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Old Railway Cave
Old Railway Cave (Aberration).jpg
This mediocre-difficulty cave is your best shot at taming the elusive Glowtail.
Aberration Topographic Map.jpg
48.3° Lat, 27.2° Lon
Artifact of the Depths (Aberration).png
Artifact of the Depths
51.2° Lat, 23.8° Lon


The cave entrance is located at lat 48.3 lon 27.2, on the West side of a small lake, where there is enough room in the entrance to park several Rock Drakes. Further into the cave is a narrow tunnel through which you must crouch - this prevents you from taking most tamed creatures into the main cave.

Retrieving the Artifact[]

The Artifact is located at lat 51.2 lon 23.8. After reaching the initial waterfall take the path to the right to reach the artifact.

There is a drop between cliff edges that you will need to traverse to get to the artifact, which can be overcome with   Climbing Pick (Aberration) and/or   Zip-Line Anchor (Aberration) (don't forget   Zip-Line Motor Attachment (Aberration) to get back out).

It is suggested that you bring decent armor, guns and plenty of ammo.

There are several ways of traversing the caves much easier:

  • Bring Ravagers inside the cave with a   Cryopod as they can't fit through the part which requires the survivor to crouch. Decent level Ravagers can easily take on Carnos and Karkinos.
  • Ziplines and motor attachment (or Ravager/  Gigantopithecus) will easily mitigate most, if not all, threats like Karkinos or Carnos.
  • A survivor wearing   Tek Armor can easily fly past most threats. Be wary of both the element usage of the suit, and   Aberrant Arthropluera spit.
  • Bringing an Aberrant Megalosaurus and a Cryopod is advisable. It can go through most of the small passageways and can make quick work of most creatures in there.




  •   Glow Stick (Aberration)s do not give off Charge meaning they will not aggro   Seeker.
  • Small amounts of   Fiber,   Mushrooms and   Berries can be harvested within the cave if needed.
  • This is the only place where   Glowtail can be found sparingly from the dangers.
  • There is a scorched earth loot drop hidden behind a mineable rock with the potential to have ascendant gear or blueprints inside.
  • Dying in this cave while playing solo will cause tamed creatures within to clip through the ground and start falling out of bounds. This also happens to the other creatures in the dungeon. Retrieving your tames is impossible without console commands and even then it is still extremely difficult, as the "fly" command is not intended for intercepting falling dinos in freefall. Lowering/disabling the gravity in "Engine.ini" helps (you might need to add some lines for this).