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Scorched Earth
Scorched Earth DLC
DLC for ARK with a new desert map, Creatures and Engrams
Content Type
Price (USD)
Release Dates
September 1st, 2016
Xbox One
September 1st, 2016
December 6th, 2016
Nintendo Switch
NA : November 1st, 2022 / EU : November 8th, 2022
Epic Games
June 11th, 2020
September 1st, 2021

Scorched Earth is the first paid DLC expansion pack for ARK: Survival Evolved.

Scorched Earth was released on September 1, 2016 for the PC version of ARK and for Xbox One at the initial price of $19.99 USD. It was released on PS4 on December 6 for the same price.

The Scorched Earth soundtrack was composed by Gareth Coker.


Scorched Earth adds 12 new creatures with 5 variations, 60 new engrams, a new boss, and a whole new map.

Creatures tamed and items received can be brought to the vanilla island and used by people with and without the expansion. Items from the DLC can also be spawned manually if you don't own the expansion pack. Three of the new creatures have multiple variations, namely the Jug Bug Jugbug (Water and Oil), the Wyvern Wyvern (Fire, Lightning, and Poison) and the Rock Elemental Rock Elemental (Rock and Rubble).

Unique Environmental Features[]

  • Super Heat, Sandstorms, and Electrical Storms.
  • Extremely hot temperatures in the day.
  • Evaporation of Water Water in Canteen Canteens and Water Jar Water Jars.
  • Electrical Generator Electrical Generators that take damage whenever used.
  • Heat Stroke, which causes damage and creates a blurry effect on-screen. (Similar to being drunk)
  • Oil and Water Veins, which can be used to produce Oil Oil and Water Water, respectively.

The Desert Map[]

Scorched Earth Topographic Map
Regions of Scorched Earth

Being entirely a desert rather than an island surrounded by water, water collection becomes a more challenging obstacle. Natural water sources are rare, requiring the collection of water from other sources, such as Cactus Sap (Scorched Earth) cactus, Water Well (Scorched Earth) water wells, Jug Bug Jugbugs, or Morellatops Morellatops. Heat stroke is a potential side effect of too much heat exposure, having a similar effect to being Beer Liquid drunk. Also the naturally harsh environment damages generators and certain structures.

Scorched Earth has three unique weather patterns: Sandstorms radically reduce visibility and drain stamina, Superheat will drain your water at a much faster rate than normal heat and induce Heat Stroke fairly quickly, while electrical storms will temporarily shut down electrical devices and prevent firearms (and Tek Saddles) from firing. The Electrical Generator Electrical Generator and the Chemistry Bench Chemistry Bench will not turn off if the item Structures are covered.

Superheat can be quickly stopped if you go very close to the Oasis. Desert Goggles and Hat (Scorched Earth) Desert Goggle can be used to see better during sandstorms.


  • Eastern Badlands (Scorched Earth)
    Eastern Badlands
  • Northern East Badlands (Scorched Earth)
    Northern East Badlands
  • Southern East Badlands (Scorched Earth)
    Southern East Badlands

  • Central Canyons (Scorched Earth)
    Central Canyons
  • Northern Canyons (Scorched Earth)
    Northern Canyons
  • Southern East Canyons (Scorched Earth)
    Southern East Canyons

  • Central Dunes (Scorched Earth)
    Central Dunes
  • Eastern Dunes (Scorched Earth)
    Eastern Dunes
  • Northern Dunes (Scorched Earth)
    Northern Dunes
  • Northern East Dunes (Scorched Earth)
    Northern East Dunes
  • Northern West Dunes (Scorched Earth)
    Northern West Dunes
  • Oasis Dunes (Scorched Earth)
    Oasis Dunes
  • Southern Dunes (Scorched Earth)
    Southern Dunes
  • Southern West Dunes (Scorched Earth)
    Southern West Dunes
  • South East Dunes (Scorched Earth)
    South East Dunes
  • Western Dunes (Scorched Earth)
    Western Dunes

  • Central High Desert (Scorched Earth)
    Central High Desert
  • Northern East High Desert (Scorched Earth)
    Northern East High Desert
  • Northern High Desert (Scorched Earth)
    Northern High Desert
  • Northern West High Desert (Scorched Earth)
    Northern West High Desert
  • Southern East High Desert (Scorched Earth)
    Southern East High Desert
  • Southern High Desert (Scorched Earth)
    Southern High Desert
  • Southern West High Desert (Scorched Earth)
    Southern West High Desert
  • Western High Desert (Scorched Earth)
    Western High Desert

  • Eastern Low Desert (Scorched Earth)
    Eastern Low Desert
  • Southern East Low Desert (Scorched Earth)
    Southern East Low Desert
  • Southern Low Desert (Scorched Earth)
    Southern Low Desert

  • Eastern Oasis (Scorched Earth)
    Eastern Oasis
  • Northern West Oasis (Scorched Earth)
    Northern West Oasis
  • Southern West Oasis (Scorched Earth)
    Southern West Oasis
  • Blank

  • Central Mountains (Scorched Earth)
    Central Mountains
  • Northern Mountains (Scorched Earth)
    Northern Mountains
  • Northern Mountains Summit (Scorched Earth)
    Northern Mountains Summit
  • Northern West Mountains (Scorched Earth)
    Northern West Mountains
  • Southern East Mountains Summit (Scorched Earth)
    Southern East Mountains Summit
  • Southern Mountains (Scorched Earth)
    Southern Mountains
  • Southern West Mountains (Scorched Earth)
    Southern West Mountains
  • Blank
    The Blasted Maw
  • Western Mountains (Scorched Earth)
    Western Mountains

  • Grave of the Tyrants Interior ScE
    Grave of the Tyrants
  • Ruins of Nosti Void ScE
    Ruins of Nosti
  • The Old Tunnels Catacomb ScE
    Old Tunnels
  • World Scar 1 (Scorched Earth)
    World Scar

  • Manticore Arena
    Manticore Arena

Approximate Spawn Locations[]

Scorched Earth Map

Spawn Locations

South 1 (Easy)
South 2 (Medium)
South 3 (Easy)
South 4 (Medium)
Midlands 1 (Hard)
Midlands 2 (Medium)
Midlands 3 (Easy)
Midlands 4 (Easy)
North 1 (Hard)
North 2 (Hard)
North 3 (Hard)
North 4 (Hard)

Data Maps[]

  • Preview Resources Map (Scorched Earth)
    Strategic Resources
  • Preview Resources Map (Scorched Earth)
    Explorer Map
  • SpawnMapIcon
    Creature Spawns
  • MaskOn
    Loot Crates


Unique Creatures[]

Other Spawns[]

In addition to the DLC creatures, the following creatures also spawn on the map:

Event Creatures[]

Creatures that spawned only during an event:


All items from the base game are available on Scorched Earth in addition to the items below.



Trophies and Tributes[]


Weapons, Armor, and Tools[]




Explorer Notes[]


As Scorched Earth is part of the story of the ARKs, NoteRaia Explorer Notes can be found across the map. These Explorer Notes document the ARK lore. For more in-depth information, see Explorer Notes


Dossier EmptyDossier Phoenix

In addition to the Explorer Notes, NoteHelena Dossiers can also be found on Scorched Earth, written by Helena Walker to document the research of Scorched Earth's creatures. For more in-depth information, see Dossiers.


Scorched Earth adds 3 new Artifacts, which are needed as part of the tribute to summon the Manticore Manticore.

  • Artifact of the Crag
  • Artifact of the Destroyer
  • Artifact of the Gatekeeper



  • Scorched Earth was the first Expansion Pack for Ark.
  • Scorched Earth was released before the actual base game was finished.
  • Scorched Earth and Lost Island are the only two Expansions to be released on time; all other maps have experienced delays.
  • Interestingly, the Manticore is the only Guardian ever shown on Scorched Earth. It's unknown what happened to the other two Guardians.
  • Scorched Earth is the only Expansion Pack to have Trophy Heads of Alpha Creatures.
  • Scorched Earth got its Ascension on 12/14/2022 and was the latest Ascension
    • There was a planned Ascension cutscene where the player would be taken to Aberration ARK, much like how defeating the Overseer Overseer takes you to Scorched Earth, and how defeating Rockwell Rockwell in Aberration takes you to Dead Earth in Extinction.
    • Wildcard has confirmed that Scorched Earth is considered complete and no further plans are set for the DLC as stated in one of their livestream: "when we released it, we released it as a finished product, ultimately ascension was planned for The Island but not Scorched".[1] This may mean that Ascension addition will never happen in Scorched Earth, nor will there be any major update for the DLC excluding the recent changes to the Thunderstorm Weather and the addition of the Phoenix Phoenix.
    • The DLC has been released while the base game was still unfinished, leaving the transition to Aberration unexplained.
    • Jeremy Stieglitz confirmed in a tweet that ARK: for Nintendo Switch will get an ascension for Scorched Earth.
  • Many of the Scorched Earth creatures and items can be found on the Ragnarok map, except the Phoenix Phoenix.
  • Scorched Earth is the only Expansion Pack to not have variations of previously existing creatures.
  • Unlike the main game, where almost all creatures are based on extinct animals, this expansion pack added mostly creatures from mythology (Deathworm Deathworm, Rock Elemental Rock Elemental, Phoenix Phoenix, the Fire Wyvern Fire Wyvern Lightning Wyvern Lightning Wyvern and Poison Wyvern Poison Wyvern, and finally the Manticore Manticore).
  • In the DevKit, there is a Tek Wyvern Saddle, as well as two SE creatures that have not yet been implemented: The Hive and The Swarm.
  • Prior to the release of Genesis, players who logged their survivor out from Scorched Earth had the same title screen as when they logged their survivor out of Aberration.


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