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Pirate Cave
Pirate Cave (Ragnarok)
A quiet cave in the middle of the Ruinous Jungle.
Ragnarok Topographic Map
20.4° Lat, 24.0° Lon
19.1° Lat, 23.0° Lon
21.3° Lat, 24.5° Lon

Pirate Cave is a cave devoid of creatures and resources, perfect for a base.


The water entrance can fit all dinos smaller than Titanosaurs. It has a nice tree in the middle and a hole in the roof of the cave. Great for keeping all sea dinos and big builds. It also is home to many sabertooth salmon for easy prey and an easy kill.




  • You can access the cave with any Sea creature through the water entrance
  • You can find Crystal and Obsidian underwater
  • With little to no danger, lots of resources, close proximity to an obelisk, and space for every sea or land creature imaginable, it makes for a perfect pve base location for bigger tribes.