Rockwell Recipes: Nir---a Tonic (torn) (Mobile)

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Rockwell Recipes: Nir---a Tonic (torn)
Rockwell Recipes- Nir---a Tonic (torn) (Mobile).png
Return with all of your wisdom to a more primitive state. (Unlearns all levels and XP but retains engrams)
Type Recipe
Weight 0.1
Stack Size 1

Overview[edit | edit source]

This recipe describes the preparation of Nirvana Tonic. It can be obtained by completing the Cave of the Immune and Tributing its Artifact at an Obelisk. But for crafting the tonic you don't need this recipe.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

An incredible concoction! When consumed, this t---------slows do--------- with everything.

Warning: no turning ba--- but-----iser than----
Same rec---: -------- onic

-0- heaps --tent Du---

As it appears in-game[edit | edit source]

Rockwell Recipes- Nir---a Tonic (torn) (Mobile).png