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Rocks are one of the important renewable resources in ARK: Survival Evolved. They are found scattered liberally across all maps, and many different types of essential resources can be harvested from them.


Rocks can only be harvested with tools and tames. Generally, other than stone, which is harvested using hatchets, resources are harvested from rocks using picks. For more information on harvesting each resource, and the tames that specialise in them, please see the links to the resources themselves. For information on the mechanics of harvesting, please see Renewable resources.

Types of Rocks[]

Rocks vary in appearance, and their appearance usually indicates what type of rock they are. As rough generalisations:

  • Stone rocks are the most common and come in many shapes and sizes, usually featuring jagged edges.
  • Flint rocks are usually speckled light grey.
  • Metal rocks have golden streaks, and are more cubic or rounded.
  • Oil rocks are dark and can be found underwater too, and appear to have oil dribbling down their sides as well as floating up into the sea above them.
  • Obsidian rocks are glossy black.
  • Sulfur rocks are orangish.
  • Sand rocks are lighter colored.