Raw Prime Fish Meat

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Raw Prime Fish Meat
Raw Prime Fish Meat.png
Eating raw food will SLIGHTLY sate hunger, but is unhealthy for humans. This excellent cut spoils very quickly. Most wild carnivores love this meat.
Consumable (values pertain to Humans)
Type Meat
Food 10
Health -1.5
Spoils in 9m 20s
Spoils to Spoiled Meat
Weight 0.1
Stack Size 1 / 2
Added in v240.0
Spawn Command
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/PrimalItemConsumable_RawPrimeMeat_Fish.PrimalItemConsumable_RawPrimeMeat_Fish'" 1 0 0
Used to craft 3 items

Raw Prime Fish Meat is a food item in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Harvesting[edit | edit source]

It can be harvested from

Usage[edit | edit source]

Raw Prime Fish Meat can be used in taming certain carnivorous dinosaurs, but with a lower efficiency than regular Raw Prime Meat. However, when taming Spinosaurus, Baryonyx, or Pelagornis, Raw Prime Fish Meat has the same efficiency as Raw Prime Meat, and in fact must be used over its normal meat counterpart. Raw prime fish meat is cooked over a campfire for a period of 20 seconds.

Gathering[edit | edit source]

Raw Prime Fish Meat can be effectively gathered using a metal sickle.

Raw Prime Fish Meat
Creature / ToolGain per action
Metal Sickle★★★★☆
Metal Pick★★★☆☆
Terror Bird★★★☆☆

Spoilage[edit | edit source]

ContainerSpoiling TimeSpoiling Time in Scorched Earth
Player Inventory 9m 20s 8m 24s
Player Inventory (with Preserving Salt Scorched Earth Icon.png *) 18m 40s 16m 48s
Tamed Dino 37m 20s 33m 36s
Tamed Dino (with Preserving Salt Scorched Earth Icon.png *) 1h 14m 40s 1h 7m 12s
Hyaenodon Meatpack 1h 14m 40s 1h 7m 12s
Hyaenodon Meatpack (with Preserving Salt Scorched Earth Icon.png *) 2h 29m 20s 2h 14m 24s
Preserving Bin 1h 33m 20s 1h 24m
Preserving Bin (with Preserving Salt Scorched Earth Icon.png *) 3h 6m 40s 2h 48m
Smokehouse Primitive Plus Icon.png 2h 20m 2h 6m
Refrigerator 15h 33m 20s 14h

*Keep in mind that a full stack of preserving salts will spoil in 2 hours for all of these containers and must be restocked periodically in order to maximize the spoil time.

For more information, see Spoilage.

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is currently a bug on Xbox One preventing players from collecting raw prime fish meat on many mounted dinos. Though it is still possible by using a sword, sickle or metal pick.
  • Unlike other rare drops which drop more frequently when harvested by a pick, a hatchet is more effective in cutting prime fish meat from a dead shark or Dunkleosteus.
  • Raw Prime Fish Meat resembles the sashimi fish meat, which can be eaten safely in both real-life and game as long as it is fresh (less harmful than other raw meat counterpart).