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Rare Flower and Mushrooms


Plants are a harvestable resource in ARK: Survival Evolved are bushes of many sizes and shapes that can be found all over the map. Not all visible vegetation are plants, some may merely be features of the terrain. Most plants' appearance is related to the biome in which they are located, thus desert biomes can have plants of a different appearance to those located in grasslands.

Like other renewable resources, plants do not regrow in a certain radius around structures, though they can be forcibly regrown by using Re-Fertilizer.


Plants can be harvested by survivors and most herbivores for various Berries that are used to tame Creatures, restore Hunger and make Dyes, Narcotic and Tranquilizer Arrows. Most herbivorous dinosaurs are better at gathering berries than humans. Plants also occasionally drop Seeds when destroyed, which can be used for growing berries or Crops (Longrass Longrass, Savoroot Savoroot, Rockarrot Rockarrot and Citronal Citronal) in Crop Plots.

They also give Fiber Fiber, one of the basic materials used in Crafting.