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Pulse Cannon Rig
Pulse Cannon Rig (Genesis Part 2)
Styrders equipped with this rig can fire high-rate plasma bursts.
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cheat gfi Machinegun 1 0 0

The Pulse Cannon Rig is an item in ARK: Survival Evolved. It is a rig which can be found on Tek Stryder Tek Stryders and allows for the Stryder to fire plasma bursts in a short amount of time. As with other rigs, the Pulse Cannon cannot be removed from a Tek Stryder.


Holding down Rmb, LT, L2 will cause the Stryder to fire plasma bursts. Each shot takes 5 Oxygen Charge and deals 4 damage.


  • Spawned in rigs cannot be dropped, transferred, or equipped.