PS4 506.2

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Released - April 28, 2017

UI Related:

  • Chat Box offset is now fixed when scaling the UI
  • Chat Box no longer covers hotbar when inventory is open
  • R2 will now craft single items from engrams
  • Buttons re-arranged in inventory UI in order of player usage
  • Hold down R2 on consumables for rapid usage
  • Tooltips now lets you decide whether you want to show the item name or the item info using specific callouts
  • Non-data tooltips are instantaneous
  • Game Input changes:
    • Touchpad now navigates inventory HUB to the left (inventory, engrams, tribe manager, etc)
    • Options now navigates inventory HUB to the right (inventory, engrams, tribe manager, etc)
    • R1 can be used to cycle inventory tab (to switch between inventory and crafting)
    • Chat can now be opened within an inventory using L1 + Options or L1+ TouchPad
    • L3 can be used to cycle local and remote inventories
    • R3 can be used to activate a structure (e.g lighting a campfire)


  • Fixed an Island Underwater Cave Crash
  • Fixed a Center Underwater Bubble Crash

Server side:

  • Wild Dinos will no longer tick twice
  • Timeout or disconnection from player log off has been significantly reduced