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Primitive Plus
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DLC for ARK with new items + structures and without modern equipment
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July 28th, 2016
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September 1st, 2016
December 6th, 2016
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Primitive Plus (or Primitive+) is a free, official DLC total conversion for ARK: Survival Evolved. The mod was originally submitted to the Steam Workshop by Steam user complexminded before it was officially released on July 28, 2016 for the PC version of ARK.

Primitive Plus is also available for the Xbox version and the PlayStation 4 version. Must have PS+/Xbox Live Gold Membership to enjoy the online features.


Primitive Plus enhances the gameplay of primitive servers by adding new game mechanics and over 100 custom primitive items and their Engrams. Players are challenged to use primarily wood and stone without the benefit of advanced metals. The items and mechanics focus the players on 'primitive' survival.

Among the new items are three new building material types (lumber, glass, and brick) as well as new resources, food items, weapons, traps, crafting stations and decorative structures.


Primitive Plus currently has several minor bugs and a few major bugs that can be considered 'game breaking', in that they really impact the way you can play the game. Usually after new DLC releases or major updates P+ players have to deal with even more bugs and it takes weeks or months until they get fixed – if they even get fixed at all. (Source)

  • Long loading time.
    • Players experience a very long loading time when logging in to a server. It seems like the game first loads the data of the base game and afterwards overwrites it by loading the P+ data additionally. Installing the game on a SSD helps considerably.
  • Some Engrams do not work.
    • (FIXED) Notably the Climbing Pick (Aberration) can not be crafted, which has major impact to the gameplay design of Aberration. You may still use blueprints to craft them or find them as drops on Nameless.
    • Canteen cannot be crafted. This bug is caused by the prerequisites of the canteen which are not available in Primitive Plus. The Canteen engram does not show any prerequisites but cannot be unlocked. Removing prerequisites through custom server settings fixed this bug.
  • (Unofficial server) Non-Primitive+ items disappear after server restart:
    • It is possible to add engrams or items that are normally not available in P+ by implementing it in the Game.ini (if one has access to it, e.g. when hosting a dedicated Nitrado server). However, all these items disappear from any inventory after a server restart.
  • Beeswax (Primitive Plus) (FIXED on PS4) is unobtainable on many servers, at least on PS4 and Xbox.
  • Different height for different types of structures
  • Alpha T-Rexes do not exist on the island.
    • Players are not able to access Tek cave on Beta and Alpha levels due to this.
  • Stegosaurus TLC hasn't been added. (FIXED)
  • Lumber Texture/Mesh bug
    • Structure changes mesh/textures after leaving render distance
    • Especially the Lumber Ceiling (Primitive Plus) texture flickers and hurts in the eye so it should not be used.
  • (FIXED) Supply Drops did not spawn (including caves and artifacts)
  • (FIXED) The new Kibble system does not work for most dinosaurs.
    • Players still in possession of the old kibble can still use it, but old kibble can not be created anymore.
  • Rockdrakes are not breedable that patch hasn't come out for prim+




Weapons, Armor, and Tools[]

Primitive Plus adds the following Weapons, Armor, and Tools




  • Primitive Plus is free to download.
  •   Metal Structures are disabled in Singleplayer-mode. However, most   Tek Structures can be spawned and placed.
  • Primitive + is one of the few mods to come to console with the others being S+, The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero and crystal isles (as of September 18th 2020)
  • You are unable to play ark extinction or genesis part 1 in primitive+


Patch Changes
  • Fixed a bug which prevent players from seeing Primitiv+ servers.


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