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Plant Species X
Plant Species X
Ranged damage
Rate of fire
2.86 RPS
Added in
Spawn Command
The grown plant cannot be spawned with its crop mechanics, and must be grown from a seed instead. cheat gfi TurretPlant 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Misc/PrimalItemStructure_TurretPlant.PrimalItemStructure_TurretPlant'" 1 0 0

Plant Species X is a defensive plant that is found in the swamp biome or the redwoods biome, and can be grown in a Large Crop Plot Large Crop Plot. Plant Species X Seed Plant Species X Seed can be found from killing the natural plant, from harvesting the mountain bushes that look like red sticks coming out of the ground (as a rare drop), the cattails that grow along the shore in the swamps, or as a common/guaranteed (when using a sickle) drop from a crop growing at the base of a flower-bearing vine plant, in the redwood biome. Also, a creature such as an Ankylosaurus Ankylosaurus can harvest these bushes and collect the seeds.

Once fully grown, it is controlled the same way as the Auto Turret Auto Turret, with settings for range and targeting, it also shoots down explosive projectiles. It rapidly fires glowing green spores that have similar damage characteristics as Dilophosaur Dilophosaur spit, both slowing and blinding the target. When damaged, the plant will regain 3HP every second. While shooting it consumes 150 fertilizer units per shot. It will not shoot if there is no water in the crop plot.

A dinosaur that is aggravated by a player or other dinosaur and is attacked by Plant Species X will stay aggravated at the player/dinosaur until they lose interest and will begin moving towards the plant, mostly with little success due to the plant's knock back and rapid fire, even taking out the largest of dinosaurs. However, it is effectively worthless against the Titanosaur.


Plant Species X can be customized to attack players, tamed creatures, and/or wild creatures. They can also be set to a custom range and will shoot above and below — assuming they have a line of sight of the target — making them a good defense against flyers.


The time to grow the Plant Species X appears to be controlled by the games time mechanics rather than real life. It will take approximately 15 in game days to fully grow a plant in the Large Crop Plant.


Planting Growth times (in in-game time):

  • Seeded- 1 Minute
  • Seedling ---> Midling- ~7 days
  • Midling ---> Growthling ~ 5 days
  • Growthling ---> Fruitling ~1–2 days


The Plant Species X has multiple range settings, which correspond to the following distances:

  • Low: 16 meters (approx. 5.3 foundations)
  • Medium: 33 meters (approx. 11 foundations)
  • High: 67 meters (approx. 22.3 foundations)


There are seven targeting settings. (All of these settings ignore players and tamed creatures belonging to your tribe.)

  • All Targets: Attacks players, tamed creatures, mounted creatures and wild creatures (Warning: includes newborn creatures—turrets set on this mode will attack baby creatures as soon as they hatch.)
  • Only Survivors or Tamed Creatures: Attacks only players and tamed creatures, ignoring wild creatures.
  • Only Survivors: Attacks only players.
  • Only Tamed Creatures: Attacks only tamed non mounted creatures.
  • Only Wild: Attacks only wild creatures.
  • Only Survivors or Mounted Creatures: Attacks Players and Mounted creatures only.
  • Only Survivors in an Enemy Tribe: Attacks Non-Allied Tribes Survivors and creatures.


The Plant Species X grows the same as any other plot-based plant, consuming both water and fertilizer to grow, but unlike other plants, it consumes significantly less of both once it reaches maturity. One should monitor water levels when growing these plants indoors.

The following items can be used as fertilizer:

Fertilizer type Fertilizer units Fertilizes for Fertilizes full* plant for
Human Feces Human Feces 1,000 10m 3h 5m
Small Animal Feces Small Animal Feces 3,500 35m 10h 48m
Medium Animal Feces Medium Animal Feces 7,500 1h 15m 23h 8m
Unicorn Residue (Mobile) Unicorn Residue (ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile) 7,500 1h 15m 23h 8m
Large Animal Feces Large Animal Feces 15,000 2h 30m 1d 22h 15m
Massive Animal Feces Massive Animal Feces 35,000 5h 50m 4d 11h 55m
Snow Owl Pellet (Extinction) Snow Owl Pellet (Extinction) 50,000 8h 20m 6d 10h 10m
Fertilizer Fertilizer 54,000 9h 6d 22h 30m
Bonemeal Fertilizer (Primitive Plus) Bonemeal Fertilizer (Primitive Plus) 90,000 15h 11d 13h 30m

* When a plant has its maximum of fruits, it needs less fertilizer. As the fruits spoil after some time, leaving the plant in a non-full state for some time, these numbers are rather theoretical maximums.


Plant Species X node Locations (Incomplete)
Map The Island
The Island
The Center Map
The Center
Genesis Part 2 Map
Genesis: Part 2

Seeds for Plant Species X can be collected from two locations:

  • At the tops of mountains by collecting the red flowers
  • In the swamps
    • by collecting the red Pitcher plants (Plant Species X seeds are a very rare drop).
    • by gathering the immature X-plant. It is red and has several red bulbs and a guaranteed drop of seeds.
  • On The Center they can be found around the pillars stretching out to the floating island.
  • In Ragnarok they can be found on the cliffsides if west of The Bridge, or in the swamp area.
  • It could be found in Aberration swamps ( 29.5 56.6 )
  • On Genesis: Part 1 Plant Species X seeds are a rare drop when harvesting Narcoberry plants in the bog.

Placement Restrictions[]

As of 242.0, the Plant Species X can no longer be built on Quetzal, Brontosaurus, Mosasaurus, Plesiosaur, or Paracer platform saddles. Any existing Plants on such platforms will no longer fire. This is a server option of "OverrideStructurePlatformPrevention=true". Otherwise they're now only allowed on Rafts and non-moving Bases.

There is also a limit of 100 turrets that can be placed within a 10000 UE-unit (~33.3 foundations) radius. This applies to the combined total of all Auto Turrets, Heavy Auto Turret Heavy Auto Turrets, Tek Turret Tek Turrets, and Plant Species X Plant Species X. This number can be raised in server settings. This check is done on a turret by turret basis, so different numbers will show up depending on how far away turrets are from each other. Once a limit is exceeded, the affected turrets won't fire until the number goes back down.

On ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile, the Auto Turret Auto Turret, Eerie Turret Eerie Turret, and Plant Species X Plant Species X have a limit of 10 combined within a 16 foundation radius. Also, plant X will not fire on when planted on rafts even though they will fully grow. Auto turret do fire from rafts.


  • Caution should be used when setting the plants to 'Attack All' mode while friendlies and tamed creatures are around, the turret will more than likely hit them if the enemy is next to them.
  • Plants will not grow on platform saddles.
  • If structure pickup is enabled on the server, you can pickup a full grown plant species X out of the crop plot and place wherever you want. Its not using fertilizer for shooting then and has infinity ammo. Still it gets damage from dinos which attack a player or dino standing next to it.
  • The plants do not lead their target, so they can be dodged quite easily on foot. Alternatively, you can get them to attack wild dinosaurs that are able to damage the crop plots and destroy them.
  • Unlike auto turrets, the plant occasionally takes a small break from firing at a target.
  • The plant's attack has a slowing effect on dinosaurs that wears off quickly if constant hits are not achieved.
  • The plant uses fertilizer over time. If it's out of fertilizer it will die. The amount it uses is about 50 fertilizer points per 10 minutes. So 1 piece of Fertilizer Fertilizer (54,000) will be enough to fertilize your plant 7.5 days.
  • Plants cannot be harmed by firearms.
  • Plants can however, be harmed by fire arrows.
  • Before v216.0, Plant Species X were not found in the wild and the only way to get them would be to harvest the seeds from mountain flowers.
  • It takes around 12 hours for 1 Plant Species X to fully mature.
  • Plant X attempt to shoot at rockets and c4 from high distance.
  • For ARK Mobile, a current bug will sometimes prevent the plant from fully maturing despite having enough water and fertilizer (However if you watch the plant through the growthling to the fruitling phase it will grow).
  • The player can sometimes find Plant Species X outside of the Swamp biome when harvesting plants with a dino. For example, using a Trike to harvest reeds beside the river at Coordinates 47 x 20 has a chance to yield Plant Species X seeds.


Plant Turrets now consume fertilizer when firing!