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A lot of ARK: Survival Evolved can be configured through its in-game Options menu. In order to access this menu, you can either click the "Options" button on the main-menu or hit your ESC key in-game and select the "Options" button.



Setting Description Options
Resolution changes game display resolution depends on hardware
Window Mode forces the game into different window modes Windowed, Fullscreen, Windowed Fullscreen
Graphics Quality graphics presets CUSTOM, Low - (e.g GTX 660), Medium - (e.g GTX 770), High - (e.g GTX 970), Epic - (e.g Titan X)
Resolution Scale a slider that changes the render quality; maxing will display 100% same resolution as your output/set display resolution, any less may improve performance at the cost of quality slider
World Tile Buffers the amount of graphics memory used to render areas of the map that you aren't in; areas, textures, models are stored in buffer for quicker loading while transitioning between areas (tiles) of the map; increased may lead to better load times between tiles Low, Medium, High, Epic
View Distance the maximum distance Ark will load tiles; lowering may increase performance Low, Medium, High, Epic
Anti-Aliasing smooth edges of objects at a slight cost in performance Low, Medium, High, Epic
Post Processing controls visual quality such as bloom, depth blurring, portal distortion, character lines, light rays, and selective scene tinting Low, Medium, High, Epic
General Shadows adjust quality/intensity/abundance of most shadows Low, Medium, High, Epic
Terrain Shadows adjust quality/intensity/abundance of terrain specific shadows Low, Medium, High, Epic
Texture controls texture quality. lower settings use less GPU RAM (VRAM) higher settings use more. Low, Medium, High, Epic
Sky Quality self-explanatory slider
Ground Clutter Density This controls the quantity of non interactable ground decoration. slider
Ground Clutter Distance This controls the view distance of non interactable ground decoration. slider
Motion Blur streaking of rapidly moving objects. effectively adding bluring during motion. Checked, Unchecked
Film Grain added grain filter to visuals, reminiscent of film artifacts Checked, Unchecked
Distance Field Ambient Occlusion shading and rendering setting for how exposed each point in a scene is to ambient lighting Checked, Unchecked
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion shading and rendering setting for how exposed each point in a scene is to ambient lighting Checked, Unchecked
Dynamic Tessellation (Restart Required) allows the breakdown of polygons to create finer, higher quality graphics Checked, Unchecked
Distance Field Shadowing Checked, Unchecked
High Quality Materials (Restart Required) Checked, Unchecked
Sub Surface Scattering (Requires Restart) Typically used for skin surfaces, allows lighting to partially penetrate the surface and reflect off of various layers, depths, and colors to provide more realistic looking skins for characters and various monsters. Checked, Unchecked
High Quality VFX (Requires Restart) Allows higher quality visual effects at the cost of performance Checked, Unchecked
Simple Distance Character Movement When checked lowers the quality of the movement animations for distant creatures, this significantly reduces CPU usage Checked, Unchecked
Mesh Level of Detail Controls the quality of trees and similar at a distance Slider


Setting Description Options
Master Volume adjusts all volume levels at once slider
Music Volume self-explanatory slider
SFX Volume SFX = sound effects aka all sounds besides background music (bgm) slider
Ambient Volume beehives and water slider
NPC volume adjusts the volume of NPC's like HLNA slider

Camera Controls[]

Setting Description Options
Camera Shake Scale how much the camera shakes when you do something or something's happening to you slider
Camera FOV adjusts first-person field of view slider
Invert Y inverts/reverses/flips the control of the camera on the Y-axis (looking up and down) Checked, Unchecked
Look Left/Right Sensitivity self-explanatory slider
Look Up/Down Sensitivity self-explanatory slider
Camera View Bob view bob when moving Checked, Unchecked
First Person Riding forces player into first person view when mounted Checked, Unchecked


Setting Description Options
Floating Names turns name plates on and off Checked, Unchecked
Join Notifications notifications when a player joins or leaves the server Checked, Unchecked
Chat Bubbles displays in-game chat bubbles when a player sends a message Checked, Unchecked
Status Notification Messages a message is displayed at the top of the screen whenever your status changes Checked, Unchecked
Auto Chatbox the chatbox is displayed whenever you receive a message (global, local and tribe) Checked, Unchecked
Hide Server Info hides the server info that is displayed on the ESC menu; useful for streamers protecting privacy Checked, Unchecked
Reset Tutorials resets on-screen tutorial button

Controls (Default)[]

Disambig Main article: Keyboard Controls Keyboard Controls

Action Keyboard Gamepad
Move Forward W LS
Strafe Left A LS
Fire Lmb LT
Iron Sights / Alt Fire Rmb RT
Run ⇧ Left Shift LS(Hold)
Use E Y
Jump Space bar A
Reload R X
Crouch C
Access Other's Inventory F B Hold
Remove Shoulder-Mount Double Tap F B Hold
Toggle Fists Q DPad
Selfie Cam Right Alt
Prone X
Expanded HUD Info H
Your Inventory I
Tribe Manager L B Hold
Melee/Pistol Whip Left control
Toggle Chatbox Backslash
Map M
Zoom Camera In Mouse scroll up
Zoom Camera Out Mouse scroll down
Push to Talk B
Toggle Weapon Attachment N
Place Map Marker P
Toggle Console Tab ↹
Tribe Chat Slash
Move Backward S
Strafe Right D
Toggle Orbit Camera K
Your Craftables V
Defecate Z
Whistle "All Follow Me" J
Whistle "All Stay Put" U
Drag Body G
Toggle HUD Back space
Use Slot Item 1 One
Use Slot Item 2 Two
Use Slot Item 3 Three
Use Slot Item 4 Four
Use Slot Item 5 Five
Use Slot Item 6 Six
Use Slot Item 7 Seven
Use Slot Item 8 Eight
Use Slot Item 9 Nine
Use Slot Item 10 Zero
Whistle "You Follow Me" T
Whistle "You Stay Put" Y
Craft Slot Item (Modifier) Left Alt
Turn Right
Turn Left
Look Up
Look Down
Global Chat ↵ Enter
Tribe Chat /