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Oluf Jungle
Oluf Jungle (Ragnarok)
Ragnarok Topographic Map

Oluf Jungle (also called The Jungle's Edge) is the northern outskirts of the northwest peninsula in the DLC: Ragnarok.


This biome contains beaches and lush jungles. Both herbivorous wildlife and small carnivores are common. Megalodon Megalodons patrol the surface waters and venture inland via channels, while deadlier horrors lurk in the deeps.


Very Common[]




Very Rare[]



  • The beaches here are relatively safe: Dilos may attack, and the occasional Pegomastax or Ichthyornis may try to steal your stuff, or harass/camp your base, but most creatures tend to be docile. Beginners should be wary of compys these cute creatures will gang up on you when you least expect it..
  • Aggressive carnivores, such as Raptors, Sabertooth, Pulminoscorpius, and Argentavis can be found in the highlands to the south.
  • Metal-bearing rocks can often be found embedded in cliff faces and the sides of large rocks jutting up from the beach. Additional nodes can be found in the shallow waters of the river that goes into the cave.
  • Obsidian can be found deep underwater in the cave, as well as in certain places on top of the cliffs. Be careful not to drown! +* Crystal nodes can be found on the mid-and-upper shelves of the cliffs to the south.
  • This region contains a torture chamber. Its entrance can be found on a bridge along the cliffs. The prison features multiple cages and also a few loot boxes. A map of Ragnarok is on one of the walls.