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Rockwell Prime
Rockwell Prime
Rockwell Prime in arena.jpgRockwell Prime in arena
Rockwell Prime in arena
Steam 329.5
Jun 3, 2021
Xbox One 928.4
Jun 3, 2021
PS 689.4
Jun 3, 2021

Epic Games 329.5
Jun 3, 2021
Stadia 678.15
Sep 1, 2021
Spawn Command
Variant Rockwell Prime (Gamma)
cheat summon RockwellNode_Character_BP_Boss_Gamma_C
cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/Missions/ModularMission/FinalBattleAlt/Difficulties/Gamma/RockwellNode_Character_BP_Boss_Gamma.RockwellNode_Character_BP_Boss_Gamma'" 500 0 0 35
Variant Rockwell Prime (Beta)
cheat summon RockwellNode_Character_BP_Boss_Beta_C
cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/Missions/ModularMission/FinalBattleAlt/Difficulties/Beta/RockwellNode_Character_BP_Boss_Beta.RockwellNode_Character_BP_Boss_Beta'" 500 0 0 35
Variant Rockwell Prime (Alpha)
cheat summon RockwellNode_Character_BP_Boss_Alpha_C
cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/Missions/ModularMission/FinalBattleAlt/Difficulties/Alpha/RockwellNode_Character_BP_Boss_Alpha.RockwellNode_Character_BP_Boss_Alpha'" 500 0 0 35
XP for kill
8 XP
Rooted deeply within Terminus in the Genesis Ship Core in Genesis: Part 2

Rockwell Prime is the final Boss of Genesis: Part 2, and of the first games storyline. It is the final form of Sir Edmund Rockwell, the previous being Rockwell Rockwell, and the Corrupted Master Controller Corrupted Master Controller.


Comparative to his previous form, Rockwell, Rockwell Prime is much smaller and meatier. Listed below are all his features in detail:

  • His chest cavity from his previous form has sealed whereas his lower abdomen remains open lacking any intestines.
  • His once horrendously disfigured face has turned relatively human (not counting the extra eyes, gashes and triple head growth), even growing a sort of neckbeard.
  • One iris glows in a luminous purple in color and the other iris doesn't glow and is blue.
  • His once tubular tentacles have been traded in for fleshy, rippling tendrils that are more conjoined to form limbs.
  • He has a second, or detached, spine outside his body that has a set of human arms at the top
  • He has eyes and faces scattered around the arena.
  • He has a lot of large tumors across his left side of the body.
  • He is "sitting" on a fleshy throne which is actually a part of his body.
  • He is attached to the walls from the arena with the help of overgrown "limbs" from both sides of his body.

Basic Information[]


Rockwell Prime can only be found in Terminus mission, started via the Mission Terminal underneath his heart inside Rockwell's Innards.

Color Scheme and Regions[]

X mark

The Rockwell Prime always spawns with the same color scheme and has no color regions.

This means it is currently impossible to make alterations to the Rockwell Prime's colors.




  • Gamma Rockwell Prime requires all missions to be completed on a minimum of GAMMA difficulty & have 6 mutagen
  • Beta Rockwell Prime requires all missions to be completed on a minimum of BETA difficulty & have 12 mutagen (Not gamma mission needed)
  • Alpha Rockwell Prime requires all missions to be completed on ALPHA difficulty & have 24 mutagen (Not gamma/beta mission needed)


Rockwell Prime is a tough boss to deal with and you will need to have powerful tames and items to take it down.


Phase 1[]

Eliminate all the Super Tentacles (easily seen by its nearly identical appearance to that of Aberration) whilst watching out for the other nearby tentacle that spawns endlessly. If you have brought other dino, have them constantly attack anything that moves. After eliminating the super tentacle, attempt to attack the first node that becomes vulnerable until he starts to mock at you for your attempt. HLN-A HLN-A will unlock the middle section of the ship, releasing number of Exo-Mek Exo-Meks with the Hypercharge attachment based on how many survivors are present at the start of battle. The lasers from the Exo-Meks are the only way of beating the Rockwell Nodes, and whilst riding on it confers you invulnerable to any form of attack; it will drain the energy over time or while being attacked by anything and everything, forcing the Exo-Mek to be unusable for a while if its fully drained. It will slowly replenish energy over time if its not ridden regardless whether or not it is fully drained. To prevent your Exo-Mek from being fully drained, exit your Exo-Mek before its energy level hits zero.

Rinse and repeat for the other node, but watch for random acid pool projectiles that form temporary AoE acidic fields, which cause health damage to both you and any mounted dino on it. Moreover, Summoner Summoner will begin to appear, firing projectiles that spawns in Corrupted Survivor Corrupted Survivor that needs to be killed quickly. Be mindful for his constant tentacle spikes, as they will deal a lot of damage.

Phase 2[]

Upon eliminating all Rockwell Nodes, the Exo-Mek Exo-Mek will become non-functional, and Rockwell Prime truly emerges out. More tentacles will begin to emerge, but all Summoner Summoners will disappear. Acidic projectiles are spat out more frequently and in clusters, and getting too close to him whilst riding on a dino confers a huge electricity discharge after a few seconds (a magenta/purple "cloud" will appear before the attack), preventing you from mounting onto the creature. Use rifles and any ranged weapon to weaken him, whilst watching out for his constant tentacle attacks and AoE acid.

Upon reaching 0 Health, Rockwell Prime will drop down, staggering whilst HLN-A activates the energy reserves to power up the Exo-Meks for one last blast. You only have a 1.45 minute time interval to deposit whatever items you had into your remaining dinos or you lose them; quickly whistle your dinos to passive, so they don't walk off edge when they teleport back to the terminal in File:Rockwell's Proliferation.png Rockwell's Proliferation as you end up in a dead mode, respawning at a bed, etc... and then fire the hyperbeam at Rockwell with the Exo-Mek (everyone must be firing at him in order for it to count) until the final cutscene starts, otherwise the fight will result in failure.


In the final battle, players should be armed to the teeth in terms of high durability and quality armor and high quality-tier weapons before entering the fight. For armor, players should have flak, riot, or tek armor sets as well as the free tek suit for a last resort set of armor. In bringing weapons, players must bring a weapon that does high damage per hit, and one that does high dps. For high hitting weapons, these include tek bows, tek swords, and pump action shotguns. In dps weapons, tek rifles, miniguns, and tek pistols, and tek claws are some choices.

Recommended Tames[]

In the final battle, it is fitting that players should pool a variety of mounts that originated from the many maps of ARK. However, note that the space to bring creatures to the arena is not big enough to fit 20 of any creatures, so managing space is important. Also note that bringing 20 creatures that are just as big as the Rex is near impossible due to the small space.

Tames from the Island

  • Yutyrannus to debuff the corrupted survivors and buff allies, as well as for the courage roar. In the Rockwell prime phase, your mounts charging and your yutyrannus roaring with all the chaos going on can make a great screenshot.
  • Rexes are also a good choice for this boss fight. They do good damage to Rockwell Prime and are very good with crowd control to deal with the tentacles and corrupted survivors. it is recommended for these rexes to have high health for this fight. Due to it being one of the largest possible creatures to bring to the fight and with the small amount of space on the teleporter, it is advised to have 1 or 2 and use the rest of the space for other mounts that are capable. If you are able to give your Rex a Tek Saddle or a higher quality blueprint of it from the missions, give it to your Rex since it can enable your Rex to fire away at Rockwell Prime during the second phase though you will need to constantly reposition because of the acid.
  • Daeodon to help heal you allies from Rockwell's acidic projectiles that can easily drain a creatures' health pool.
  • Spinosaurus or its X-variant is another damage mount that is good for the boss fight. With its high mobility and dps, the spinosaurus is great at tentacle killing at a rapid pace. Its high area of effect bipedal attack can clear multiple tentacles at once. Its only weakness is its average health.
  • Stegosaurus is a deceptively good choice to bring to the fight as its health paired with hardened plate and a high quality saddle can make it a tanky mount if lots of points are put into its health. Despite its clear weakness of being the slowest mount, it can be turned into a strength as the Corrupted Survivors will aggro onto them while your main force deals with the tentacles and they can mop up any strangling tentacles.
  • Allosaurus can act like a pseudo shadowmane if players don't have shadowmanes as they have the same base damage, benefit from a pack buff, and can move fast. It is highly recommended to have either X or R-variant Allosaurs.
  • Triceratops, despite being an early game tame, can be a good choice because of their ramming ability. The ramming ability can damage tentacles since they are treated as structures and it can destroy them the moment the trike is charging through them. It can even one hit destroy the super tentacles with its ram ability. Even a little, slow charge can destroy a super tentacle in one hit. Paired with the male Shadowmanes buff and plenty of points into movement speed and health, the tentacles will see you rolling.
  • Therizinosaurs are the best to deal with the smaller tentacles if you don't have a reaper. It can kill Corrupted Giants quickly too
  • Direwolves are a decent choice for this fight considering the small amount of space on the summon platform and have relaible DPS with their pack buff, pack howl, yuty courage roar, and mate boost make them into excellent glass cannons. its bets to bring atleast 5 or not bring them at all for the pack buffs. Beware of their low health as well.

Tames from Scorched Earth

  • Mantis, despite their low health, have deceptively high damage output when paired with high quality swords, allowing them to kill Corrupted Survivors in several hits. Be sure to pump a lot of health points to make up for its inherently low stat and put the rest into melee to make it into a glass cannon.

Tames from Aberration

  • Reaper Kings are powerful tames for this fight. They have strong damage resistance, their spin attack can clear several tentacles at once and their jump ability allows them to quickly get out of dangerous areas, even when slowed by a tentacle attack. Due to the high amount of element on Genesis 2, cloning multiple reapers also poses no real problem.

Tames from Extinction

  • Velonasaurs are another viable mount to bring to the fight due to their ranged attack that can assist in dealing damage and be a ranged fighter when damaging Rockwell Prime. Players on velonasaurs should be aiming at Corrupted Survivors as their turret mode doesn't damage the many tentacles in the arena. Be sure to pump stamina, health, and melee damage to increase its chance of living.
  • Managarmrs are great mounts at being able to dodge the many attacks as well as killing several Rockwell tentacles when it lands from its jump attack. They can also freeze Corrupted Survivors, giving time for you other mounts to kill them and minimizing damage done to them.

Tames from Genesis: Part 1

  • Magmasaurs are great crowd controllers with their smoke attack, magma ball attack, and their oil shotgun attack. The high health can make it a tank. Be careful not to hit your ally tames with its attacks.
  • Ferox are another great option for dps against the Corrupted Survivors. In the Rockwell Prime phase, players can simply throw rocks at Rockwell for decent damage.

Tames from Genesis: Part 2

  • Shadowmanes are very good tames to bring into this boss battle due to their male pack buff and their natural armor, as well as their fast attack speed gives them an edge during the boss fight.

Tames from Lost Island

  • Amargasaur is a perfect soaker since Golems cannot be brought to the fight.
  • Dinopithecus's sticky grenade function will instantly destroy super tentacles, can easilly kill Corrupted Survivors and blow up Summoners
  • Sinomacrops will be your wingman if your mount dies


  • The high amount of Rockwell Tentacles in the Starship Viewing Gallery can do serious damage to both you and your tamed Creatures. When the Exo-Mek loses power you are very vulnerable until you get back onto a mount.
  • The arena requires a very strong GPU to run well. You may have to play with a significantly lower frame rate than what you are used to, making aiming harder.
  • This boss mainly focuses on the player rather than your dinos, a lot of the damage for the first half of the fight will be directed to the player, even when riding a dino, easily causing death. Bring medical brews as well as many soups, armor, etc. The Exo-Mek given to you prevents taking damage from the acid in the arena.
  • During the final phase of Rockwell prime, Rockwell prime can do damage to your mounts as high in the tens of thousands.
  • When the Rockwell node is emitting smoke, players in their exo-mek should jump to avoid energy level being cut in half by the meat spikes. An earlier indication of its spike attack is when it is charging for that attack seen when the node is raising its pincers above its head.
  • Any time you see green spikes move towards creatures, they can send creatures and players flying with the latter being at risk of fall damage.
  • On single player settings, the Rockwell node's spike attack charge time is much slower.


  • While you are using your Exo-mek to damage the Rockwell node, the node will start to raise its pincers to do a spike attack and it will also emit smoke, indicating the attack is heading towards you. Your Exo-mek can simply jump above it and resume firing its laser.
  • When Rockwell Prime does his spike attack, he will slam the ground with his tentacles.
  • When Rockwell Prime does his shock wave attack, a magneta colored circle will form around him with electricity engulfing him. The charge time is pretty long, giving you enough time for you and any tames you can whistle to follow to get out of the danger zone.
  • Since the Rockwell Tentacles in the arena are like structures, a triceratops while using its charged ramming ability can sweep multiple tentacles in a single charge. The players on the triceratops should start charging after the slow acid debuff fades away.


  • Rockwell Prime is the final antagonist for the storyline of ARK: Survival Evolved, before moving into ARK 2.
  • Rockwell Prime appears to be a much more evolved version of its previous form and outclasses it in almost every way (the only thing its weaker in is physical strength due to being much smaller).
    • In his Prime form he is capable of speech.
    • He has learned to use his Element powers to expand across the Genesis Colony Ship and even hack into the Genesis Simulation and merge himself with the ship.
    • He has also learned how to create his own creatures.
  • Rockwell Prime is one of the most powerful non-Titan creature in the game both gameplay and lore wise competing with the likes of the Overseer, another form of superhuman.
    • The Ice Titan is still capable of beating Rockwell Prime however (tested the Ice Titan against Rockwell's 1st Node and Rockwell Prime using the Slomo Cheat, the time almost ran out however if there wasn't a time limit the Ice Titan would easily be capable of destroying all 4 nodes and Rockwell Prime himself even with the damage reduction the nodes take) and if the Ice Titan can beat Rockwell Prime then so can the other Titans.
  • All of Rockwell’s forms never actually move, and have all been one locked in place:
    • Rockwell Rockwell stood within a pool of liquid Element and used his Rockwell Tentacles to deal damage.
    • The Corrupted Master Controller Corrupted Master Controller was also stationary, using lasers to deal damage.
    • Rockwell Prime uses his many Tentacles and Super Tentacles to attack you while he remains stationary, antagonizng HLN-A and the Survivor.
  • The way in which Rockwell Prime attaches himself to the farthest wall of the Starlight Viewing Gallery in the final phase of his battle is reminiscent of a fanart image published after the release of Aberration.
  • Rockwell Prime has the lowest health bar of any boss with it being at 75,000 health on Alpha Difficulty. But due to him receiving only 10% of damage throughout the second phase, his health bar would actually be at 750,000.
  • In the transition from Phase 1 and 2, when the setting for ARK 2 is now visible from the window, several explosions can be seen in the background between the two rings just when Rockwell Prime takes off his cocoon.