ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - August 8, 2017

Note: Due to some changes that were made to how data is saved on PS4, it appears that the previously existing data may be inhibiting the ability to join official/unofficial servers and singleplayer. Deleting this data will RESET the data, including: explorer notes, the mini-map, and achievements (will have to get them again to get the reward skins). You will have to get/unlock these again once the data is deleted. Deleting this data will not affect your characters or singleplayer saves. Navigate to: PS4 Settings > Storage > System Storage > Saved Data > ARK > Delete Local Profile. After the file is deleted, you should be able to join your server again.

  • Admin command menu now must be activated by pressing L1+R1+Square+Triangle simultaneously on the Pause Menu.
  • If you would like to play The Center map without advancing through The Island ascension, launch the Island and then open the command menu. Type in cheat playercommand Ascend1. Once finished you'll be able to load The Center as normal.
  • Option to change the function of pressing left-analog in the Settings menu. When "Quick Toggle Item Names" is checked, you can use left-analog press to show or hide item names in the inventory. When unchecked, it will switch between inventories when pressed (this is how it functioned before, so uncheck it to make it how it used to be).
  • In building placement mode, Reload Key (Square) is switched to Accept Placement of a structure, (X) to jump while placing structure, (R1) to cycle snap points, (will indicate in Options menu in future version).
  • Fixed an issue where audio would randomly crackle
  • Fixed players not able to unlock the Artifact Achievement
  • Fixed an ascension crash related to split-screen
  • Dropped Item cache / Death Caches now save on reload
  • Player and Team dead bodies now save on reload
  • Transferring between ARKs in Single Player will now put you in the correct tribe
  • Fixed an issue with Omni Light where the bulb would always be red
  • Snakes no longer flee when they're stuck
  • Pressing Fire to drop a body ragdoll no longer does the melee attack
  • Demolishing Gates no longer crashes Primitive+
  • Fixed a case where sound would not play properly depending on the position you were looking
  • Fixed an issue with cave-post processing in split screen
  • Fixed an issue where various host settings were not saving
  • Corrected the Apex Predator trophy description
  • Enabled Hibernated Spawns on Player Dedicated Servers to prevent an OOM crash.