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Rockwell Prime.png
Rockwell Prime
Steam.svg 329.5
June 3, 2021
Xbox One.svg 928.4
June 3, 2021
PS.svg 689.4
June 3, 2021
Spawn Command
cheat summon RockwellNode_Character_BP_FinalFight_C
cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/Missions/ModularMission/FinalBattleAlt/Dinos/RockwellNode_Character_BP_Boss.RockwellNode_Character_BP_Boss'" 500 0 0 35
XP for kill
8 XP
Rooted deeply within Terminus in the Genesis Ship Core in Genesis: Part 2

Rockwell Prime is the final Boss of Genesis: Part 2, and ARK: Survival Evolved as a whole. It is the final form of Edmund Rockwell, the previous being Rockwell, and the Corrupted Master Controller.


Comparative to his first iteration, Rockwell, Rockwell prime is much smaller and fleshier. Listed below are all his features in detail:

  • His chest cavity from his original form has sealed but his lower abdomen remains open, he lacks any guts.
  • the once horrid face has reverted back to a scarily human face, complete with stubbly hair near his chin, but he somehow sports a second jaw on the left side of his face.
  • One iris glows in a luminous purple in color and the other iris doesn't glow and is blue.
  • His once tubular tentacles have been traded in for fleshy, rippling tendrils that are more conjoined to form limbs.
  • He has a second, or detached, spine outside his body that has a set of human arms at the top
  • He has eyes and faces scattered around the arena.
  • He has a lot of large tumors across his left side of the body.
  • He is "sitting" on a fleshy throne which is actually a part of his body.
  • He is attached to the walls from the arena with the help of overgrown "limbs" from both sides of his body.

Basic Information[]


Rockwell Prime can only be found in Terminus mission, started via the Mission Terminal underneath his heart inside Rockwell's Innards.

Color Scheme and Regions[]

X mark.svg

The Rockwell Prime always spawns with the same color scheme and has no color regions.

This means it is currently impossible to make alterations to the Rockwell Prime's colors.




  • Gamma Rockwell Prime requires all missions to be completed on a minimum of GAMMA difficulty & have 6 mutagen
  • Beta Rockwell Prime requires all missions to be completed on a minimum of BETA difficulty & have 12 mutagen
  • Alpha Rockwell Prime requires all missions to be completed on ALPHA difficulty & have 24 mutagen


Rockwell Prime is a tough boss to deal with and you will need to have powerful tames and items to take it down.


Phase 1[]

Eliminate all the Super Tentacles (easily seen by its nearly identical appearance to that of Aberration) whilst watching out for the other nearby tentacle that spawns endlessly. If you have brought other dino, have them constantly attack anything that moves. After eliminating the super tentacle, attempt to attack the first node that becomes vulnerable until he starts to mock at you for your attempt. HLN-A will unlock the middle section of the ship, releasing number of Exo-Mek with Hypercharge attachment based on how many survivors are present at the start of battle. The lasers from Exo-Mek are the only way of beating Rockwell Node, and whilst riding on it confers you invulnerable to any form of attack, it will drain the energy over time or while being attacked by anything and everything, forcing the Exo-Mek to be unusable for a while if its fully drained. It will slowly replenish energy over time if its not ridden regardless whether or not it is fully drained.

Rinse and repeat for the other node, but watch for random acid pool projectile that forms temporary AoE acidic field, which cause health damage to both you and any mounted dino on it. Moreover, Summoner will begin to appear, firing projectiles that spawns in Corrupted Survivor that needs to be killed quickly. Be mindful for his constant tentacle spikes, as it will deal a lot of damage.

Phase 2[]

Upon eliminating all Rockwell Nodes, the Exo-Mek will become non-functional, and Rockwell Prime truly emerges out. More tentacle will begin to emerge, but Summoner will stop appearing (disappears if they are still around) from the ship. Acidic projectiles are spat on more frequently and in clusters, and getting too close to him while riding on a dino confers a huge electricity discharge after a few seconds, preventing you from mounting on the dino. Use rifles and any ranged weapon to weaken him, whilst watching out for his constant tentacles and AoE acidic field.

Upon reaching 0 Health, Rockwell Prime will drop down, staggered whilst HLN-A activates the energy reserves to power up the Exo-Mek for one last blast. You only have 1.45 minute to deposit whatever items you had into dino or lose it ), whistle dino to passive (so they dont walk off edge when they port back to innards as you end up in a dead mode respawning at a bed ), etc... and then fire the hyperbeam at Rockwell with Exo-Mek (everyone must be firing at him to count) until the battle ends (cutscene), otherwise the fight will end in a failure.

Recommended Tames[]

  • Shadowmanes are very good tames to bring into this boss battle due to their male pack buff and their natural armor, as well as their fast attack speed gives them an edge during the boss fight.
  • Reaper Kings are powerful tames for this fight. They have strong damage resistance, their spin attack can clear several tentacles at once and their jump ability allows them to quickly get out of dangerous areas, even when slowed by a tentacle attack. Due to the high amount of element on Genesis 2, cloning multiple reapers also poses no real problem.
  • Yutyrannus to debuff the corrupted survivors and buff allies, as well as for the courage roar.
  • Rexes are also a good choice for this boss fight. They do good damage to Rockwell Prime and are very good with crowd control to deal with the tentacles and corrupted survivors. it is recommended for these rexes to have high health for this fight.


  • The high amount of Rockwell Tentacles in the boss area can do some serious damage to both you and your tames. When the mech breaks you will be very vulnerable until you get back onto a mount.
  • The arena requires a very strong GPU to run well. You may have to play with a significantly lower frame rate than what you are used to, making aiming harder.
  • This boss mainly focuses on the player rather than your dinos, a lot of the damage for the first half of the fight will be directed to the player, even when riding a dino, easily causing death. Bring medical brews as well as many soups, armor, etc. The Exo-Mek given to you prevents taking damage from the acid in the arena.


  • This is the last and final step for the storyline of ARK: Survival Evolved, before it moves into ARK 2.
  • All of Rockwell’s forms never actually move, and have all been ones locked in place:
    • Rockwell was trapped in a pit of Element and used his tentacles to attack you.
    • Corrupted Master Controller was also stationary, with the exception of cutscenes using laser attacks to hit enemies.
    • As Rockwell Prime, he uses his various tentacles to attack you while he, in typical fashion, remains stationary.
  • The way Rockwell prime attaches to the wall in the final phase of the battle is reminiscent of a fan art image published after the release of Aberration.
  • Tentacles are actually structures which can be destroyed in bulk via KillAoe console command. This will destroy the gate of entrance and the Exo Mek container too, but the Exo Mek will spawn normally regardless timing.