriz Official Server 201 Tribe gatherings, dino taming, artifact hunting (none gathered yet)
Wall Street Gang Ivory Official Server 37 The main focus in the tribe is to make a army and rite fully own servers and if you like to control and fight then come and join us
Dormant Anomalies The Survivor Official Server 360 The Tribe focuses mainly on building secure bases, leveling up its members and being decent respectable players. We try to help out our fellow survivors, but will defend ourselves if attacked.
Nights Watch Getlow Official Server 310 Just and all around good time, Were a friendly tribe that does not attack Unless attacked first. Were still small but hoping to grow with the right people
Tree Hugging Tyrants Hank PVE Official Server 146 This tribe is more like a family, we each go out of our for each other and others, also teach beginners the basics on a secluded island before they tackle the main land. Farm together, fight together.
Drayo's Cove Clan Will Official Server 3 PVE and RP
ARK Zoku Forte Official Server 65 New player inns, lending closet, providing safe sanctuary on a pvp server.
SSM Ståle EU Official Server 225 We are a Norwegian tribe looking for Norwegian or Swedish survivours. Our focus is; PvP, Dinos, metall buildings.
The Tunnel Snakes Baby Legs Official Server 54 Just have fun and not die.
Reapers Echo6Reaper PvE Official Server 329 PVE
Tribe of Stone Tribe Leader Official Server 71 With a strong focus on productivity and trade, we are among the strongest tribes on the server. Acts that prove useful to the tribe are rewarded with flak armor and other advanced items. Though slightly defensive of territory, we welcome those both experienced and new so long as they're trustworthy and good team players.
Bob's Cult bob Official Server 320 PvPvE, base building, mass taming of dinos, having fun!
Blackfeathers Revan Official Server 345 Main purpose as of now is to finish the base aspects, get everyone their own dinos, and progress into PVP aspects as the materials get gathered.
Grettir Bearen PvE Official Server 121 PVE, Taming, Helping new players.
ChumbaChumba Wei EU PvP Official Server 196 somos 2 hermanos españoles, yo lvl 67, mi hermano lleva 2 dias, lvl 20 buscamos ser 4-7 españoles con ganas de luchar hacer pvp y de vez en cuando raidear.

No queremos destrozar el esfuerzo de la gente de noche, somos ""Luchadores respetuosos"" ya que entendemos que si arrasas a la gente siempre, al final el servidor se vaciará. Buscamos gente madura y con ganas de divertirse, con algo de idea en el juego y con punteria y buen rollo ;)"

Maw Hawkies KidWik Official Server 43 We are a neutral tribe focused on building grand structures and helping others in need. We do not KoS but we will retaliate if provoked. We are quick to give advice but do not readily accept new members due to unfortunate past experiences. If you need anything holler in chat and we will surely answer. Its a dodo eat dodo world out there - stay safe!
RushZone sT0n3r Official Server 41 PvP server, but with a focus of helping out others and being all around good people. Strengths are base expansion, taming dinos, policing server. We have members who enjoy all aspects of the game and try to cater to everyone's strengths and weaknesses. If you dislike pvp and/or combat then you are not required to participate in raids and vice versa.
Clan Kyoushu Caenodus PvE Offical Server 38 Kyoushu is a pure endgame geared tribe. We focus on the best and the biggest in technology and bases. Activity, work ethic, and honor are paramount here. If you think you have what it takes, find us and see for yourself what we can achieve.
GEMS Melanite Official Server 394 Unusual building projects and hitting back at the large tribes that bully the younger ones.
AFG Lee PvE Official Server 368 We are here to have fun!
necho nechi EU Official Server 183 focus on pve
Red Alert Original Fan EU Official Server 247 PVP, PVE, Territory control
The First Order Roger Roger Official Aberration Server 379 All will submit to the command of The First Order. The rebel scum have wiped several of our bases, but we are rebuilding, starting on 379. Stay out of trouble and you will be left alone.

Focuses: PvP, PvE, taming, building, crushing the rebel resistance

NinjaInPajamas KeyBoard EU Official Server 108 Building, Defending noobies
Chiwikita Tribe Sabrina Official Server 357 Building and PvE/PvP we are friendly but if we get raided we are at war currently at war not sure what tribe but we know the name of the guy that raided us.
The Aiel Rhuarc / Turok Official Server 344 Small IRL friend group, Building base, Taming, Getting more land for us
South Central mdh2 PvE Official Server 378 All things PVE
Zanarkand Syphur Official Server 14 PVE, construction, future PVP.
Z Fighters Shazam Official Server 4 PvP, Base Building
Alpha-Zulu J Bob Official Server 3 Survival
RaisingRaptors Chris Offcial Server 223 We're more focused on PVE then PVP. We're really friendly and helpful!
Academy Ken EU Official Server 102 Dedicated to recruiting low level players who require assistance with basic starting items such as protection and storage, weapons and armour. The idea is to group newbies together quickly, so that they can solve the "start from zero each login" symptom that can drive new players away from the game. So far group activities are focused upon building safe bases and farms, however herd expansion, cave exploration and drop raiding are project soon to come.
PTM MrW1zard PvE Official Server 334 Taming, expansion, and cooperation with our fellow tribes. Need help ask. We will do what we can.
-T2A- xXFirEXx PvE Official Server 127 Having fun
Moe Patrol Xr Official Server 159 Just a tribe on a pvp server trying to work together for a common goal. We are not aggressive but those who have wronged us will not be shown mercy.
Northeastern Tribe Rico Primitive PvP Official Server 456 Northeastern Tribe. Our tribe helps travelers in the are, and focuses on studying the land around us. We blend in the environment with stealth, camouflage, and building beautiful structures.
Sasscrotchian Industries Sasscrotch Official Server 52 Control of the ARK, Manufacturing Sought After Goods.
Death Row Theodore EU Primitive PVP NitradoTest5 PVPVE, Small Dinos Packs, RP, Offering help to new Survivors
Southern Union John The EU Official Server 187 This big and friendly tribe is result of a great fusion between the tribes in the south of our ark. We are willing to help everybody in need but also we are strong enough to take down our enemys.
Ugg Annetta PvE Official Server 254 Friendly English-speaking tribe which likes to trade with and help others. Cave explorers, builders and big game hunters. Survivors joining with tamed dinos will retain ownership, but tribe members will be able to ride their dinos (we had issues with player-owned dinos starving before this). Buildings are personally owned, tribe snap.
Hugoo Official Server 222 PVE, Tribe Events, Friendly Game Play, southeast, weapons, fun.
Fellowship of the Rim
Dildo Baggins, Gandalf the Gaey, Anne Official Server 222 PVP, The fellowship of the Rim have one purpose. Destroy the Rim of all rims and restore peace in a world infested with common Orcs and hobbitses. With the help of Dildo Baggins, Gandalf the Gay, Lego-ass and a hoard of Rim brethren, Rimendale will be safe again and if we are opposed, there will be serious rimming to be had. Enemies of the Rim will be rimmed in a most malevolent way without mercy. But don't worry we are quite friendly... we don't bite... much ;)
Emperic Ace
Kiren PVE-OfficialServer332 Only ages 21+ allowed. Mumble Required for island wide communication. We've got it all folks.
North East Bean,Tech Official Server 29 PVP Very friendly tribe made of a group of friendly individuals medium-large sized. We help new people get acclimated to the game and or server. Our server knows us as the helpful tribe. Initially started off with Bean and tech who noticed the PVP realms where brutal, we started helping people who eventually started their own tribes and continue to support new people.
Exordium Exordium Kit The-EU-PVE-OfficialServer249 (on Nitrado) We are a neighborly settlement (tribe).

Our interests and aims on the Big Island are - to create a comfortable and peaceful place for living. A habitation where animals would be in safety; where civilians could find temporal rest. A place where a wandering traveler could take a breath before continuing his adventure.

Recruitment stopped.

About EXO: We are Multigaming clan established in 2003 year

Your Mom's House
Your Mom's House
digitalfiz OfficialServer73 We're a pretty carefree tribe of friends. Nothing hardcore just enjoying the game. Recruitment is based on friendship.
SAVAGE Confidential Official Server #22 We stand for purpose PvP meaning no griefing and preferably role-play. We are always friendly on first engage. We focus on removing the hostiles from the server and help most friendlies. We do a lot of combined work effort to make our bases secure and, we have lots of plans ahead to make sure we offer enough content for our members.
LUCA EU-Official-Server 101 Pvp tribe, biggest tribe on server, must be spanish speaker to join the tribe
They Are Sleeping (TAS) Gon NA-PvP-XboxOfficial-103 They Are Sleeping (TAS) is founded on the principles of "We are dads first, gamers second". That being said, TAS was built to develop a close knit group to raid, PvP, and help each other gear up for events to come. All of this with the understanding that family comes first.
The Savages OxSickWidItxG NA-PVE-Official Server 395 One of the largest tribes on the server. We are grown adults with real lives, but we put in the time. No squeakers, but if your a new player looking to learn the game, 395 is a great place to learn. The Savages will teach and help, but not carry.
Gamer tag: KINDCUB82013829/REGALIS IN ARK NA-PVE XBOXOFFICIAL-293 We are everything PvE and going to be expanding to other servers including PvP. If you like to attend player events like to learn build tame breed anything ARK this is your tribe! Come join us be respectful follow the rules and have tons of fun! The drinks are waiting... and so are the dinos!!!
The Thirteen THELASTOB NA-PVP XBOXOFFICIAL -824 We are growing bigger every hour. Come visit just don't get shot.
The Order of the Phoenix Steve, Janey EU-PVP Official 398 Alpha tribe of dedicated players. Our goals are primarily to explore all end game content while maintaining position as the strongest tribe on the server. We want others to play on our server so do not raid other tribes for our enjoyment. instead maintain a constant open world PvP environment.
SOTN DeadlyJoey1, WhizyLane NA XboxOfficialserver-65 Xbox ark tribe... Kill or be killed...
LOPI Lucky Luciano NA-TheCenter579 If you are nice and hardworker, come talk to us! xD
The Stone Age The architech Xbox official server 173 Clan francophone pour tous les francophones. Nous avons déjà une base bien établie et nous voulons continuer de progresser. Écrivez-moi via mon gamertag sur Xbox. Papal soldier
SavageRace Telh
Knights of the Vale Bubblez :3 Official Server 11 My tribe, [Knights of the Vale] is looking for fun, friendly, experienced players, who are up for a time of diplomacy, taming, and growing in strength. Some requirements are that you must be over 16, you must be able to speak with a mic, use discord or TS, and you must also be active at least twice a week. Hit me up if you are interested!
The Notorious Marie12320 Official Pvp 222 [PS4] Additional Information: none

The Terror Birds (Previously the Helidorians)

Duke Chris NA-IslandFort787 We are a sea-bound people that have move from the coastal regions to the arctic. We are new players, veteran players, knights, farmers, battle enthusiasts and discoverers of new found territories. Never give up without a fight!